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  • woogiegammon
    woogiegammon Forumite Posts: 6 Forumite
    ok - so I see we're giving details of what's been given away...
    as of July last year - this is some of what I had given away (mostly things I had 'offered' but quite a lot - and more still - of things I had given away in response to 'wanted's):

    All my stained glass (alot!), All my theatrical lighting filter gel rolls, 3 Dartington Crystal decanters, 40,000 metres of cord/braid stuff, 200 x 5" coach bolts and washers, A large sack of fine plaster of paris, 20 metres of brushed aluminium edging strip, Portable gas fire, Big stack of withies, 8 outdoor lanterns and more indoor lanterns, 2 WWII Home Guard helmets, new long sheepskin coat, Masses of hardback books, A Ski cross-trainer fitness machine, 10 massive boxes of fabric - velvets, baize, leathers, brocades - collected over past 15 years!, Our broken audiovisual equipment, a new unwanted mobile phone, Masses of paperback books, 4 pairs footie boots, a PC game steering wheel thingy and pedals, An enormous round swivel bamboo chair, Precious Spanish guitar LPs, 3 x mobile phone chargers, A 'Hostess' Side server, 2 radio controlled cars, 6 x 12ft long and thick, bamboo poles for making tipis, Pharmacist's small fridge, A big fridge, 1000 metres of thick orange rope, A bike-carrier for a tow-bar, 4-way USB hub, An Epson scanner, 2 bikes, a large bag of driftwood, laser challenge radar game, my Grandmother's 2 long fur coats and fox stole, 50kg of 'beads' for filling fabric doorstops, 6 large boxes of Lego, A school blackboard, 2 school desks - one victorian, one 1950s, 2 Lego Mindstorms Robotics sets, A pot of glass nuggets, Crystal chandelier drops, Masses of artists marterials, Ikea H-shaped 'robin' shelf, 6 large foam cushions with covers for turning into a 'sleepover' double bed, 6ft pine shelving unit with 6 adjustable shelves, medium-sized chest of drawers, 2 elegant drawer units with nickel handles, a box of 2000AD comics, a 'Leach' potter's kickwheel :eek:, 6 racks of Dexion shelving, wireless modem & router, galvanised sports equipment cage, 2 wicker cat baskets, 11 mosaic floor tiles - large, large mobile basketball net, large box of children's books, a set of stainless steel cutlery, 6 pine doors..

    etc etc etc - since then I have moved house and given even more away - clearing the 'life laundry' and all that...it's good for the soul!

    I love this way of getting rid of things (a bit obsessed..I have no furniture left...!!!) and now feel completely rubbish if I have to actually throw something out that can't be recycled (note to self - only buy things that can have a second life...)

    what are you waiting for? Join Freegle :)
    yippee :T
  • samsie
    samsie Forumite Posts: 54 Forumite
    given:2 coupe toddler cars,first trampoline,sand pit,clothes,videos,toys,air cycle,mahogany tv unit,keyboard,playstation games and many many more things..

    received:computer desk and chair,beech tv unit,portable telly,5ft trampoline,elc
    slide,gravity strider,coffee table,king mattress and more...

    been a member awhile on freecycle and its great.other day there was wii stuff and a 42"telly but its luck of the draw sometimes.
  • VeeW
    VeeW Forumite Posts: 84 Forumite
    I've given away 2 computer desks, 2 sets of golf clubs, kingsize mattress, keyboard & stand (originally came from another freecycler) and more.
    I've rec'd desks (not for PC), breadmaker, books.
    I love it, to see how happy you make someone giving them something they need but you no longer do is fantastic
  • Guanajuato
    Guanajuato Forumite Posts: 30
    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    I've given away a few things - a hedge trimmer. A large screen (CRT) TV that a friend gave me, but it turned out was too big for our room. CRT monitors used to go quickly, though they're getting harder to get rid of. A Video recorder and cheapo DVD player. All of those went instantly. A responded to a 'Wanted' as well when someone was on the lookout for roof bars - I had an old set in the garage that would only fit cars with gutters, so was no use to me.
    I've also given away a couple of bikes, but one of those was from freecycle in the first place but just didn't suit, so it went back on.

    We've got a few items from it - the bike I mentioned above. But the best was a proper all-terrain pushchair. We'd put a wanted add for a sturdy pushchair as the walk to school had destroyed our lightweight one. Whilst a bit OTT for the school run, its proved fantastic when we've got out on the fells - to the point where we don't bother with a back carrier. We've been to the tops of proper rocky mountains with it. The only problem is kissing gates & squeeze stiles. We're ever so grateful to the person who gave it to us! Once the littlest has grown out of it, it'll go straight back on Freecycle, that is unless any friends are wanting to take it off our hands.
    Of the transactions (if that's the right word) all bar one have been really friendly and grateful. That one just turned up, took it and went with hardly a word - I'm not sure there was even a 'Thanks'. You do get some rather terse emails asking for contact details. Guess who doesn't have a hope of getting the item in those situations. [:?]
    I'm sure there's some who take advantage and make a profit, but they'll be in the minority.
  • shiningdove
    shiningdove Forumite Posts: 261 Forumite
    We've given away a 32" tv, a drop leaf table and other bits and peices. We're soon to be posting a large display unit also.

    We've recived a freezer and a washing machine - very handy as we've just moved into our first house together.

    We've made some good friends and business contacts through freecycle, and have never met a bad person.

    There is one person on our local freecycle that takes in all the broken bikes, and then posts the newley fixed bikes back on freecycle - which i think is fabulous.
  • kenswife
    kenswife Forumite Posts: 26 Forumite
    I am a moderator of Rugby Freecycle.
    We are a very busy group with almost 4000 members.
    We receive almost 500 posts a week.
    We have everything from used roof tiles, guttering, greenhouses, sheds to baby/kids clothes, cots, prams etc. offered.
    Quite often we have wanted posts from our members wanting things like a small amount of paint or wallpaper paste as they have run out and don't want to have to go out and buy a huge amount just for a small job.
    It's a great way of meeting people in your local community and saving money in the process!
    :money: <
    martin, my hero!!!!
  • Cinders2001
    Cinders2001 Forumite Posts: 1,452
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Photogenic Combo Breaker
    After setting up an account for my sister in law she is now hooked!
    She is listing loads of things now to go!

    A sofa
    More paint to go soon
    Paint rollers
    lamp shade
    chrome veggie rack
    to name some....
    ** Freebies and money saved with the help of you all? - Don't know ....lost count! **
    ** Stay Safe **
  • emmi_bush
    emmi_bush Forumite Posts: 53 Forumite
    I love Freecycle! I've used it loads to get of baby things for my first which has been so helpful. We've also given away a lot of things too. One of the things I find is that people give to the first reply which is awkward if you can't check your email regularly. I prefer to wait until I've received a few replies and then choose based on the reply. It always helps if people are polite in their replies - I've had some quite rude ones!
    Craft Busting
    Cards 21/50
    Gifts 11/20
  • ladybird23
    ladybird23 Forumite Posts: 31 Forumite
    Single Bed
    Ice cream maker
    Small wardrobe
    Bird feeder with squirrel guard
    & lots of books / cross stitch stuff
    & lots more but can't remember what at the moment.

    Bread maker
    DVD player
    Combi TV
    Rice cooker
    Grapes for jam making - need small jars now!!!

    Giving 3 piece suite in about 8 weeks as we've just ordered a new one.

    Super site - but need to get a reply in quickly or it's gone!!!
  • babymoo
    babymoo Forumite Posts: 3,187 Forumite
    I registered yesterday and just got rid of my sofa's today :D very happy.
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