October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Oh and may I pass my congratulations to Rachel too :T

    I am not sure what the rational reasons are but I just love being married... It's only been 16 months but I love the whole 'feeling married' thing more and more each day, and this makes me very happy. I wish you lots of married happiness too Rachel :j:j:j
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    At last managed to get all receipts from DH for October (I spent first 5 days in hospital and so had no control over spending!). Happy to report that we have only spent £55.92 on food & house stuff this month so far. :j

    We did get a big online delivery from Mr T on 29th September, so that will keep us going for a while. DS1 went to Uni on 4th October and DS2 is away next week Monday to Friday on an A-Level PE trip, so spending should be vastly reduced! We plan on eating our way through the freezer most of this month which should also reduce spending.

    Off to bed soon as I am slowly recovering from a nasty sore throat & cough and I am quite tired.

    Tomorrow should be an NSD as we don't plan on going anywhere, just getting DS2's kit sorted for his trip to Snowdonia. I also want to get started on some cross-stitching. Now I have my new glasses, everything is crystal clear!! :D

    Night, night folks

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    Hi everybody,

    I didn't last until Thursday and went to the supermarket today for dried bay leaves, unfortunatley OH came with me and I ended up leaving the supermark $20.08 lighter, doh!
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    Congratulation RachelMK:D
    Just popped to try and catch up with thread and update signature. Realy glad we got the allotment this year its helping loads:j no roast today:olasagne for dinner, got a christening to go to but still need to cook a meal for us to share with mil, she is unwell again at the moment and the only way to realy find out how bad things are is when she lets her guard down over dinner;) or i'll hold her pudding back for ransom lol. Hope you all have a good day:D
  • Shopping this week was £75.22 I did buy a big box of Areil as on special at £6 I didn't need it but it will get used also had to buy new bath mat as the old one broke in half,so total left £119.21.
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    Yesterdays spend for me was £8.77.

    This comprised:

    2 boxes Special K = £3
    Milk = £1.10
    Hula Hoops = 60p
    Hob Nob Creams (New, and really tasty!) 79p (BOGOF)
    Mini bisvuits 67p
    Ham £1.65
    Bananas £1

    The biscuits were only bought because Mr Fresian has been bugging me about having none :rotfl:
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    £3.30 yesterday for milk and Coke (first time I've bought it in months, but needed a wee treat for Saturday night) I do have a couple of receipt I need to dig out from last wekk which will be about £20, will !!! them in as soon as I find them. NSD on Friday, at home all day! NExt two weeks will be a struggle actually, bills are all due, and money is t-i-i-i-ight. Have a good day everyone.
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    hi,two NSD's for me dont think it will last as mr s has baking ingredients on offer so i will stock up as they are things that keep
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    Hi All,

    It's about time I updated on my progress. The touch typing is inproving sliqly! Meanwhile the G.C. stayed on track in Sept and is ok at the moment. We had an extra child wanting breakfast this morning so I tried the popcorn with hot milk and sugar idea which was on one of the threads this week. DS declared it lush and the two girls thought that it was quite a good idea.
    It is raining here which suits me as loads of baking has to be done today! Hot bread for lunch - we have dinner in the evening.
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    I still am Puddleglum - phew!
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    I've done a big shop hence my spending amount. But I think I will go over budget this month. Saying that, I did pluck £300 from the air. More shocking for me though is that amount is simply groceries. Toiletries/household/nappies/babymilk is seperate.
    I have done a menu planner as well & a food invetory.

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