August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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    its okay - problem solved _ I am going to have lettuce soup for lunch and courgette risotto with feta cheese for dinner

    don't you just love being creative?

    Ninno x
    44 day challenge

    1. Pay £650 off overdraft (£ 288/ £650)
    2. Lose 12 lbs (4.5/ 12)
    3. Use YNAB everyday (6/44)
  • I spent £8.40 in co-op, picked up bread, a reduced chicken (£2 instead of £3.30), a reduced prawn sandwich for lunch (70p - a little treat for me really), bag of potatoes, big piece of broccoli, large bottle of lucozade (hubby was with me and wanted it), 2l bottle of lemonade and a loaf of bread. Not lots for my £8.40 but the potatoes will last us all week, I'll get 2-3 meals out of the broccoli, 2-3 meals out of the chicken and the bread will last a couple of days.

    I have £36.59 left and I'm thinking I'll probably come in under budget, I'm doing my last "big shop" for August on Monday evening, will try to pick up some whoopsies and will do a meal plan to guide my shopping and everything should be fine.
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    Afternoon all, a NSD here yesterday and today and possibly tomorrow :j(i have about 10 pints of milk so that should be enough till Monday :rolleyes:) So if all goes to plan the budget this week stands at £65 minus £28 for the breadmaker(it is going back to MrT's at some point and i have bit the bullet and bought a panny, it came in at £82 with delivery but i got it BNPL :D so i can spread the cost. so updated total for this week will be £37 :D:D:D(a first ever under budget for me :D). Am wondering what to do with my £43 :j, think i may put it towards my xmas savings :T.
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    :j I think have done it!!! :j

    Just completed the Tesco run ... According to my receipt I spent £102 on two bottles of Cava, four bottles of white wine, a black trouser suit and three large bags of food. After discounts and vouchers I paid £28 and received 160 Clubcard points!! :beer: I should be able to declare for the month at £88/£100 (only two people) as I get paid on Wednesday. Somehow my cupboards and freezer are as full as when I started the challenge!
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    Well, I've not done too badly this month, I've bulk bought some cat food that was on offer in Pets at Home - i've not included that in my challenge - as it'll last for a while, will add it to my yearly total, I hope to do £1200 for me and the cat! :rolleyes:

    I've also had friends over and cooked and cooking for the family tomorrow - which I hadn't factored in so to be £5 over is not too bad going, I only need to get bananas next week :D... I'm away over the bank hol weekend and my new budget starts on the 28th, I'm going to try and not break into it until I get back on the Monday, preferably Tuesday. :rotfl:
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    Just added up the last few days (including an Asda trip) - I have £34.48 left, and 12 days to go.

    I know I'll need at least £10 worth of milk, the cheese won't make it either (£5), bread is going to be tight as the freezer is almost empty (£5), and the fruit bowl is almost empty too (£10) - so that leaves me around £5 for anything I've forgotten - which should be do-able if I can control the plague of locusts that keeps attacking my pantry :rolleyes:

    At least the start of packed lunches falls into next months budget - that'll be a big shop that week as they all need new lunchboxes too - 2 eldest have them 5 days a week, and the littlest's new playgroup does a lunch club to get them used to handling lunchboxes etc and the overall experience ready for next September, so he'll be packed up once a week too. Coming up to the end of an era *sniffle*

    I know this isn't really the right place, but has anyone seen any cheap Ben10 or Cars lunchbags around?

    Do you have a B&M store nearby? The large store near us has an aisle dedicated to Ben 10 so might have lunchbags.

    HTH :D
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    Quietly confident of coming in well under budget this month with one more week to go before declaring.

    Only spent £15.44 in Mr M yesterday - stuck to the list to the letter then went to Home Bargains today (my first time!) and spent another £4.20 -OK not on essentials but had to buy something while I was there didn't I?:p
    Still enough in fridge and freezer for meals for the week and plenty of fruit and veg too.

    Off to update signature.
  • Spent £18 in MrS today but it was all on baking stuff - well nearly all! Picked loads of blackberries today so have frozen some, given some to next door [got 2 cucumbers and a marrow in exchange] so tomorrow making Blackberry Bake but putting sliced apples on the top instead of more pastry, will let you know how it turns out.

    Night all

    Helen x
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    Need to update signature - went to MrT's as needed a quick cheap loaf of bread and spent 4.00.

    Got home and decided to get the bread maker out as not used it for ages and have enough flour and yeast for loads of bread. Have a loaf of spiced tea loaf in cooking at the moment and some fruit in soaking for Bara Brith. Debating doing Flapjacks tonight too.

    Just looking through the recipies and thinking the soft totillas sound great !! Worth a try I think !!

    For September we are going to be brave and take a leap of faith as we have so much work happening on the house. we have decided that we are going to go for 200.00 in September - a whole 100 off the total for August.

    there is going to be a lot of baking and cooking from scratch and also more cheap meals likegg and chips and beans on toast.

    Hope everyone is well -x-

    T -x-
  • Maitane wrote: »
    Hi all,

    I've already failed my (first) August grocery challenge :o. Only by about a tenner but still.

    However, I'm not going to change my budget, £160 is overly adequate for two (usually hungry) adults - one with hollow legs :rolleyes:, I think I'm going to change my tactics.

    1) Mr Maitane is no longer allowed to the supermarket alone.

    2) We're going to use cash at all times (I know I should anyway)

    3) We're sticking dead on rigidly to meal plans now, no changes at all.

    Hopefully, this should work :confused: What do you reckon?

    I think you've got it sussed :D Its disappointing to be over budget but as its your first month you should cut yourself some slack; think how much you were spending before you joined the GC and then give yourself a pat on the back for making such progress! ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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