August 2009 Grocery Challenge

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  • ellemm wrote: »
    Kezlou - I made Banana bread yesterday too-using bananas from the freezer. Whenever I have one or two left at the end of the week and they are a bit soft (I don't like them like that) I put them into the freezer then take out as needed for the banana cake.

    I also like to add some sultanas and a few chopped walnuts - lovely:p

    Hi ellemm, do you freeze tham in their skins or without?
    July grocery- 24.40/220. NSD-1/3.
    Myself, DD, 2 cats, 35 weeks pregnant.
    Debts- CC's- V-775, F-1253.10, BC-3291.80, T-1429.08. Total-6748.98. All 0%. Aim- to pay £200 per month.
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    Thanks rosieben & kezlou I really need to get on cooking the tomatoes. Might also try making the banana cake I have a few bananas in the freezer.

    Failed again this month only been back 2 months and can't get back into the swing of things. Why is it I have a fridge, freezer and cupboards full (oh and under the bed, top of wardrobe) and I still have to go out and spend money. Note to self must try harder next month.
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    Hello Turbo5019,

    Maybe giving yourself an extra incentive would help to motivate you to come in under budget and use up the food stocks that you already have?

    Is there something that maybe you've been putting off because you don't have sufficient money for it that you could put the money saved towards?

    You could put the saved money into a separate account so that you can see it grow towards your goal of however much you need.

    Just a suggestion ....
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    Thanks oceanspirit I really need a kick up bum. DH is off sick and even though he is fit to go back to work he has had to take 6 months off before he's aloud anywhere near the rig. They don't care that we havn't had any money coming in since end june and we don't think he will be going back till Oct. I have got enough in savings at min to cover bills etc but I did GC last year and did really well for 8 months then I slipped back in to bad habbits.

    I and really going to try and just eat from the stocks we have. Just had good talk with DH and he is up for not spending. I do grow our own potatoes, tomotoes, beans, carrots and blueberrys so shouldn't need much.

    I think tomorrow I am going to make a list of everything and try a do a meal plan.

    It's so good to be back I must try and post not just reading more maybe that will help.
    Want to in control of my money.
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    Evening all

    Still not tired despite the time i was up this morning (4.30am). Had a yummy tea tonight of potato casserol which the kids gobbled down even though there was no meat in it !! Will be a regular on the menu plan now.

    Shocked myself today by applying for a job !?? No idea what that was about because GP doesn't want me to go back yet but I feel ready so will chat to him tomorrow.

    If I do go back we will need to live out of the slow cooker and be mega organised !!

    T xx
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    Hi all:hello:

    Fell off the wagon for a while but have decided to return. Total is for me, OH, 1 cat & 2 gerbils and I intend to include all food, cleaning items, pet food & toiletries. My total is way too much compared to some people but I believe there is no point in going too low at first and then failing like last time.:o (Last month we spent around £225:eek::eek:)

    Please could you count me in for £190 starting from today as got paid yesterday, I will class this as my August GC - [STRIKE]September GC[/STRIKE], how can it be when I get paid middle of month to middle of month. Just me being more than a bit DOH!!!
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    Morning all

    Think I am just about to manage this month got to last till Monday and I have £6 cash and a £10 meat voucher from a local butchers that MIL won on bingo and passed on to me got menu worked out till then and only need couple of bits so really pleased will take me to £298 and I normally just over so will try even harder next month

    good luck everyone
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    Crikey, with being away I'm not sure if I registered for August, but my totals are £156/£160 which is a relief, am going for a total of £200 in september when the new thread starts. Good luck everyone.
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    Curlytop40 wrote: »
    Hi ellemm, do you freeze tham in their skins or without?

    In their skins Curlytop40 - something I picked up on these threads. I just take them out the morning I am planning to bake a banana loaf and by evening they are defrosted. Pretty gross looking but perfect for baking!:rotfl:

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    Did a shop yesterday and spent €86.49, which brings my spend to-date to €242.64, leaving me €47.36 to see me out until 31st....should be ok if I don't have to buy much meat.

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