October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Just realised I'm 2 weeks in and haven't updated yet :o

    I'm up on where I'd like to be. Total spend so far is £254.39, which leaves me about £95 for the next three weeks, which I've broken down as £25, £35 and £35

    The freezer is well stocked, as is the pantry, and thanks to yesterdays trip to Mr A for fridge stuff I don't have to shop again now until Wednesday, and then only for milk and grapes, so I think it's still do-able.

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  • hi, please put me down for £250 this month, so far we have spent 73.71, although i think there is a receipt missing. Im trying to do the shop so husband doesnt as he spends over a hundred easily! have several meals already planned for this week but need to go to the shops for sons food tec ingredients for tuesday. must do something with all the tomatoes we have !
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  • Morning everyone! I used the Sun voucher in Waitrose yesterday - I didn't really need much, but OH wanted papa johns so we compromised and got Mr W's Pizza, garlic bread and Butterscotch icecream (yummy). Spent £32 but am taking off the pizza etc as that would have been from the 'eating out' budget. They also gave me another £5 off voucher to spend by next Saturday. OH has a tendency to over shop. This morning he started listing things we had to buy, for all but one, I could say 'got that', felt quite smug!!
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    Hi everyone hope you're enjoying your Sunday. Congratulations Rachel on your wedding. We just celebrated 21years last week so good luck to you both.:j

    DH has just come back from the co-op with some essentials to see us through the next few days. We had completely run out of milk, bread, sugar and eggs so he went instead of me otherwise I would have bought more than was needed. He managed to find 7 reduced items in the bread section (rolls, baps, french sticks, crumpets etc) which are going in the freezer and stuck to the list spending £16.60.

    Yesterday I had a belated 40th birthday present which was a flight in a helicopter around my local area. It was brilliant! followed by a Chinese Meal paid for by my parents which was delicious!

    Today we were supposed to be having roast chicken according to the menu plan but I forgot to defrost the chicken. :mad: Instead I've got some fish out of the freezer which will hopefully defrost a lot faster and we'll be having fish pie tonight. Anyone reading my post for Friday will think we had fish pie then but I couldn't be bothered to make it so we had fish in batter from the freezer instead!

    Hoping not to need to go shopping again until Friday although stocks of fruit are getting low.

    Good luck everyone.
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    Visited Mr T's - really should not have done it - £80 gone in a flash! This means that I am now £11 over - with 11 days to go until the "end" of my month!
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    I am so :mad: Found some skirt beef in MrM so had a bash at making pasties a la Hairy Bikers this morning but don't know why I bothered as I'm a clutz with pastry--always have been & probably always will be. I used a pound of flour to 4oz each of lard & marg, but it was pretty obvious I wouldn't get out the six portions I'd intended, so Pup's got the only one SIZE=1]without onion[/SIZE & the rest has gone into a casserole-sized pie ;)
    They're currently in the oven along with a shoulder of pork for our roast today, then the 'past-pie' will be served cold with mash & greens tomorrow as I'm going out. It means that my 'menu plan' will have been re-jigged within three days of conception :doh:what with finding the beef like I did, so I'll have to spend this afternoon sorting that out :cool: Wouldn't hurt tho, because I'd managed to group all the cheesie dishes into one week, pork/ham another & beef the last :p...something else that never fails :rotfl:
    We went to a newly-opened MrM around 10 miles from us, but probably won't make an effort to go again too soon; it's one of those stores that feels as if the ceiling is slowly coming down--think horror movies :o--but more importantly, has a two hour restriction in the car park...hardly welcoming to folk outside the area OR encouraging you to browse for bargains you wouldn't otherwise buy, so very much their loss!
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    Just spent £3 on papers and bread at Booths.Still on diet, and have full cupboards and freezer:T
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    Got my online shop for the month this week, popped into Sainsburys for a couple of things then made the big mistake of taking DH to Morrisons yesterday so have managed to spend £271.20 out of our £280 budget :eek: so we really can't buy anything else this month, except a some milk and fruit for DS and will have to make do with what we have. Haven't even managed to start getting any Christmas stuff which was my intention.

    Moral of the story is don't take DH shopping!
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    £49.54 on groceries today
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    Just starting a rubber chicken, hoping to get 4 meals for 3 from it plus my usual pot of soup out of it as it's a large chicken but had to laugh! It says on the label - 'feeds 3 to 4' or something like that. WHAT? A whole chicken in one go then no soup to show for it afterwards?
    No waaaaaaaaaaay! :eek:
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