My Pregnancy Money-Saving Diary

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My Pregnancy Money-Saving Diary

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I'm terrible at keeping track of any savings that I make thanks to this site. I've decided to do my utmost to log any savings that I make over the next 8/9 months or so. :)

Having just confirmed that I am (barely) pregnant with my second child, I want to compare how much I save/spend this time around compared to my previous pregnancy (pre-MSE).

I'll start with the moment of truth. I expect it would have been very frugal just to wait another few months and see what developed but, as my husband insisted on a test.....:rolleyes:

Last time: Premium test kit from Boots £8.99!!

This time: Pregnancy test £1.49 from Home Bargains (thanks to info spotted on Shop But Don't Drop a while ago!) I could have got one for 99p but decided to splash out on the luxury version! ;)

Last time: Expensive Pregnacare supplements from Boots.

This time: Folic Acid from Goldshield. Free P+P, free gift and piggypoints! Also eating better generally thanks to advice on Old Style board. :)

That's all for now. :)


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