The Great 'Student Discounts' hunt



  • A couple more...

    Rymans (stationery) - 10%

    Blacks (outdoor stuff) - 10%

    With the above I only had to show my NUS card.

    Office World also give a 10% discount but you have to apply for their 'Student Discount Card' first, and whenever I try to use it the staff don't seem to know how to use it???
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  • redsared
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    If anyone's at Brum uni lots of the indians on the bristol rd in selly oak do 10% student discount (also nurses) or a free onion bhaji etc.
    Always worth asking anyways!!!!
  • orange99
    orange99 Posts: 13 Forumite have a 10% student discount, you can either register on the site or use the discount code "studweb" to get it.
  • kparka
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    If anyone's at Brum uni lots of the indians on the bristol rd in selly oak do 10% student discount (also nurses) or a free onion bhaji etc.
    Always worth asking anyways!!!!
    What the nurses give discount to students as well?! ;)
  • amie
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    yeah, my boyfriend asks everywhere we go! even if they dont do student discount they often give u 10% of for ur cheek! ;D well, if u dont ask, u dont get...
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  • I know of some:-
    1) D2 - 10%(15/20% were i stay)
    2) Burtons - 10%
    3) KFC - 20%(special card)/10%
    4) HMV - 10%
    5) Pizza Hut - 20%(selected times)
    6) Odeon - £1 off
    7) Subway - 10%
    8) Topshop/Topman - 10%
    9) Peacocks - 10%
    10) Shoe Zone - 10%
    and loads more.

    Links to websites:-

    anybody tell me anymore?

    preferably to do with computing?

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  • Student cardholders get substantial discounts when travelling in London e.g. a season ticket covering Zones 1-2 costs £596 for a student whereas normal price for an adult is £856. Not to be sneezed at!
    Val :)
  • I imagine they still do, but Partners stationers used to do a 10% student discount? :p

    Thanks for this thread, saying that I *always* ask for a student discount... how tragic is that?! Tehe... I'll miss being a student and skint when i'm a "grown up"

    :pLove hugs and glitterbugs :p
  • pavlovs_dog
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    shoezone is another one...10% in there

    with some places like new look, you can get student discount, but only if you spend over a certain amount. i discovered this by accident....looking for shoes for the chirstmas prom, and i couldnt decide what colour shoes to wear. bought a pair in BHS and a pair in new look (both were in the sales, and the two pairs together cost less than £20). anyhoo, i ended up wearing the bhs ones and taking the new look ones back for a refund. even though i had had student discount when i paid, i was refunded the full amount. i didnt question it (a free £1.50 is not to be sniffed at, and if it was a mistake, it was theirs, not mine...) so i dont know whether this is policy or not, but i thought i'd share the story with you. im rambling now, so i'll move on!

    i find that a lot of places wont advertise the fact that they do student discount, so it really does pay to ask absolutely everywhere, and challenge places that refuse as to why not...they often give you a bit off for being cheeky and standing up for yourself.

    its surprising mind, the 'studenty' shops that dont give discount...H&M for instance, argue that their clothes are cheap enough. they might think so, but on a tight budget, there is no such thing as 'cheap'
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  • elisebutt65
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    Don't forget if you want an Mac or Ipod - to have a look at the Educatoin part of the Apple site as students get reductions.
    Also if going abroad, pop down to STA travel and for about £7 you can get an ISIC (International Student) card which can get you discounts all over the world. I have used it in NY, California, Florida, Paris and Barcelona so far and get some good discounts on attractions, meals, cinema etc.
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