Discuss your Freecycle successes

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Discuss your Freecycle successes

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edited 21 September 2009 at 1:02PM in Freebies (no spend required)

This thread is specifically to report successes for the
Freecycle article
If you want to discuss the article please use
Freecycle Discussion


  • savingholmessavingholmes
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    We've given away a piano and kitchen items on freecycle

    We've been given a bed, a rowing machine and an absroller

    My sis has had a lawnmower thro it....

    Only started using freecycle after getting involved here
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  • I have given away a double bed frame, computer desk and a small dryer, a box of odds and ends

    I got some flags to finish are patio
  • Given away: old pc, baby stuff, computer desk, toys, clothes

    Received: Almost like new pc once i'd fixed it, computer desk (which I returned to the freecycle system), 12ft trampoline, dvd's

    Just love everything about freecycle.
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  • Given - a couple of tons of soil, a double bed head, countless jam jars, girlfriends old cosmetics. a fish tank, an old black and decker workmate type bench, other bits of bats, strawberry plants

    Got - rowing machine (went back to freecycle 12months later), running machine (went back to freecycle 12months later), Jerusalem artichoke tubers, loft ladders, greenhouse staging, some old computer parts, gardening magazines (lots)
  • Hi all, im one of the mods, for the stafford freegle group. Can i please point out that we have changed our name from freecycle to freegle. Hope its ok to post this here.
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  • Rochdale has also changed to freegle
  • We've given away loads of stuff and almost get killed in the rush whenever we post anything - e.g. a fax machine, a pile of WW mags, garden toys & furniture, patio slabs.

    We've never EVER got anything - never any replies to our wanted posts and I'm never quick enough off the mark to claim anything even though I subscribe to the alerts. Also, no-one ever replies to my requests. :rolleyes2
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  • edited 25 September 2009 at 7:51AM
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    edited 25 September 2009 at 7:51AM
    Given away (this could take some time)
    Washing machine
    tumble dryer
    and much more over the years that i can't remember


    A few bits and bobs but the best was:

    A car with tax and MOT (would like to add that this was re-gifted on freecycle once we were in a position to upgrade the car)
    15" tft monitor boxed and working perfectly
    Faux leather 7 seater corner suite
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    Given away: Bunk bed, television, tumble dryer, slow cooker, wine rack, crockery, gas bottle

    Received: plums, green tomatoes, apples, jam jars, bread maker, hamster cage, dog toilet, hoover and probably loads more that I cant remember.
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  • lannyloo wrote: »
    Rochdale has also changed to freegle

    what's the difference between freecycle and freegle? why the name change?
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