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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Karl let the neighbours use his garden?

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  • I also bought a ground floor flat with private use of garden BUT as the other owners went moved on and proceeded to 'rent out' their flats, this did become a problem as they all tried to access use of the garden for drying their washing etc.Start as you mean to go on and be firm and consistent about what you will allow or it is quoted as a 'right' and you will have big problems when you come to sell your property.
  • A polite sorry but no would do it for me. I wouldnt feel relaxed enjoying my garden with family or friends with strangers there using it too.
  • ethikaethika Forumite
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    Defiinitely not! The property laws in this country are a minefield. I believe that after 12 years usage the neighbours could claim squatters rights and at the very least claim half, if not all, of the garden as being their property. There are also laws regarding right of way which might apply. If you really want to be a nice guy and stay friendly get solicitor to draw up a legal contract with the neighbours stesssing that use of the garden is allowed for a set rent for a specific period and the contract lapses when the neighbours leave or when you giove three months notice. That way you can share your garden with people you choose, not to someone forced upon you and you also retain control over your ownership.
  • heleenheleen Forumite
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    Well that depends... How would they feel if I had my morning shower in their bathroom? :D

    No, of course he shouldn't share. Not until he's built up a friendship himself and can comfortably set rules and boundaries.

    If they wanted a garden they should've bought his flat.
    I love it when a plan comes together :rotfl:
  • Hi I've given this much thought and decided after many years of having all types of different neighbours, I would say no for the time being until I got to know them better and if they seemed decent enough I would let them have access but ground rules would be set as the garden is your property.
  • olly300olly300 Forumite
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    It's best to say "No" until you know the neighbours. And the neighbours have a cheek asking.

    I've got a ground floor flat with a garden and the only people I let into it are some of my neighbours' children whose parents closely monitor their behaviour.

    The other children are destructive but due to having squirrels and foxes dig in my garden I place deterrents like chilli powder on parts of it. Those children have learnt the hard way that if they enter my garden without permission, then try and move a stone or pick a flower they may end up with chilli powder on their hands.
    I'm not cynical I'm realistic :p

    (If a link I give opens pop ups I won't know I don't use windows)
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    Karl should allow the upstairs neighbors to use his back garden if they would allow him to use their loo and watch a little telly when there was a good movie.
  • NixerNixer Forumite
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    No. It was rude of the neighbours to assume that the new owner would not mind. It's not their property and they should not have carried on using the land until they had checked. If he gets to know them and they end up getting on he's free to change his mind. But that is quite a big thing to do - to let someone use your garden. I would have to like the person a great deal or be getting something out of it to just let them come and go as they please.
  • ukmonkey wrote: »
    Just let them use it, life's too short.

    They asked nicely, so let them use it.

    God forbid they may actually all get along well, and may even share a joke over a beer and a banger come summer time.

    Jeez, what's wrong with people these days?!
    Hi ukmonkey, You obviously have been fortunate enough never to experience selfish neighbours otherwise you would not be so blase with your comments. shrewdal
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    tramsaytramsay Forumite
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    You can't judge Karl morally either way

    If it were me, it would depend if I liked the neighbors :o

    further opinion: The neighbours are innocent in just asking, it's not rude and both sides could benefit, although if they are using the garden already without permission that is slightly rude
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