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Camping Mealplans



  • howskint?
    howskint? Posts: 96 Forumite
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    Whenever we go camping I normally take bbq stuff for the first night. Then always take a spag bol/ chile for the second night. I take it out of the freezer just before we leave and put it at the bottom of the cool box. It stays frozen for quite a while and helps keep everything else cool. Another good one is kabanossi (sp?) - vacuum packed smoked sausage from Lidl - so it doesn't need to be kept cold. I do this with pasta, tin of sweetcorn and a tin of tomatoes.

    Pasta and sauce are good, savoury rice, tins of beans and sausages.
    I also make sure I've got plenty of cereal as my kids are always really hungry, being outside all the time and it's a good filler.
  • Aria30_2
    Aria30_2 Posts: 36 Forumite
    Hi, I take a box with packets of rice and pasta, instant mash and stir in sauces etc in, then when we've got settled I head off for the nearest supermarket and buy a bit more to keep us going. I find it helps to serve bread and butter with almost every meal, as my two boys (age 11 and 8) are always hungry, with being out in the fresh air and on the move. I have a 2 ring stove and a gas bbq, so do a variety of food, depending on the weather conditions. We've just invested in an electric coolbox and electric hookup, and it made a world of difference in keeping the milk etc cold.
  • eselt
    eselt Posts: 604 Forumite
    Wow-thanks for the ideas guys- my shopping list is starting to look like a plan!
  • absolutebounder
    absolutebounder Posts: 20,305 Forumite
    You are camping! eat beans until you can cook on your own emissions
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  • donny-gal
    donny-gal Posts: 4,654 Forumite
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    One pan quick options are a tin of Stewing Steak/Mince/ etc served with either a tin or two of beans and the same of potatoes, alternatively tinned veg with the potatoes, not gourmet but fill hungry tums. Also for the morning fry up, look up tins of Bacon grill slice and fry. Tinned hot dogs mixed with a tin or two of beans and loads of bread. They also do tinned beefburgers but never tried these.
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  • Stryder
    Stryder Posts: 1,134 Forumite
    As a relatively experienced camper I would suggest:

    1) ignore absolute blunder above
    2) Cous Cous - great, as it does not need cooking as such, just boiling water.
    3) stock cubes, improves any rice/cous cous/sauce and as its dry its easy to take.
    4) Noodles need a little more cooking but are light weight and dont go off.
    5) tins of tuna - can use to cook with and easy to store
    6) salami - can be chopped up and put in with noodles and cous cous - and if you want to go the easy option is pepperami
    7) Rice/rice is ok but a hassle to drain.
    8) kebab sticks and take good veggies to cut up and bbq - corgette, mushroom, tomatos, perrpers, etc
    9) Soup - and then add in pasta and some finely chopped veg to make thick broths - great at night or it it rains.

    In brief:
    Take a cool box with some meat (some frozen and some for first night) which will last the first 2 or 3 days. The first days are always fun for the burgers and hotdogs, although the novelty wears off quickly. Also you can take pre packed salads (bags of lettuce) just to vary the diet!

    Then take tins of fish/dried meat/cornered beef for a a few days (if you can not pop to the shop). And then on the last night treat them to fish and chips or a take away as a treat. This will also mean that on the last day you should be able to pack up early and not have any last minute tidy ups.

    As snacks muesli bars are great, as our nuts and the usual snacks.

    Take wet wipes which help keeping the hassles of cleaning yourself and sometimes dishes down although depends upon on site facilities. And depending upon there age you may want to take some drinks. However, take too much beer or cider and you will be relying on the facilities. I quite like taking some dried milk power mixed with nutmeg, and a small bottle of brandy. its easy then to make hot milk drinks with brandy, which is a great night cap -although not to be recommended if the weather will be really hot.
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  • Phoolgrrrl
    Phoolgrrrl Posts: 685 Forumite
    I have been collectin wee pots of uht milk and sachets of mayo and sauce for campin. Handy!
  • oystercatcher
    oystercatcher Posts: 2,329 Forumite
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    Some good advice above.

    I just wanted to add think about food storage. We have had mice, ants and slugs on various trips. Make sure they can't get into any open packets. I have a selection of huge boxes with tight fitting lids which all food sits in. Nothing worse than waking up and finding mice poo all over the breakfast!

    Boil in the bag rice is a bit more expensive but much easier on camping trips. Rice pasta and cous cous all much easier than potatoes. A good colander is really useful for draining pasta etc also useful when preparing fruit and veggies.
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  • hermoine_2
    hermoine_2 Posts: 240 Forumite
    Don't worry too much about what you feed them on, quantity rather than quality will be what they want. As before pasta, tin toms, beans and tinned franks make a passable pasta and sauce.

    Serve bread with everything. You can buy the sachets of milk from Makro or Costco to take with you and these are often UHT.

    I have cooked full fry ups on two gas rings in our tent. You can do this for the first couple of nights buy taking the stuff frozen in the cool box and letting it thaw. You can also freeze some soft drinks so that they are ready for a nice cool drink after the stress of putting up the tent.

    I have never had a problem with getting freezer packs frozen even on basic camp sites the farmer will usually stick them in his freezer for you. Make sure you have plenty.

    Beware of storing stuff like bread inside your tent as wildlife will break down the tent to get at it if necessary. Especially true in places like the new forest or the forest of dean.

    Just have a great time and eat "proper" when you get home.

  • allydowd
    allydowd Posts: 4,911 Forumite
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    For lunch:

    Quick cook noodles (eg Tesco value noodles, 11p a sachet) when cooked add ham and a handleful of grated cheese and warm through. Grate the cheese before you leave home.

    For dessert:

    A tin of Tesco value peaches in a sachet of plum sauce (found in the Chinese meal aisle)
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