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Large Plus Size Clothing

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terra_fermaterra_ferma Forumite
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Quick note from MoneySavingExpert.com

If you've just come from the weekly email, below is a discussion by forum regulars to collate the hottest stores, tips and tricks for curvy ladies fashion. This is their work not ours, but we'd like to give huge thanks to terra_ferma and all the MoneySavers who contributed to this wonderful discussion.

This discussion has been going for a while, so click on the last page of the discussion to see the most up-to-date deals. If you'd like to participate just fill out the reply box at the bottom of the page (you'll need register first)

Now back to the original post ....


I thought it would be good to start a thread sharing tips on plus size clothes shopping.

Below I share my Bookmarks, don't use all of them but thought other women may be interested in having a look at these websites. They all go up to at least size 28.

Ann Harvey: love them, they are smart, very good quality. Do a lot of sales, so prices are more reasonable. Not cheap, but they will last. They use a lot of viscose, which I love. Some silk and linen, obviously more expensive.
Sold at Debenhams as well: http://www.debenhams.com/ann-harvey

Evans: I stay away from them, as I find them not very good value for money. Also everybody wears their stuff so you will find other large ladies wearing the same clothes. Lots of man-made fabric.

M&S: Another one I don’t use much. Not clear where they are going, as they keep changing their strategy, sometimes they have a separate, sad looking section for sizes up to 28 (next to the old ladies section....) other times they have a few larger sizes scattered in the shop which are impossible to find!
And on line you can search for petite, maternity etc, but no longer for plus sizes!
However they do many lines up to size 24, lots of nice stuff in my opinion, but very little that I like above that. What a pity!

Simply Be: they are part of the JD Williams group, they have other brands like Marisota, Naturally Close (lingerie), Viva La Diva (large fit shes) and Jacamo (for men). You can access all of them (23 just for fashion, shoes, lingerie etc), including two discount websites at: HomeShoppingDirect.
Sizing and quality are a bit unreliable, but they have an excellent return policy excellent, so you easily send back what you don't want (free postage), and pay only for what you keep.

yours Yours’ fashionable collection is specially designed for women up to size 32.
Yours Clothing seems to be one of the few companies that caters for the younger 28+ market, and they are very popular despite their appalling quality (sorry I know many people disagree, but IMO really bad value for money if you pay full price).

ULLA POPKEN : good quality, classic fashion from Germany. Very expensive, probably not the best value for money.

Curvety.com Online shopping emporium for women with fuller figures who don’t wish to compromise on their style. Our plus size womens clothing and lingerie features designer chic and a comfortable fit, offering women out size fashion clothes that celebrate our curves!

Box2: unusual clothes I bought some interesting items from them.

Next - Plus Sizes – Personally I don’t like their quality, poor value for money, but offers trendy clothes.

Chesca: gorgeous clothes, fit up to size 28 (they only go up to size 24, but some stuff fits size 28 generously).

Matalan Online: much improved quality and styles, very good value for money.

The following website are for your information, but I have never used them so I can’t comment on them:

M&Co. - Locate your nearest store, shop on-line or call 0800 0317 200 for high quality fashion for ladies, men, kids and your home. Next day delivery and free returns.

Empire Stores/Littlewood/Additions: - so fabulous range
The also have an outlet on eBay: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Littlewoods-Clearance__W0QQ_nkwZplusQQ_dmdZ2QQ_sasiZ1QQ_sopZ1

La Redoute: Plus-size La Redoute specialist in French Fashion designer clothes at great prices like womenswear, menswear, childrenswear from La Redoute Home Shopping Catalogue UK. Daxon: (la Redoute 50+) Daxon French Fashion designer clothes at great prices womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, sportswear and homeware.
Please be warned that their reliability and customer service are not very good, they are known to take ages to deliver, and are difficult to get hold of by phone or email.

sosienna Large range of Fashionable Womens Plus Size Clothing from top designers such as Anna Scholz


Anna Scholz Anna Scholz online shop offers plus size women’s clothing in sizes 12 - 28. Buy designer dresses, tops, knitwear, coats, jackets, skirts & accessories

FLORENTYNA DOWN Mother of the bride stock larger sizes in ladies special occasion wear and evening wear. Florentyna Dawn - UK's leading fashion house. We also cater for larger sizes and plus sizes.


Plus Size Clothing - search clothes from evans, simply be etc. Plus Size clothing with the latest plus size fashion from Evans, Yours, Ann Harvey and Curvety, including plus size dresses, tops, swimwear and lots more.


Plus Size Clothing (From USA). Above average? Look great at any size with our shopping links to plus size clothing stores. Find a new world of fashion choices online

Just As Beautiful Magazine is “the UK’s first free lifestyle magazine dedicated to the plus-size woman”. It is also the number one magazine in Britain and Europe catering to the plus-size market.
PS: I've just stopped my subscription because they have been promoting plus size models that are slim women size 12. What???

US Fully figured fashion week
Here’s an article about it on the Independent: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-st...w-2007313.html

US news and blogs


In both cases really nice clothes, different from the usual high street. Some, but not many, up to size 28/30. They don’t let you shop by size, so you have to look at all the lovely things you CAN’T buy before finding what comes in your size.
More importantly if you buy something that doesn’t fit you may not get all of your money back, as these shops have terms and conditions that don’t to comply with the Distance Selling Regulations.

Plus Size Heaven

Pretty Big Stuff

(I'm saving them all in one place, easier to find).

http://www.elvi.co.uk/ (NOW UP TO SIZE 28 - LOOK OUT FOR THE GREAT SALES!)

Lands End http://www.landsend.co.uk/ have a Plus size collection. I've always found their stuff very good and they have a clearance section worth keeping an eye on.

Salduck and Maevejuniper:
New Look (inspire range, up to size 26)

Rainbow Fury and Goodcake:
Spirito D'Artigiano: (up to 28)

Olive Oli:
Bonprix: (up to size 30)
Personally have found Bon Prix mail order to be really quite good, very reasonably priced, quality can be a bit mixed, but do do some sizes up to size 30. Can really recommend the bras as some have the wider comfy straps and aren't granny style, and very good value

USA sites. There are a few that will ship direct..
For young fashion torrid
for good prices and plus size maternity j.c pennys
for jeans old navy

Australia: for evening wear sidneys.closet

great summer dresses from a company in America, off ebay: Holyclothing. Some are Gothic inspired.

Fantastic dresses. The new season stuff looks really nice. They go from size 12 to 34.
beware: customer service issues reported, more feedback welcome (terra_ferma)

Feminine Plus offers great quality lingerie, that not only looks fabulous and feels wonderful, but provides an exceptional fit, whatever the size.

http://www.newnow.co.uk (part of the JD Williams group)

Curvety.com: ready made (up to size 36) and made to measure

USA sites
I think this one is gorgeous and quite cheap:
Shipping at this store is only $28 so quite reasonable too.

Here's another lovely one:

I found this site that does bridesmaid dresses up to a size 28: http://www.bridesmaidsdirect.co.uk/default.asp They also have a wedding dress site where they do made-to-measure and don't charge extra for larger sizes: http://www.denisebyrd.com/default.asp

My sister found a site called Landy Bridal who are based in China, there's a long thread about them on the Weddings board http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/...html?t=1230785 I think we'll be getting my bridesmaid dress from here as they have lots that I like, including ones with sleeves :DThey seem very reasonably priced aswell.


For extra-wide calf Wellington Boots try www.jileon.com They aren't cheap but they are excellent quality and if like me you generally have trouble manoevering your foot into boots you will not have a problem with these. They were also very obliging when I ordered the wrong size and had to exchange them.

JACAMO and NewNow (younger market), both part of JD William.



  • ksh123ksh123 Forumite
    1.2K posts
    What an absoloutely brilliant idea terra_ferma :T
    Sadly I don't have much to add to your list - which shows the dearth of choice there is for plus size women. But it is sometimes possible to find some nice things on eBay and at TKMaxx - although both of these by the nature of their business style, are rather hit and miss.
    Hopefully there will be some better informed women than me around who will be able to add to your list.
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • Chocmonster7Chocmonster7 Forumite
    2.4K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    I find quite a few bargains in the size 22/24 bracket in Peacocks. As for Evans I only shop there in the sale and then pick and choose what to buy so I'm not a clone. Disagree about M&S, I've found loads of stuff in there and got my latest favourite pair of cord trousers for £3 in the last sale!

    Went to Primark the other day but the biggest item I found was a dressing gown in 22/24, nothing in the normal clothing sections unless everyone else in my town has had them first.

    Lands End http://www.landsend.co.uk/ have a Plus size collection. I've always found their stuff very good and they have a clearance section worth keeping an eye on.

    The one shop in Darlington which is worth a look is a tatty little place called the Ex Catalogue Shop. It stocks all the end of lines from the main catalogues and always has lots of the bigger sizes. They do regular sales and bargains can be had for less than £1 sometimes!
  • A.J._3-2A.J._3-2 Forumite
    121 posts
    What a good idea, didnt even know Next had a plus size range! Just need to see it in store?
    Proud to be dealing with my debt
    CCCS member, Debt free wannable nerd 1237
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    DFD [STRIKE]SEP [/STRIKE] OCT 2012:huh:
  • edited 5 October 2009 at 1:46PM
    terra_fermaterra_ferma Forumite
    5.5K posts
    edited 5 October 2009 at 1:46PM
    I find quite a few bargains in the size 22/24 bracket in Peacocks. As for Evans I only shop there in the sale and then pick and choose what to buy so I'm not a clone. Disagree about M&S, I've found loads of stuff in there and got my latest favourite pair of cord trousers for £3 in the last sale!

    Hello Choc

    Thank you for the landsend tip, I like it and I will add to my bookmarks (as well as to my first posting, will try to keep it up to day so that all the links are in one place...)

    I don't disagree that M&S have nice clothes in size 22/24, I will edit my post to make it clear, but I was talking about size 28, there's very little for larger sizes and they are impossible to find.

    A.J.: I have not found the Next plus collection in store, tried a few including Oxford St. Disappointing, but at least they are online although I personally can't find anything I like, and find them not very good value for money. But I'm sure they appeal to a lot of people!
  • salducksalduck Forumite
    1K posts
    For the younger ones amongst us! new look have their inspire range.
    Also Asda is fab for plus sizes!
    Long time lurker- Sometimes poster! Always interested to read and hear others opinions!
    Joined Slimming world 4/2/15
  • grunniegrunnie Forumite
    1.8K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic
    Have to add that I do most of my clothes shopping in M&S and Sainsbury's and Tesco. Asda seems to have gone too young? and I hate Evans since they changed their styles of skirts and the quality is poor. Just discovered an Anne Harvey inside a store near me so shop there in the sale. Picked up a jacket for winter £99 down to £25 so will definately return to have a look there.
  • At Anne Harvey you can find real bargains, their coats for example they are good quality and the price is very reasonable, particularly in the sales, as they would normally last . (although I would add that their quality control is not that reliable as I got the odd lemon, and normally had waited too long before wearing it, so that I could not take it back - have too many clothes nowadays...).

    Just done my first ever shop at Landsend. A bit puzzled that they did not confirm the price after I entered a voucher code, that's not on as I wanted to make sure I got the free delivery at least! Will query when I get confirmation of price, when they ship.
  • Chocmonster7Chocmonster7 Forumite
    2.4K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    I used to buy loads in New Look but they seem to have taken their Inspire section away in my local branch. :(
  • edited 5 October 2009 at 7:28PM
    kitschkittykitschkitty Forumite
    3.2K posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    edited 5 October 2009 at 7:28PM
    Bon Marche actually has some great stuff, though you have to search through as it caters for ladies in their 20's through to 80's! Prices are very competitive and some of my favourite tops are from there, also they do fab PJ's and nighties. I find asda have some lovely stuff but a lot of it's on the small side and they never do trousers or skirts that fit me.

    Our New look stopped the plus sizes ages ago, but I'd gone off them anyway.

    Evans must have new management or designers, because over the last year or 2 their clothes have just gotten truly awful, and so expensive. Never had any trouble with the quality though.

    I miss Etam - so worth looking for them on eBay as their trousers and jeans have always been really good in my experience.

    I like M & Co lovely quality, and prices aren't too expensive (though when moneys tight I can't afford it)!

    I find Matalan is a lot better in the summer than the winter don't know why that is!

    Over all I've found this years fashion has been pretty awful for us larger ladies, and apart from eBay I don't buy clothes online though the link to next has tempted me, I didn't know they did any plus sizes!
    A waist is a terrible thing to mind.
  • NenenNenen Forumite
    2.4K posts
    Thanks for a brilliant thread! I too had no idea Next did larger sizes and there are several other good sites you've posted I hadn't heard of before.
    “A journey is best measured in friends, not in miles.”
    (Tim Cahill)
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