October 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • Just popped in to update my spends for the month. Went to mr M's yesterday, mainly because i'd been told they had pampers baby wipes seriously cheap - 12 packs for £7 for anyone who doesnt know, they normally retail at £2.39 a pack! Only had room in boot for one box but i'll be going back for more before the offer ends - i'm stocking up for bubs due in april.
    Anyhoo spent £23.69 and got loads
    Salad pots 30p
    onions 30p
    carrots 30p
    branston beans x2 for 79p each
    cant believe its not butter x2 50p each
    baby wipes £7 instead of £25!!!
    Plus loads more really impressed with mr M's at the moment, can you tell:D
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    Well I just pooped on to update my shopping totals - I had my Mr T's delivery on Tuesday and had to go to Mr A's on thurs to get nappies and this has left me in a dilemma. I bought 2 Pampers big boxes of Nappies for £18 (on Offer) but this will last me at least 2 months - do I count the whole £18, or is it cheating to only count £9 and put £9 down for Novembers spending? I will probably be buying more in November as the offer is only on until december and DD will be in nappies for at least another 3-6 months?:rolleyes:

    On the bright side I've had 3 NSD's already!:A

    DH is whisking me off to Southampton for a long weekend without the kids so I'm mealplanning for a fortnight and trying to only spend £20-£30, then I can take £30 for a couple of nice meals out. OH is getting into the OS ways - although we're going out on Sat night for a meal - he has printed off a 2 for 1 voucher for Tootsies off this site!!! :money: Hurrah I have made a breakthrough!!!:T

    Well must dash for now DD is up from her nap and she needs her lunch before we pick up DH and DS from the cinema (his school do a cinema trip for 50p each - he's watching Ice Age 3!):T
    wk1 £0/£100 NSD's 0/7
    Total £0/400
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    spent 4.89 today still plenty left

    got a few bargains in B+M bargains :D
    £75.11 remaining
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    1v100 £15/300
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    Only 91p for 2 pints of milk today for DD, here's hoping I don't blow it later, lol. I'm realising just how hot-wired I am to look for bargain dented tins etc, even though I have a huge list of what's in the cupboards pinned to the fridge, I still can't walk by a reduced section without taking a look....crazy woman!
  • OK £6.69 spent in Aldi and Mr A :)

    I have updated our total in my siggie :)
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  • Morning all, I've decided the birthday will be a seperate budget. 37p lasr night for 2 whoopsied baguettes in Mr T.
    mardatha wrote: »
    It's what is inside your head that matters in life - not what's outside your window :D
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    Hi, I am very late starting this month as I was in Paris earlier this week and needed to get myself organised. I would like to aim for £200 this month. That is for 3 adults here full time and two or three extra at weekends. We spent £41 in MrT on our way home from the airport. I used my Christmas savings to buy food so need to repay it as soon as possible. We have enough food in the freezer to last us all month, even enough bread and milk possibly!
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    Afternoon - managed to avoid Mr T's and spent £4.76 on fuit and veg at local greengrocers. A mini success.
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  • hiya all

    NEWBIE ALERT!! totally new to this challenge- but need to cut down my spending sooo much!

    DH works in LIDL so he's always picking up bits and pieces - will get him to start keeping receipts
    Try to bulk buy my meat and freeze so there is always something in - should have enough for this month but may need some chicken - doing WeightWatchers so eating a lot more chicken than normal! Good thing is that I am also meal planning more so will help with planning shoppng - Bad thing is that i am buying bits & pieces for new recipes!
    Need to do a store cupboard & freezer challenge this week to use up some stuff that has been there for ages!
    I am always picking up things when they are on offer - have the rest of this year supply of clothes detergent - fabric conditions - showergels and shampoos and toilet rolls! Will try to curb spending on gathering "stuff" just because it is on offer - have realised stuff is always on offer
    Home bargains has opened up round the blooming corner from me - so will be popping in there more for cheapo foodie bargans - got lots of little disney fruit pieces for kids lunchboxes (39p for 6 small packs)

    Sorry for the long post again! Was just trying to figure out how i will work this challenge!

    Sooo... my budget for October for 2 adults and 3 kids - (ages nearly 3, 5 and 7 all 3 on packed lunches) is £300 = £75 a week.
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    Updating sig - just spent £7.87 in B&M, which included a few things I didn't need (choc chip cookies:eek:)
    OH works at a factory that makes toiletries & stuff, so I have a shelving unit full of deos, airfresheners, bathroom mousse, cream cleanser and more - enough for years (temp job so he is getting as much as he can) A manager came from another site in the group last week and handed out carrier bags of stuff - I now have 12 bottles of bleach, 8 litres of fabric conditioner and *16* bottles of washing up liquid (and I have a dishwasher:rotfl:) I call my utility room 'superdrug' when the kids come round on the cadge.

    I have no reason to spend any more on groceries this weekend so my next spend will probably be Tuesday - though tomorrow we are going over to Meadowhall to get the last few things for our hols so I may pick up something in costco on the way home.

    Love and hugs to MrsM - don't be away too long and hope the op goes well.
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