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Camping Mealplans



  • lil_me
    lil_me Posts: 13,186 Forumite
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    edited 13 June 2009 at 12:01AM
    We have a caravan but do similar to what I would if was camping so here goes

    I pre cook and freeze some/all of these - spag bol sauce, chilli, corned beef hash, chicken curry and similar meals. I take these frozen in a cool box, they defrost over time while keeping cool box cold (taking one out for dinner on way there) in the box also goes the milk and cheese as neither is a problem if gets a little 'over chilled'. I then take pasta rice spuds etc to boil when away. Saves prepping loads of stuff/frying meat off etc. Another option is just to take meat you have fried off then frozen and jars, but I prefer home made. I use the chicken dishes sooner but have used corned beef/bol sauce on 4th days no problem as it's not even defrosted until then usually. BBQ is usually first night and I tend to cook extra sausages to add to cool box once cooled as they last a day or so once cooked off so a handy quick breafast. You can do BBQ 2nd/3rd night gently defrosting in the cool box. Milk I must agree Cravendale tends to be less fussy about temperatures (I HATE UHT!)

    I buy long life yoghurts, jelly, tinned fruit (usually done with/in the jelly) and fresh fruit for deserts but nothing extravagant. Fresh orange and apple juice as we have at home. Cereals always popular but nothing wrong with toast and fruit for breakfast.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • AliF
    AliF Posts: 2 Newbie
    save gas by getting pasta up to boiling, then switch the gas off and leave it to cook on its own. It may need revving up but does well on its own, if you have time while you do something else. rice too, but that takes longer.
  • oystercatcher
    oystercatcher Posts: 2,329 Forumite
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    AliF wrote: »
    save gas by getting pasta up to boiling, then switch the gas off and leave it to cook on its own. It may need revving up but does well on its own, if you have time while you do something else. rice too, but that takes longer.

    DH cooks like this. While the pasta is cooking in it's own heat you can be cooking the sauce. Then the sauce bubbles on it's own for a bit while the pasta comes to the boil. Somewhere in between he cooks himself something nasty and meaty as he won't eat the pasta and we won't eat what he eats!!
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  • BusyGirl
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    edited 16 June 2009 at 11:45PM
    Some great advice here. :D
    20 years ago DH and I used to take our 2 bikes, a tiny 2 man tent and all of our camping gear on our bikes and cycle camp all over Europe. Fast forward 20 years and we now have 2 daughters, an 8 man tunnel tent and an Estate car!!
    Here are my tips...

    1st night: BBQ, take all meat, bread rolls, peppers/mushrooms on wooden skewers, salad etc with you and finish by toasting marshmallows on skewers. We sometimes eat with chococlate and strawberries or get 2 digestive biscuits, place toasted marshamallow and piece of chocolate between and'a an American thing (google s'mores) Just hope it isn't raining on the first night although we have BBQed under a parasol before!:rotfl:

    2nd night: Eat the defrosted meal you prepared and took with you eg spag bol, chili, stew etc. It will be ready to eat and will have helped to keep your cooler box cold.

    3rd night: TINS RULE! tin of campbells cond mushroom soup, tin of tuna, tin of sweetcorn and eat with cooked pasta. If you only have one pan then cook pasta first, drain and add the tins.

    4th night: Noodles with hotdogs/Mattesons sausage in pkt/veg/ham etc

    5th night: pasta, ham, jar of tom sauce

    6th night: Veg hotpot...cook onion, carrotts, parsnip, potatoes in stock, water, herbs, tom puree and serve with grated cheese and bread

    7th night: treat yourself, eat out!

    LUNCHES: sandwiches, bacon butties, scrambled egg on toast

    BREAKFAST: croissants, bread rolls, cereal, museli bars, toast

    (we have a strange metal stand thing that sits on top of your burner that is used to make toast ordered cheaply from the internet see link below)

    One thing we treat ourselves to in the evenings are sachets of hot chocolate with marshamallows in for the kids and with Baileys for DH and I...warms you up and seemed to help me sleep better!;)

    Remember to take loo roll as handy for many purposes! Wet wipes, wind up torches/headtorches/radio, games, books, pkt cards etc

    I find it helps to make lists before you go of camping gear, clothes and personal stuff, food etc
    Hope this helps. :D
  • Stephen_Leak
    Stephen_Leak Posts: 8,762 Forumite
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    edited 17 June 2009 at 12:06AM
    As you are using the car and not backpacking, try this. I've tested it with all ASDA SmartPrice stuff, and it was delicious!


    Quick, easy and useful for camping or caravanning.

    Serves 2 – 3


    1 tin of stewed steak in gravy
    1 tin of new potatoes in water
    1 tin of sliced carrots in water
    Ground pepper to taste


    Open the tins. Do not throw any of the water away. Strain the water from the potatoes through a sieve or colander into a saucepan. Cut the potatoes into halves or quarters depending on size.

    Put the steak, potatoes, carrots and the water from the carrots into the saucepan on a medium heat. Stir thoroughly. Bring to the boil, then turn down the heat until it is just boiling (simmering). Continue to cook for 5 minutes until all of the ingredients are thoroughly cooked.

    Season with the pepper.


    Add a beef stock cube. Add a teaspoon of dried parsley.


    If any of the potatoes are damaged, mash them up and add them to the stew. They will help to thicken the gravy.
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  • diddlepops
    diddlepops Posts: 600 Forumite

    Some time ago I read a GREAT thread on here about different ideas of things to take and cook when camping. I am almost certain it was in one of Martin's newsletters at some stage.

    I can't find it now - can any of you good folk point me in the right directions please. I am sure it was in amongst the Old Style threads but I may have to stand corrected.

    Am trying to write my menu plan for a 2 week trip in our trailer tent commencing next Saturday!

    Thanks in advance

    Ru xxxx
  • natc
    natc Posts: 593 Forumite
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    Oooh, glad you have put this on! Were going camping in Aug, only for 4 days, but not a regular camper and would also be interested in what ppl take with them, and some ideas. Hoping to become a regular camper, its fab!
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Check out and both have some fab recipes
  • natc
    natc Posts: 593 Forumite
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    Wow, carry on camping looks to have loads of recipe ideas!
  • skiTTish
    skiTTish Posts: 1,385 Forumite
    Oh and forgot to say ,if your on EHU ,dont forget your slow cooker.
    Stick it on in the morning ,go out walking ,sightseeing all day ,come back and you evening meal is ready :)
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