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Well here goes, I've been wanting to start a diary for months and never got round to it. As September is almost here and it IS going to be the month everything changes for the better, then I need to start it right here right now while I'm thinking about it!! special thanks must go out at this point to Shoe Gal , Sarahb and Lula Hula :A Without them I wouldn't have even got this far!

Generally I don't have much to moan about... I am 28, happily single with a fantastic DD who is also very happy. I work part time in a job that I love. I have a great family who always support me and I have some of the best friends a girl could wish for that have been there for me through some bad times. But... there are certain things in my life I'm not happy with.

Firstly my debt... Although compared to alot of people it's not a massive amount, it's alot more than I can afford to have! I will post my SOA over the next couple of days and have an up to date debt amount.

Secondly is my weight... I've been fat all my adult life and although it doesn't always bother me it is at the moment, I feel as though I'm about 2 stone heavier than I'd like to be. Officially I'm about 8 stone overweight but I have no desire to be 8 stone lighter than I am now. I have a wedding in January so my aim is going to be to lose 2 stone by then. I shall get weighed on the 1st and have already decided to give up chocolate for the whole of September :eek:

The last thing is the state of my house :o It's nothing along the lines of the life of grime but I cannot stand clutter! But.. I am just too lazy to do anything about it :mad: I have just spent the last 7 days at my sisters house helping her totally gut her house from top to bottom and it's made me want to do the same.

So with the help and support from all the lovely people on here I think I can deal with all this. There will be lots of lists happening and most certainly alot of moaning.

If you've got this far then please feel free to join me on my journey :beer:
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    I see you are another night owl :D

    All the best for your journey bowski :beer:
    I'm an oldie dfw and not visted here for quite a while, i'm on a similar jouney, i've managed to tame the house, so the weight and debt is my next goal, I have about 8 to lose too, but have decided to think of it as a pound at a time, I'm looking forward to reading your diary and following your progress x
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    Hi Bowski-1011,

    I just wanted to wish you well with your new diary.

    You seem to be attempting to tackle a few different things, and variation is the spice of life so they say, so hopefully with the variety you won't get too bogged down working towards just one thing.

    I will subscribe to your diary and hopefully offer you support as you go.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the reply zippy... Yes I do seem to be a bit of a night owl although every day I say I'm going to have an early night it just never happens lol
    Do you also have diary? It's always nice to know people are in the same situation, not that I want anyone else to be unhappy with their weight or anything, I'm not that cruel :rotfl:it is nice to know I'm not alone though!

    I'd like to have the house sorted before I go back to work on Thursday. It shouldn't be too much of a task once I get all the paperwork out of the way. I'd also quite like to move a sofa into the front room as at the moment I'm living in the back room and well I can't watch the world go by in here. I'm not a curtain twitcher... honest!:p

    Good luck on reaching your goals :beer: Will be nice to hear your progress too :D
    Initial Debt July 2020 - £6,772.80
    Debt now Jan 2021 - £6,208.21
    Overpayment pot - £0
  • Thanks for your reply Kerfuffle, it means alot :A
    These are things I've been wanting to deal with for a while now but I think by having a diary and people supporting me I've kind of got back up to keep me going. Hopefully putting things here will shame me into doing rather than just thinking.

    I've just spent about the last hour and half on facebook :mad: I'd really like to deactivate my account as I really am addicted to it and I don't NEED it! I think the first thing on my list of things to do tomorrow is contact all the people I want to keep in contact with and then deactivate my account. That way I won't lose all my photo's and stuff and I will be able to go back on it at some point but for now I can keep away. It's the work of the devil :mad: And I can spend more time on this site and scour the net for cheap xmas presents as I'd like to do xmas as cheap as possible!
    Initial Debt July 2020 - £6,772.80
    Debt now Jan 2021 - £6,208.21
    Overpayment pot - £0
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    See you are still up too... i'm going o feel like death warmed up tomorrow :eek:

    I don't have a dairy, I did pop in here as I was thinking about starting one as a bit of motivation, not sure yet, but would love to post along with you here for some support I'm starting Tues...fingers crossed.

    Good luck with the paperwork...where does it come from??? I sorted 2 box loads in the week :confused:
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    I know I can't believe the time :eek: It's a vicious circle tho as last 2 nights I've been to bed at about 3am but not getting up till 12pm. I'm terrible when I don't have work as I think ah it's ok I'll slepp tomorrow, but then I'm always too busy and I just do the same the next night lol I think it's part of why I look forward to going back to work as I'm in bed for 2am at the latest.

    I'm am feeling really carpy at the moment about my weight and things when it doesn't normally bother me but I think part of it is coz I don't have enough sleep.

    Tomorrow I do have to be up before 11am though as I have a buffet to deliver for a friend that's she's made for a christening. So that'll make 2 of us that'll feel (and I'll look) like death warmed up :rolleyes:

    You most certainly are welcome to post on here along with me, anytime!:D It's always nice to have a bit of company! 1st of the month is always the best time to start. Good Luck :0)

    As for the paperwork I just don't know where it comes from. There's a mountain of the stuff! I'm hoping to dwindle it down to all fit in a file:confused: Should be fun!!!!

    Is it ok for me to throw all my old bank statements? I have online banking and if ever I've needed them I've printed them so it's a bit of a waste and I hate wasting paper! Oh I wonder if I can stop receiving paper statements I'll have to have a check on the website.
    Initial Debt July 2020 - £6,772.80
    Debt now Jan 2021 - £6,208.21
    Overpayment pot - £0
  • I'm debating on wether to actually just stay up :eek: Waking up tomorrow could well just kill me off :rotfl:

    right so... I'm giving up chocolate in September, who would like to join me? It doesn't have to be chocolate it can be something of your own choice, although giving up fruit as my sister suggested, is NOT allowed :D
    It's gonna be hard as I'm on holiday for a week but that's the reason I've just gone for chocolate rather than chocolate and crisps which was my original idea :eek:

    I'm off to start on my Dairymilk that's in the fridge screaming out my name;)
    Initial Debt July 2020 - £6,772.80
    Debt now Jan 2021 - £6,208.21
    Overpayment pot - £0
  • Lula-HulaLula-Hula Forumite
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    Happy First Diary :dance:


    I want to say that I will join you on the no chocolate challenge, but think Nicnacnoo s suggestion sounds far more fun :D.

    I am prepared to compromise by saying NO to biscuits - I can eat 3 without even realising it :o.

    I'm right there next to you with the decluttering too :rolleyes: grrrr to paperwork :mad:.

    Just going to indulge in choccie biccies now while I still can :cry:

    bye for now

  • Shoe_GalShoe_Gal Forumite
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    Hi Bowski - you did it :j:j:j

    Welcome to diary land - and good luck with your plans :D
    Sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes - that's why we need really special ones!
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  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    *also subscribes*

    thought I'd already posted here but must have been dreaming

    I am feeling that September really should be a new start for me too........hmmm.

    So did you go to bed??? hope you get to bed early tonight (crumbs I sound like a mum !!)

    take care xxxxxx
    Nevertheless she persisted.
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