October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Afternoon all

    Have done 3rd week shop today and still have £87.70 left for 1 week's shop so should be do-able - famous last words! Have meal planned for next week and have the ingredients already in so shouldn't cause a problem with the budget. Still balancing healthy/lo cal meals and the budget and at last seems to be paying off (weight loss now 1 stone 11 lb - still need to lose more so will just keep doing what I'm doing now - hoping for another stone off before Xmas, had a good start with 3lb loss this week). Used Quorn mince to make lasagne last week that had 2 portions leftover so froze those and me and DS1 had that one eve this week whilst OH was at a meeting and DS2 had other meal coz he doesn't like lasagne!

    Have a good weekend everyone, keep safe and well
    Big hugs to those that need them and be proud of any achievement you make
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    HI everyone - The laptop's been fixed!!:j:j:j

    Not been feeling 100% this week with a sore throat so having a quiet afternoon on the sofa!

    Tea tonight is going to be a fish pie using a J Oliver recipe. We don't eat much fish in this family so it'll make a change. Saturday evening we're being treated to a Chinese meal out for all the family to celebrate our 21st Wedding Anniversary !:j

    Have a good weekend everyone.
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    spent £5.40 at teh local shops yesterday on bread and milk

    off to M's later and hoping to spend less than i did last week, might go myself and get DH to pick me up afterwards as he can easily add £30 by throwing in anything and everything
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    £3.25 spend in A1di for me today... 2.5kg potatoes and 1kg satsumas (both from Super 6), 2 x 1litre milk, and 2kg frozen chips.

    Should only need milk (another couple of litres) and possibly a loaf of bread to get us through to next weekend now :D

    But posters have gone up in our local C00p announcing they're ceasing to trade on 31st October - so how well I do with this months budget all hinges on what kind of closing down offers they have on..... not that I really need to stockpile anything :rolleyes2
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    Four NSDs in a row - only because I have been ill with a chest infection and too ill to go out! May have to venture out tomorrow, but DDs are baking tonight as they are beginning to say that there is nothing to eat! There's plenty but it is "real" food rather than snacks so they are feeling hard done by...
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    Hi everybody,

    just updating my signature for this week. Yesterday I did a biggish shop and spent $133.92 which should last until next Thursday, fingers crossed.

    Night 'all.
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    Well, I managed to dislocate my should (again) this morning, so the day didn't start too well. Oddly enough, today was my first physiotherapy appointment for the last time I dislocated it! Long story cut short, I had to go and buy some decent "wear in company" exercise trousers as I'm going to be doing gym work for my shoulder, so I had to go out. Whilst out I popped into the local butcher and picked up some huge chicken legs for just under £2 and a pack of local bacon for £2.69. This will give us something different for the weekend, whilst not having to buy loads to get a good price.
  • went to tesco for a few bits and ended up spending £25................oooops

    Good luck to everyone with their challenge
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    I shopped 3 times in the last 2 days :eek:

    Aldi 12.65; Aldi 10.60, Waitrose 18.98

    £94.34 left in the pot :cool:
  • Botany wrote: »
    I shopped 3 times in the last 2 days :eek:

    Aldi 12.65; Aldi 10.60, Waitrose 18.98

    £94.34 left in the pot :cool:

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