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Cheapest Way to Five a Day.



  • zarazara
    zarazara Posts: 2,264 Forumite
    cheapest way is to get together with some neigbours and friends and once a week go to the wholesale market and buy fruit and veg in boxes.
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  • Freegan
    Freegan Posts: 45 Forumite
    Cheapest Way to Five a Day?

    Beat this.

    Google my username and get the idea.

  • Go to Aldi or Lidl and see what is on offer. Aldi have 6 fruit/veg for 49p each really nice punnet of strawberries for £1.50 and Lidl also have bargains sometimes half price fruit. Asda also have various items for a £1
  • bails
    bails Posts: 3,196 Forumite
    Great thread, agree with the sentiments of OP entirely. Lots of great ideas :T I had no idea you had it down to 19p Weezl, v impressive :T I agree with the Aldi 6 and also love growing my own/foraging. Even if you only have windowsills you can still grow salads, peppers, herbs, tomatoes and it really is easy if I can do it :D
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  • Go into your local supermarket in the evening and buy fruit and veg reduced. If you par boil things like cut carrots and green beans then you can freeze these in freezer bags and they just require a quick steam, micro or boil for a few minutes. Most soft fruits can be frozen and then used for juicing or in smoothies. You can freeze bananas if you peel them and then use for baking. Aldi and Lidl have great value fruit and veg. If you shop every few days and use it, you will have less waste!

    Plus most supermarkets value fruit and veg is just as good as their regular priced stuff, they are just maybe smaller or oddly shaped but still as delicious and nutritious! Don't forget tins, most supermarkets offer value products of fruit in juice and tins of tomatoes and kidney beans etc which are just as good as their higher priced ones.

  • tirlittan
    tirlittan Posts: 3,397 Forumite
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    weezl74 wrote: »
    I researched it 6 months ago and the cheapest way to get 5 different F & v a day and eat all your colours was 19p. I don't think it has gone up by more than a third.


    Weezl x

    That's impressive weezl, would you like to give us some idea how to do this?

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  • paulwf
    paulwf Posts: 3,269 Forumite
    A few quick tips to add to the excellent tips already given:

    - buy loose, e.g. loose broccoli can be half the price of exactly the same stuff wrapped in cling film sitting next to it on the shelf

    - a bit cheeky but if buying something that is charged by the weight remove any excess leaves or stalks such as on broccoli and cauliflower

    - don't buy prepared veg such as sliced carrots and salad bag, buying whole carrots and whole lettuces is much cheaper and preparation time is minimal

    I don't think fruit and veg is particularly expensive as long as you don't go for exotic or out of season stuff. For example a banana works out around 17p which is under half the price of a packet of (non-multipack) crisps.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 12,492 Forumite
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    and don`t forget to use the very nutritious broccolli stalks. I use them in soups or stir fry`s or I make juice, like today when there is only me in. I did 3 celery stalks, half a courgette, half a carrot, broccolli stalk and granny smiths apple. Juiced them all in my old, trusty greenlife masticating juicer. I put all the machine parts under cold water and they are easy to clean that way, when I have time later

    I didn`t see the above post re taking the bits off. Not necessary as it is all edible. I also use beetroot tops in soup and juice cauli leaves, just a couple at a time with apple and/or carrot
  • seemasfriend
    seemasfriend Posts: 91 Forumite
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    Anyone heard of the landshare campaign? You offer any spare land you have as an allotment (not everyone is fit and able to do their own gardening) and in return get a share of the garden produce that your grower coaxes out of the ground! Free fruit and veg and you may well make some interesting new friends.
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  • Patchwork_Quilt
    Patchwork_Quilt Posts: 1,839 Forumite
    Buy seasonal, local produce

    Of course, this may mean eating cabbage :(
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