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    The Result!

    Wow what a month.  There's lots of extremely good posts on here.

    I have decided (as i'm allowed) To give four prizes of £25 this week rather than one of £50 (or a bottle of champagne, winners take your pic).  I think these tips are so good all deserve a prize.   Frankly there were other tips too that were corkers - but spreading it any more thinly would devalue the whole thing.

    The winners are

    1. Libra for the £15 Amazon vouchers thread.  
    2. Ella for the Clinque lipstick.  One of the most valuable freebies and many people have said "provided me with a glam treat which didn't cost too much".
    3.  Arb78 for the Sky thread - massive money saved and hugely popular
    4. Strike Eagle for computer help.  I was very tempted for this to be the overall winner.  It's simply a case where someone helped someone else they'd never met sort their computer out for free and spent an hour doing it.  There are lots of stories like that on the site and its worth rewarding as much as the wonderful big mass read MoneySavers.

    Would the winners please PM me and tell me which prize they prefer :)

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  • Well done to the 4 winners. I benefitted from 2 of them - Amazone & Clinique - so thanks from me.
    If I had known then what I know now . . .
    :A Official Boots Tart (I seem to be retired just now though) :A
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    All 4 posts fully deserved the award. Congrats to all of you.

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    what a great result
    it's so hard when there are so many great posts out there
    congrats to you all
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    I would like to say THANK YOU to all that voted for the clinique post , it was my first freebie post so Im very pleased so many of you managed to get this FREE!!!! ;D ;D ;D
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    Congrats to all four winners! ;D
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    I managed to pick up a couple of top bargains thanks to this tip, saving ~£150 after a jolly good search around the essex PCWorlds. I have no idea where mrme got the info from but thanks for passing it on.


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    your not alone there many of us did, I'm surprised at how little support it has here!
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    This should be in September as it was posted so late in August that it rolled over to September. Which is why people are ignoring it for September. ??? ???

    I did not manage to get bargains mentioned here but have had others due to now looking closely at pricing etc. :D:D
    This has helped me save a lot of money albeit indirectly.

    mrme deserves the award. :-* :-*

    The length of the thread alone is testiment to that.

    Just my opinion.
    I am not always right,

    But I am never wrong !!
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