The Great 'Student Discounts' hunt



  • all student discounts are only available if your university student card is registered with NUS, my brother went to University College Northampton and its not affiliated to NUS so he wasn't eligable for any of the fun discounts
  • All NUS discounts are only availbale if your college/university has padi the affiliation fee to the NUS (somewhere around £40,000-£60,000 for a small 10,000 people uni). If they are student discounts then any student is entitled to it!

    However many uni's are dissafiliating becuase the NUS doesn't do what it's there for e.g in it's AGM they were discussing the war rather than top up fees.

    Theres something in the education act which says that a student must not be discriminated against shoud they choose to not be a member of the union.

    Have a wonder over to if your interested
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    Noticed that Ponden Mills had a notice saying 10% NUS discount today. They also had cutlery sets, bedding and cookery items on sale so might be worth a look for first-year students.
  • My Uni dis-affiliated from NUS in my final year- without even consulting us. Needless to say we kicked up a fuss, but actually my ordinary non-NUS student card was never refused for discounts, so always worth flashing it.
  • Office World do 10% off for students. Very handy as you can never have too much stationery! They ask you to apply for their card but if you just smile nicely and accept the leaflet every time you don't have to give them your details. You need to produce an NUS card though. Worth asking before you shell out though as they sometimes refuse discounts on non stationary items, although not always. I think it depends how well trained the salesperson is.

    Students can get 10% off the Top Shop website too, but you have to have a valid NUS number and some Uni's, like mine, don't give you one. Does anyone know how to get one if you haven't already? I'm a member of the NUS so surely I deserve a valid number!
  • There is 15% off for students at Burtons...but hurry! This is only until Oct 17th, then it will revert back to 10%....and ANY student card is valid not just your NUS card!
  • Also m,ust get a Yellow Card to use in Yellow/Scream pubs it £1 +NUS for a whole year for cheaper drinks - its amazing ;D ;D ;D ;D

    For anyone nearing the end of their student years like me :( I saw you can get a graduate lifetime yellow card for scream pubs for a fiver. I don't know if you need proof you've graduated though - I wouldn't want to take my certificate to the pub!
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    It's not fair, my NUS associate card has expired, and I haven't started uni to get a new one yet... *sniff*

    (not that I used the discounts much anyway! but thats not the point!)
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    Really you should ask EVERYWHERE. I usually don't have the courage to and a couple of times when I have asked I've been pleasantly surprised - even in small independent shops. Usually it's 10% off.

    Borders (bookshops) don't have regular student discount but they do have student discount days a couple of weeks after the start of each term with 20% off. You can get them to order in the textbooks you need and then keep them for the student discount day - a nice little saving. Ask your local store when the student discount day will be!
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  • does anyone know anything about the Open University's OUSBA card?'s proof that you are studying, but alot of places wont accept it for student discounts, yet I used mine in Greece as ID as it has a photo on etc....

    Pretty frustrating a(and embarrassing :-[) when you ask in shops etc and are refused!
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