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Cheapest Way to Five a Day.



  • happylion1
    happylion1 Posts: 66 Forumite
    To eat cucumber and not suffer after, slice, remove skin from sliced circles of cucumber. Then remove middle bit with seeds in. Leave the skin and bit with seeds , just eat what is left. No burps!
  • oceanspirit
    oceanspirit Posts: 1,016 Forumite
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    I've been to Mr T this evening and in the veg "reduced" boxes found the following:-

    1 net of 12 clementines 33p (was £2.19)
    1 sweet potato 6p
    Bunch spring onions 13p (was 89p)
    1 pack Shiitake Mushrooms 25p (was £1.69)
    Growing mint 22p (was £1.49)
    2 bags salad (1 rocket, 1 herb) 30p each (was £1 each)
    1 bag parsley 10p (was 68p)
    1 large romaine lettuce 89p (was £1.28)

    The 2 salad bags need eating asap (I've eaten half the bag of rocket this evening - don't mind salad twice a day at this time of the year) as they're on the turn, but the rest is in top notch condition and will last well for up to a week in the fridge. The romaine lettuce may well last 2/3 weeks but I shall start it once the bagged salad is eaten, 2 leaves per meal. The mint needed a bit of water, and if I haven't used the parsley in a couple of days I shall put that in water too, having cut the end of the stalks off first. The mushrooms are sufficient to be the bulk of 4 meals (will probably make a stew tomorrow) as they are quite "meaty" and full of protein so a great meat substitute.

    As I am on my own, this will keep me in greenery. And with a few bent tins of beans and soup which were also reduced, I'm pretty much set for the week! I do have some bananas left over from last week, along with a bogof mango, a bag of carrots and a bunch of beetroot so don't worry about my colours!!

    Hope this helps.
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  • zarazara
    zarazara Posts: 2,264 Forumite
    Well done Ocean spirit. Me and DH are currently eating 9 portions of fruit and veg a day. We find it very good to do and we feel "healthy" loads of energy and not at all sluggish or feeling full to bursting all the time.
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  • ladybird23
    ladybird23 Posts: 31 Forumite
    Definitely Aldi & also Lidl - they have cheaper fruit & veg too. We eat a lot of fruit & try to have more veg with a main meal than potatoes & meat.
    Try veg soups that will give you plenty of your 5 a day & filling too. Have lost 20 lbs by eating this way & not feeling hungry.
    Try homemade tomato soup made with canned chopped tomatoes, carrots, shallots, courgette. When cooked add some milk or yogurt if you want it creamy. Lovely.
    If possible also grow your own, even a small space will give you lettuce, carrots, onions. One courgette plant will yeild loads of veg which can be added to sauces, casseroles etc. And if chopped or grated can be frozen.
  • LadyGrey
    LadyGrey Posts: 9 Forumite
    It is very cheap to grow lettuce in pots on the kitchen window sill. It will germinate quickly and you can pick off just the leaves you need and leave the rest to grow bigger.
  • Janae
    Janae Posts: 177 Forumite
    hotcookie101 - have a look at this site re: portion sizes. It looks like 80g is the weight they use.

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  • Cheap apples.
    I shop at Tesco and have discovered that Jonagold apples are only 29p per pound (can't remember price per Kg).They are sold loose and in the Carlisle store are on the very top shelf of the apples display,not in a very prominent position. I've been buying them for months now at that price. My local Morrisons also sells them at that price too. Makes it very cheap fruit !
    I get the Netto email news each week just to find out what the special offers are and some weeks they have cheap fruit and vegs.
    I also use the www.madaboutbargains website ('off your trolley' section) to see what the latest special offers are.It is really good as you can type in 'bananas' or whatever and find out which stores have special offers in that item.
  • flaire
    flaire Posts: 264 Forumite
    I raid Aldi's for their Super 6 - currently they have grapes, nectarines, bananas, peppers, new potatoes (I know, not one of your five a day) and vine tomatoes.

    I drink a glass of orange juice (one), I put some sultanas (value pack) on some museli (two) and a piece of fruit - currently nectarines (three) for breakfast.

    For my mid-morning snack I usually have some carrot sticks (value pack) (four)

    Half a tin of tomato soup (or any vegetable soup - especially home-made) (five)

    Piece of fruit for afternoon snack, some lovely grapes. (six)

    Home made Spaghetti Ragu - made with tomatoes, celery, carrots and onion (seven and probably eight)

  • Claire_Bear
    Claire_Bear Posts: 1,372 Forumite
    How often do Aldi change their super 6?

    I love carrot sticks and just realised I could make loads of portions up, and stick them all in the freezer, and take one bag out each day and stick it in the fridge to defrost :j Same with crunchy pepper strips. Easier way to one of my five a day as I normally can't be bothered to prepare them. Would it also work making little fruit bags (apple slices, grapes etc like the ones in the supermarket) or would they go funny in the freezer?
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  • grapes freeze nicely and if you eat them straight from the freezer theyre like tiny little round grapey ice lollies. :D

    have to admit i've never tried defrosting them then eating.
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