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How about having a great student discount hunt with the new term coming up - hopefully I will qualify for them then as I am looking to do a hunt and it would be useful to have all the discounts in one place


Note from martin: I love this idea and have therefore adopted it and made it an 'official' great hunt. It will be in this week's Martin's Money Tip. Hope you don't mind.

Edit by board guide: See also the Discounted Newspapers for Students thread.

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  • 5% off Maplin

    10% off HMV, Faith (Girls Shoes), 10 % off Dorothy Perkins

    10% off Subway (Sandwiches)
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  • You can go to to get a full list of discounts. My uni issues its own ID numbers so i can't access the on-line site. if someone could login with their valid student id number and post the discount list here that would be really grand - Thanks in advance.
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  • kabiekabie Forumite
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    Millets 10%
    PC world 10% (have to have bought a pc from them though and then they give you a card)
  • La Senza 10% ;)
    Top Shop 10%
    Habitat 5 or 10% (can;t remember)

    Its best to ask in EVERY shop, as they don't seem to advertise that they do student discounts.
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  • HannsibabesHannsibabes Forumite
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    My favourite is 10% or 15% (Only with Snapfax)discout at evolution shoe shop division street sheffield.
    Also Oasis 10%
    Miss Selfrige 10%
    Pilot 10%
    Virgin 10% (Ithink)

    Also watch out for special events at Blackwells book shops on special days 10% off all books, really good as thats the only place I can get most of my books

    Also m,ust get a Yellow Card to use in Yellow/Scream pubs it £1 +NUS for a whole year for cheaper drinks - its amazing ;D ;D ;D ;D
  • :o I didnt know you could get student discount in all of those shops! Ive only ever seen it advertised in Topshop, I really must start asking! Do you have to have a NUS card or is any card that proves your a student ok?
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  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
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    Dorothy Perkins 10% I THINK
    Special deals at Burger King
    and of course any good moneysaving student will get a national express student card and get loadsamoney off travel ;)
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    I have done reading too!
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  • odeon cinemas i think give student discounts ...
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  • rachrach Forumite
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    worth remembering is that dorothy perkins do barrats (sp?) shoes - so you can see the ones you like in barrets, order them from DPs (if they don;t already have them) and get 10% off.
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  • crana9crana9 Forumite
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    Partners 10% off

    Co-op do a 5% off card for students you have to show with your NUS card, but they are a bit hard to get hold of(and sometimes even use) as some branches don't seem to have heard of them... they do work though even in stupid branches ;)

    I got mine from the Co-op in sherwood, nottingham if that helps anyone.

    they are orange iwth a pattern of spaghetti loops and you get 5% off your shopping - whoops dividend's !!!!!! ;)
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