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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Karl let the neighbours use his garden?

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  • Sorry couple upstairs, but I'd say no from the very beginning... and then tarmac it and park my old leaky pickup truck on it :D
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  • I think I would have to say no, Karl you may not always be on your own in the flat!!! and if they had wanted a garden they should have brought a flat with one,but as a sweetner!! maybe you could let them use it when you are on holiday,if they mow the lawn in return,but it sounds abit like emotional blackmail to me.
  • tallgirldtallgirld Forumite
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    NO WAY!!! They have a cheek to even ask the question.

    Can you imagine it??

    Hanging out their washing and relaxing on the lawn. The next thing you know in the summer they will be inviting all their friends down for barbecues, and firework displays on the 5th of November.

    The long and short of it is............ They are taking the mick!!!!!
  • awehlaawehla Forumite
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    I wouldn't want some strangers using my garden so I would say no. What Karl says is up to him.
  • my_definitionmy_definition Forumite
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    i would say no. with our weather you need all the room for washing on a dry day you can get
  • It's always worth getting along with neighbours. I was once in a situation whereby I asked if I could use a neighbour's outside utility. (My little shop had no utility of its own). They had no problem as long as everything was kept in order. During a cold spell, one of the pipes froze and split. The neighbour asked if I would mind paying half of the repair bill. I did better than that - I bought the necessary bits and pieces and repaired it myself, at no cost to the neighbour.

    If I were Karl I would let them continue to use the garden, provided they take responsibility for its upkeep. He might need their help someday.
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  • Les1_2Les1_2 Forumite
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    With all the best will in the World check with Citizens Advice that at no point can they claim squatters rights for using your garden & how you can avoid any future problems. It may sound silly but believe me there are so many pitfalls in life that can arise through your good intentions.:beer:
  • Ooh, good one this week....

    I'd say to the neighbours "Sure, no problem, you can use the garden when I'm out. Obviously, you'll not want to be using it when I'm at home, although I'd rather you didn't hang your washing out." Then invite them for a beer, and get to know them. If you become good friends you can relax the rule a bit. If you don't get on you can always say in the future they must ask to use your garden. Good neighbours are worth their weight in gold. Don't ask them to share costs of maintenance or enter in to a mowing rota, etc. That will just let them think they have a "right" to use your garden.
  • dave2dave2 Forumite
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    Should he? No, there's nothing requiring him to. Could he? Depends on Karl. But I would either:

    a) Firmly say no from the start with reasoning in order to avoid (however unjustified) hard feelings; or

    b) Say OK but leave himself good get-out opportunities for later if he changes his mind. Quite a lot of people are terrible for being all annoyed when someone stops doing them a favour that they haven't been returning.
  • pippinpusspippinpuss Forumite
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    I wouldn't let them.. I don't want to have other people's washing in my garden, especially if I have invited friends round for the day. I pay extra for the privilage of a garden, if they wanted a garden they should have rfented a GF flat. If he agrees now it will have set a precidence for the future
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