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August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    I think it can be done. Look on here at Weezles thread for 50p a day and there is a feed a family for 20 pounds for a month (or something similer) I struggle with links so if someone could oblige !!

    Here I have 20 flapjacks, a lasagne (sp?), 3 spag bols, a chilli and a cottage pie ready for the freezer. The bara brith will also be prepared for the freezer :)

    I am hoping we should be good for the rest of the month to be NO SPEND !!!

    T xx

    T xx
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    Afternoon all

    well we get paid on the 25th and I won't be spending anything between now and then -so I will declare at €52 and 25 NSDs out of 29 :jand the freezers are still rather full -just enough room to wedge a bit more baking in ;)
    Im glad some folks have tried the blackberry grater bake recipe -Im an addict :o-good job Im still collecting the blackberries to add to the freezer ;) -I have just made a twist on it -I made the pastry part and used half to line a tin about 12"X9" -then when I do the fruit bit I end up with loads of smooth "jam" -so I have put half of that over the base and topped with an almond sponge(made a 6/6/6 mix) and baked -nomnomnom - thought it would be nice for winter with custard (hubby loves custard) -so we have "tested" 2 bits (with ice cream)and there are 10 pieces for the freezer -plus half the pastry and jam left -so I will make another for the freezer tomorrow - then with that , the grater bake, courgette cake and passion cake in the freezer I think we have plenty of puds for a while :D
    Dinner today was roast pork, steamed potatoes n veggies -and tea tonight is salad with cold potatoes I did at lunch time, and some feta and ham I want to use up....
    I have quite a bit of pork left so with turn that into something tomorrow -probably some pasties (for the freezer) and a pasta dish for dinner -using up another courgette, some marscapone and other bits n bobs in the fridge...
    Hubby is back at work tomorrow so things can get back to normal...
    Some time in september -he is going back to the UK for a week to play hockey-so will be picking up bread flour, cheese and the like from tesco/asda -that will save us a fair bit again :D
    right off to update my signature and then get on with some more x-stitch
    Hope everyone is well
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    Me again - we decided to inventory the freezer and have the following -

    10 big organic lamb chops
    1 small bag of liver - lamb
    1 bag frozen yorkshire puddings
    2 bags spicy potato wedges
    8 pints of milk
    1 box of ice pops
    half a bag of croquette potatoes
    Small bag of Pork Chops (about 3)
    Small bag of chopped peppers
    Small bag of beef steak (about 3)
    8 portions of smoked fish (unknown !!)
    3 small baguettes
    4 full Mackrels
    4 big beef stewing steaks
    750g of mince
    1 full chicken
    500g Liver (pigs)
    Lamb Shoulder
    2 chicken breasts
    Small bag of white fish (cod maybe)
    4 bags mixed fruit (raspberries, red currents, blackberries, etc)

    So I am looking for ideas - particularly with the fish. i dont think it will be good enough to eat on its own but maybe better in a fish pie.

    The fruit will go into pies - can I do jam with it ?? Only thing is I am unsure what fruit is in each bag and therefore unsure of the pectin levels ??

    So any suggestions ?? :rolleyes:

    Thank you

    T xx
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    Tash -you could use some of the fruit and make a twist on the blackberry grater bake -I think it would be nice with a mix of fruit , and it freezes really well -a quick blast in the micro and its like its just been baked ;)

    You could do a fish pie base but top with wedges instead -part cook them first -then pop on top to finish -will be good if the wedges are a bit to spicy for the littlies as the creamy base will balance it out.
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    Mrsm - thank you - I had not even thought of using the wedges as a topping !! Also had not thought of the grate cake - off to see if I have the rest of the ingrediants now !!

    I love this site - so many great ideas and suggestions ((hugs))

    T xx
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    Just got back from Mr T's - they had reduced ham from 2 packs for £3 to 18p a pack - got several packs for the freezer!
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    Pets at Home

    2 x 48 packs of Felix pouches £20
    3 x GoCat biscuits (Cheaper than 1 big bag for the amount I got) £9.58

    Total = £29.58


    Pepsi £1.20 (2 bottles)
    Soup (Condensed x 2) 98p
    Tomatoes (Tinned) x 6 £2.10
    Macaroni £1.79
    Rolls 29p (Whoopsied)
    Puddings 3x9p = 27p (Whoopsied)
    Eggs £1.45
    Bread 70p (Whoopsied)
    Peppers x 2 packs £2
    Fajita seasoning £1.44 (2 packets)
    Mushrooms £1.09
    Caramel digestives £1.24 (2 packs)
    Milk £1.53
    Cheese £2.50 for 2
    Ham £1.64
    Onions 71p
    Cat litter £8.99

    Total spend = £29.92

    I can't believe how much we spend on the cats :eek: Still, won't need to buy catfood for another month at least. I can't remember if I said this but I have a £250 budget for September so....

    Total for today = £59.50
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    rosieben wrote: »
    sorry I dont mean to be preachy :D but I see so many of you beating yourselves up when you're actually doing well; even writing down a figure for your budget is a positive step! ;)

    No, no, I wasn't being sarcastic. I really was thanking you for making me feel better about it. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound sarcastic :o
    Plus, you've got a lot of tips and wisdom to pass on so I'd hardly call you preachy :D
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