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Camping Mealplans



  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    edited 16 July 2009 at 7:48PM
    Oh and by the way ,this is what happens when threads get merged and people dont read the whole thread!! only the first post!!
    When I posted my answer it was in reply to this thread
    icon1.gifCamping food ideas

    Some time ago I read a GREAT thread on here about different ideas of things to take and cook when camping. I am almost certain it was in one of Martin's newsletters at some stage.

    I can't find it now - can any of you good folk point me in the right directions please. I am sure it was in amongst the Old Style threads but I may have to stand corrected.

    Am trying to write my menu plan for a 2 week trip in our trailer tent commencing next Saturday!

    Thanks in advance

    Ru xxxx

    This thread has now been 'piggy backed ' onto the end of an older thread ,why the heck do they do that ?
  • jonny2510
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    We went camping this weekend, and I found a camp stew recipe (elsewhere - unfortunately I don't have a link to reference) which I tweaked, and made, and it was delicious.

    It's really easy to do, and only uses one pan (wich reduces washing up!)

    This recipe served two ravenous adults, though with more bread (and possibly a tin of peas) I suspect could serve 2 adults and 2 children.

    • 1 Tin Stewed Steak in Gravy
    • 1 Tin Chickpeas
    • 1 Tin Baby Carrorts
    • 1 Tin New Potatoes
    • 1 Onion
    • 1-2 Beef Oxo Cubes
    • Salt and Pepper
    • A dash of oil (we used olive, but any will do)

    Quick Version: (Bung all in pan and heat through)
    1. Chop onion and fry (in saucepan) gently in oil for a few mins.
    2. Add tin if stewed steak, and start heating
    3. Drain liquid from the can of chickpeas, and add them
    4. Drain liquid from the potatoes and carrots, and add them
    5. Add Oxo Cubes and season
    6. Heat through, stirring constantly


    ...with crusty bread / large baguette

    Hope this is of use to someone :)
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Sounds like one of the recipes on ...infact it might be one of mine lol ?
  • jonny2510
    jonny2510 Posts: 671 Forumite
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    skiTTish wrote: »
    Sounds like one of the recipes on ...infact it might be one of mine lol ?

    It is off that site (I think), and if you're Big Chris, then it is one of yours!

    I think this was my inspiration for the recipe:

    (though I did add chickpeas and oxo ;))
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Noooo am not big chris,infact not heard from the big fella for a while :(
    Im Skatty
  • Hi all,

    Do any of you camping folk know why the bacon goes yukky? we have a two ring gas camping stove, fry the bacon in a household pan, but i hate the taste!

    What am i doing wrong! Everyone else's bacon smells yummy!

    Think I will try spam on camp this weekend!
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Too much water in the bacon and it boils rather than grilling/frying
    Try bacon from a butchers or use a ridged griddle so the water drains away
  • Could be......we recently got given a griddle so will dig it out and try it saturday morning!

    thanks :)
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