October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    I just spent some dosh on an online tesco shop! Stocked up on cathedral city cheese (will freeze - hubby loves this!) rice (2 x 10kg bags for £5) and 5kg of olive oil for £7.80 (will now be using only olive oil for all cooking and normal vegetable oil for frying only). Used £10 off first shop and £10 goodwill voucher they sent through for cancelling my last order, rest of the stuff is all BOGOFs and half price offers - so have stocked up lots of "biggies" all for about £25 hopefully! willfnd out when delivery arrives on tuesday

    Hubby has just come home with a months supply of apple juice (50p a carton in lidl) and more fruit & veg - no receipt in the box so will have to check with him!
    what rice was this please as we use loads and to get 20kg for £5 is great value
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
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    Hello and welcome to the newbies :hello: its always good to see new faces.

    Sending positive and get well thoughts to MrsMC, hope to see you back soon, and big thanks to Helen :A for keeping us all in order

    My meal plan is done for the next two weeks and apart from milk and maybe some f&v I shouldn’t need to shop for anything, I’m using up frozen and tinned fruit and veg so may manage with that. I'm making leek and potato soup today and using up lots of apples so pie or crumble for afters and I'm doing batch cooked minced beef in the SC tomorrow, will have a few portions to freeze. I love meal plans!

    Good luck everyone peace-1.gif
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    Hey all

    Spends today 50p I just had to have a twirl out of the machine at work lol, I am working overtime and won't be home till 4pm so no more spends today yay lol
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    Kerfuffle wrote: »
    ... Tonights tea is hubby's favorite speedy supper, Maple syrup baked beans on marmite toast with a poached egg on top, cheap ' n cheerful. ...

    any chance of your maple syrup baked bean recipe please kerfuffle? :j
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  • Hi everyone,
    just posted and it disappeared :mad:

    Anyway great to see so many newbies and the thread growing so rapidly. Means that more people are trying to get a grip of their spending and avoiding waste.

    Best wishes to Mrs. Mc and thankyou to everyone who is keeping us ticking along in her absence.

    I am serving steak pie, potatoes and brussel sprouts today for dinner. Potatoes and sprouts both from allotment.:D

    Spent £17 in M&S on friday on offers. Treated myself to profitteroles(sp)
    Would make apple crumble or rice pudding etc for desserts but not them and sometimes I give in to temptation. I have stopped buying chocolate bars from grocery budget but still buy crisps.

    Hope everyone has a good week.icon7.gif
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    I've just made my life very difficult by getting carried away at PetPlanet. Spent £23 on James Wellbeloved to get a free storage tin, AND £18 on Orijen to get free cat litter plus 400g sample of food. :o So £44 of my £100 gone in total, tho I will now have enough dry cat food until Christmas!!

    I don't think anyone knows exactly what caused Noah to get in that state, he was a stray so of course didn't get veterinary treatment at an early stage. :( His paws are healed but very sensitive so he has to be an indoor cat. I met Noah yesterday and he is just gorgeous in temperament as well as looks! :smileyhea
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    Hi everyone - hope you are all having a good weekend.

    Managed to stay away from the shops so far so feeling very proud of myself but will be going to Lidl's tomorrow for their new Special Offers like 4 x Branston beans for £1(I know they are cheaper at Morrison's at the moment but this would mean a long round trip which I don't think is worth it), 4 x John West tuna for £1.99, 160 Tetley tea bags £1.99 and a few others that I'm planning on picking up.;)

    Made some choc chip cookies and flapjacks this morning for this week's packed Lunches, off now to sort out tonight's Dinner, we're having Roast Beef and all the trimmings.

    Fire Fox - Noah looks adorable, looks like you are going to take real good care of him, he's a lucky lad.;)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.:D
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    My dad phoned me earlier as him and my stepmum were planning on going for a walk on the moors. I decided to go with them, but halfway there it started raining so we gave up on that idea!

    I did offer to take them for lunch instead, but they didn't fancy it, so I got us a pasty each instead and now i'm home. My dad fitted my new wipers for me (i'm useless with that sort of thing) and turns out they were ok, but the actual wiper arm was stiff so stopping one from wiping properly. Doh! Nevermind, I now have my old set as spares.
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    Oh dear, only 4 days in and have already spent nearly half my budget. Probably caused by not doing a proper meal plan before shopping this week (hangs head in shame) - I ought to know better. I did make a list though and nearly stuck to it! I will have to be careful too as I have now used up all the precooked meals I had stashed in my freezer ready for the return to work in September so I must try and get my head round the planning. Difficult at the moment with my DD2 getting married on Friday and so much to do! Work is still manic too and have clocked up loads of flexi time - will be using some of it this Friday! Good luck everyone - keep up the good work.

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    Well after planning not to spend much this week, I decided that the Morrisons offers were too good to miss and spent £28.70 today. I am amazed at some of their offers though- huge bags of carrots for 30p and good size bags of onions too.

    Toad in the hole with roasted new potatoes, carrots and gravy tonight followed by apple crumble and custard- yummy!
    :DYummy mummy, runner, baker and procrastinator :p
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