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  • It's North Devon we're going to, couldn't tell you the exact location as I can't find the flippin address!!
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
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    Wow I haven't updated this for ages, life is getting in the way ;)

    I've been on maternity leave for almost 5 months now, I can't believe it, the time is just flying by. DS2 is 3 months now and is doing really well, and DS1 had his 2nd birthday last month :eek:
    We still have all the baby funds in savings and have now managed to save around £600 towards holidays too :D In truth I've not been doing as well at sticking to the budget as I should, but with 2 babies I think I'm doing as well as can be expected.

    We're going away up to Scotland for a few days next month which I'm really looking forward to, and then I need to start looking for part-time work so I can work out if I'm going to go back to my old job or not.

    Am going to try reeeealllly hard to be good this month, as it's my first month on SMP and I don't want to use all our savings while I'm off. :p
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
  • Have been reading someone else's diary and they've inspired me to get cracking with paying some money off the mortgage. It currently stands at £174,098.42 :eek:
    I've also spoken to NR this morning, and asked about changing back to repayment when I go back to work, and how much we would have to pay for different terms. I think we will probably choose to go onto 25yrs, but will try to overpay every month. That way if we can't overpay any month we will be left will a manageable amount to pay.

    I'm taking a load of maternity clothes and toys to a children's nearly new sale tomorrow, so hopefully we will make some money to pay in to the holiday fund. We are going to Scotland for 4 or 5 days a week on Friday. Accomodation is free as we're using a friend's parents house. We will take our own food and eat in the house whilst we're there apart from maybe a few lunches, so we really shouldn;t spend too much...
    Am going to google the area now to see what there is to do for us and the kids :cool:
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
  • Great!! Woken up to 3 inches of snow, so the Nearly New sale is cancelled :mad: I'd spent ages sorting everything out and labelling them up too! They will be reorganising it though, so I just hope it's sooner rather than later, as I have soooo much clutter in DS2's room you can only just get in the door :eek: If I get chance this evening I'll bag it up into sizes to do a car boot sale in the summer.
    At least we won't spend any money today as it's too cold to go anywhere or do anything :mad:
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
  • LittleBit_2
    LittleBit_2 Posts: 533 Forumite
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    Whoop we've just booked our summer hols this morning :D We're going budget. A weeks camping in Wales. I'm already panicking about all the stuff we're gonna have to take in the car for us, the 2 boys and the dog. Along with a double pushchair :eek:
    We've also booked 3 nights at Filey camping at Spring Bank. Can't wait, DS1 will love it :D
    Not been up to much lately. I've started another diary on the MFWannabe section to try and get the mortgage down as much as possible. So will probably be updating that more than this diary, as I'm going to log each overpayment.
    I'm also going to ask my friend if she fancies doing a car boot sale with me this Sunday so I can get rid of the tons of baby clothes we have. I also have loads of materity clothes I want to sell too, as I was hoping to sell them at the Nearly New sale which got cancelled :mad:
    Right, better get cracking and ask her if she wants to do one with me.
    List for the rest of the day is:
    [STRIKE]Make a SW quiche to take to the taster session tonight[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]Iron DS1's school uniform[/STRIKE]
    Put away the piles of clothes residing all over the house
    [STRIKE]Try and work through a bit more ironing[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]List the huge selection of cloth nappies I have on various for sale sites[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE]Go to baby group
    [STRIKE]Find the wooden chair DS1 has lost from the borrowed dolls house[/STRIKE] :eek:
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
  • Having a nice quiet weekend with the boys again. Bought DS1 some cookie cutters this morning so we can make biscuits tomorrow. They're transport themed ones, so shaped like cars, helicopters and boats. He loves them. Oh and a Charlie and Lola apron. I'm hoping we can have lots of fun baking biscuits and things, and make some for Mothers Day presents and people's birthdays etc.
    I got a book out of the library about Healthy Eating for Kids, as I'm hoping that if I can get DS1 involved in making his dinner he might be more interested in actually eating it :rotfl:
    On the Money saving front, we seem to be doing more spending than saving lately, but we have been booking holidays... UK based ones though and they're really just a few days camping here and there. Should be fun though :D
    Mummy to 3 fabulous boys all under 4 :eek:
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