October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi All

    Congratulations Rachel

    Just updating signature have spent £57.99 this week which I've added to my total. Spent money on wine for xmas as its on offer amongst other things. Have a good weekend all.
    £44752.79/savings £40892.30
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    Congratulations Rachelmk on your wedding. May I wish you lots of NDS snuggled up with OH to save a few pennies more ;)
    Still haven't spent any money so have £55.45 left to last until 27th October.I am just off to make some cakes to fill up my cake tins with as my DGS likes to raid them everynight on his way home from work:)
    DD got her job yesterday and took me to lunch as a treat as I have been taking her to each interview over the past few weeks. Plus she bought me a little box of chocs as well bless her.
    I am going to sort out my freezer this afternoon as well as I am sure stuff is multiplying in there. Not going anywhere near the shops fow the next few days as we have just booked our holiday up for next year and are going for two weeks instead of one so serious saving is on the cards for awhile.
    Well done everyone on you efforts we are all doing well and I am finding it easier to stick to the longer it goes on.
  • Hi All,

    Didn't spend at work last night, but did pick up 2 loafs of bread 2 packs of ham and 2 cadbury flake desserts that were OOD, bread will do breadcrumbs, toast and b&b pud, ham already gone on butties and cat treats! and flake puds were given to kiddies for behaving while we shopped today!!

    Did the big shop and spent £30 in tesco on storecupboard, £8 in wilkinson on catfood and toiletries and cleaning bits, £15 at the butchers and £25 on the farm... so £78 more out the pot, though tesco was enough for 2 weeks and got a HUGE bad of dirty spuds from the farm for £2.95 thats enough for 3 weeks and 2 and half dozen eggs for £1.95....

    Was very very good and bought no junk or treats though the hubby out a box of 36 walkers in the trolley as they were only £1, there supposed to be for xmas but he's had 3 bags already so pretty sure they wont last that long!!!

    On an easy cooking day today as its work tonight and early tomorrow then a packed day of getting my ebay selling up and running.... will finally get rid of the things I done need and do a pre xmas declutter!!!

    Has gone to play on her own little world for a bit..... but its ok the voices in her head came too so she's not alone ;)
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    Hello all and congrats to Rachelmk.

    Have had a lovely morning - OH out all day - left at 9 not back till 4 so have managed to get all the housework done by 1 o'clock, small leg of lamb in the slow cooker for tea, new laptop delivered (won't even open the box until later) and just waiting for two GDs to arrive for the night.

    The plan was to get all the work out of the way so I can spend time with my girlies :p we are going to make bath bombs :eek: so I expect that will mean another clean up of the kitchen!!

    NSD today as weekly shopping done on Wednesday when we got back from hols. Aim for this week is to make some space in the freezer and have as many NSDs as possible.

    Have a good weekend all.
  • Hi All,

    Declaring this weeks shopping spend £39.51
    Broken down as follows:
    Aldi £16.27
    Asda £16.45 including birthday cake
    Butchers £5.30
    and freezer shop £1.49

    Got £98.21 left for the rest of the month (3 weeks)

    Week 1 :£37.28
    Week 2: £39.51

    Note: Aldi has 2kg bags of pasta for 99p - giving 100% free so you know what we will be living on at the end of the month!!!
  • Went to Asda last night as needed some bits for the girls, hair bobbles and leggings, whilst there grabbed 5 blocks of the £1 cheese, what a bargain! Long dates on them too, not that they last long in our house! Will hide them in the freezer though I think! I love Asda and their bargains :o)
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  • Went to Asda this morning and spent £12.71. Got 2 packs of the cheese that's on offer, eggs, apples, bananas, cous cous, bleach, tinned sweetcorn and tomatoes, TV guide, apple juice and a bottle of coke. Also got one of the big pizzas that are on offer so that'll be dinner tomorrow night and will use the rest for lunch during the week (depending how long it lasts :p)

    Popped to Lidl on the way back as wanted some of the tuna they're showing on offer, but I think it must have ended (grr), but got some yogurts, a pepper and a jelly! Then nipped into the greengrocers and got a bag of potatoes for 49p (usually 99p).

    I'm already over halfway on my total and only 10 days in...eek!!
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
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    Congratulations Rachael :beer:
    Debt free from April 2012:T:T:T:T:j:j:j:j
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    Congratulations Rachel and OH.

    Spent €40.04 in Lidl to-day, will add that to total and keep an eye to what I am spending as I seem to be 'running wild'...had no list with me to-day which is disastrous.

    Good luck to all

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    I hide my head in shame like a little mouse under a rug :o

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