September 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    ~Updating Sig - loads of money left, can't understand it, though I think being too tired to shop may have something to do with it:D

    Dinner was woopsied lamb steaks and woopsied frozen mash with frozen veg - told you I was feeling [STRIKE]lazy[/STRIKE] tired.:rotfl:So at least we had something reasonable though not very OS. I have taken a turkey leg out of the freezer so will put that in the slow cooker in the morning and rustle up something after work.

    Hope eveyone is doing well, my month finishes on Sunday so I will declare then.

    Have fun.
  • Now have £9 left until the end of this week. DETERMINED to stay to budget!! Spent this lunch time at work daydreaming up/writing lists of food items I want to buy next month in bulk next month (yup, a rock n roll lifestyle! :rotfl:) - inc. large quantities of red lentils, pulses, etc.
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    Sorry chaps, haven`t been on for AGES.

    First of all, HUGE hugs to Fire Fox :grouphug: - so sorry to hear your sad news.

    Secondly, greent - hope your OH gets a new job very soon.

    Positive thoughts and prayers to you both - sorry you're going through the mill at the moment. Here's to better times...
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    Right, not to hog the place, but am updating my signature now, and hopefully getting back on track a bit.

    DH was in Paris last weekend and DS went to his friend's house, so DD and I had an ultra-cheap takeaway Friday night, ready meals from Sainsbury's Saturday night (when I also bought milk and butter which was all we needed) AND I DIDN'T GET A TESCO'S DELIVERY!!!!:dance: Nothing like getting rid of the boys to reduce your prices - they would have panicked if no van had turned up on Sunday morning (what do you mean, no delivery, what are we going to eat all week?? Panic! Panic!).

    Sophia (DD) and I decided we deserved the ready meals as we were saving so much money this week (and also because we knew Papa was stuffing his face on the Champs-Elysees, LOL!)...
  • Ohhh it's so late I should be under the duvet by now but was fascinated by the many posts and here I am..... anyway.... let me update the situation: spent 7.23 today, so 10.71 left in the pot. It's most (most!) unlikely that I can finish this challenge on budget but I'm still determined to at least not overspend too much. Determination will pay off in the end.... I hope! :rotfl:
  • Good morning everyone,

    glad to hear most of us are staying within target.

    Mrs. Tradition: re freezing potatoes. I tend to mash them and then freeze in muffin trays. Then I decant them into bags which suit individual portions as I tend to use them when I am only catering for myself. When others are about we tend to use fresh potatoes. Anyway once they are defrosted you can revive them with a little butter or milk, or I suppose cheese, I don't eat cheese, but I suppose that would be o.k.

    This is my soup and pudding night. HM lentil soup and apple crumble. Veg and apples gifted to me, so very frugal dinner.;)
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    Morning Chums,
    a NSD for me hopefully .I can't thing of anything I need at all until maybe Friday, so witth only £10.12 left till next Tuesday I am on target but only just.
    I shall stick to my '£120 for four weeks in October' starting next Tuesday.But this time I'm not including my petrol,as I am going to cut back on that, and have that in a seperate pot. Sometimes one gets the urge just to have a wander around the shops just to see how the prices are but I have resisted that as I think thats when you can be tempted by 'Oh that looks good, and on the offer' I have some old christmas cards that I have cut up into handy purse size pieces and I keep them in the kitchen by the kettle.If I really use the last of something and need to replace it then I put it down on my card and until I have at least five things on there I don't go near a shop. Sometimes its just a case of substituting something to save popping out for just one thing .I used up a litre of longlife last weekend rather than go out just to get some milk.
    I live so close to a shopping presinct its only a few minutes walk away so I do have to really make an effort to stay away. I have been turning in the opposite direction when going out for a walk and going round to the park instead.Nothing to spend and cash on there. Slowly working down my freezer I can see a little bit of room in there but I am hoping not to put any more in until its empty so I can give it a good defrost before Christmas.I'm already thinking ahead for whoopsied stuff from Christmas to go into a nice empty freezer :)
    Well onwards and upwards chums
  • Hi All
    Thanks for the updates on freezing things - much appreciated.

    Considering I have no budget left and have gone over slightly I declare a total of £225 so £25 over budget. Please put me down for £175 for next month - am I mad, yes, ish, but there's nothing I can do about it as that's all I have for next month. :rotfl:If I don't laugh I will cry!

    Can I ask you guys, I know we all differ as to what we include in our grocery budgets but do you mostly include toiletries, cleaning products and loo rolls etc? I do.

    Also how much do you are your budgets for how many? I get inspired when I see people living on the same amounts or less as what I budget and they have 4 mouths to feed or something.

    My budget is for 2 adults and 1 toddler.

    Thanks all
  • fantastic thread! never popped in before so find it all impressive...well done to everyone!!

    hoping to join octobers if thats ok?
  • Well I think I've went over by about a fiver this month (will post actual total later). It's not too bad really since I stocked up on a few things that I use regularly since they were on offer so hopefully it will even out over the next couple of months!
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