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Camping Mealplans



  • nancypearl
    nancypearl Posts: 67 Forumite
    Canned stewing steak is so much better than it sounds. Proper South American beef. Add some instant mash and you have a hearty meal in a couple of minutes.

    Canned rice pudding for afters. They'll be full up!
  • Hi,
    I go camping quite often and have a 1 ring burner most of the time. You'll need to do a bit of juggling but you'll soon get used to it. Here's some things that I like to make:
    Breakfast: At least for your first day, there's nothing better that making bacon and egg barms on the stove. Before you go, nick some sachets of red/brown sauce when you go anywhere as these come in really useful.
    After the first day, I like cereal or spaghetti hoops / beans mopped up with bread.
    Lunch- Make lunch and take it with you. Cup a soup in a flask is a good filler to go with sandwiches. Use food like cheese for the first few days and then move on to spam etc as this will keep longer. Add salad or tomato or cucumber on to the sandwiches to get some greens in your meal. Picnicky items like scotch eggs, mini sausage rolls etc are also great and take pieces of fruit with you too. If you don't eat it that day, you can just eat it another.

    Main meal: I think most of them have already been covered. Just add peppers etc in to the meals to get some greens. Also add salad as a side option.
    With your BBQ, wrap some potatoes in tin foil and put them in the bottom when you start cooking. By the time you'll have eaten most of your food, the potatoes will be ready and they taste really lovely and sweet. There's something novel about eating a potato straight out of the fire. Cave woman in me I guess! heehee. Don't go mad with meat on the BBQ. I always end up cooking too much. On saying that, if you take sausages, cook extra and then have sausage barms for breaky the next day.
    Depending on how much you're cooking on you BBQ, you can put some packet pasta in a pan and heat that up on the BBQ - saves your money on gas! I like to thread chicken and veggies on to skewers on put them on. The thinner your chicken, the less time it will take to cook leaving more room for the burgers etc.

    Puddings: Poss my favourite when camping. Get some cheap swiss roll and some packet custard. Lovely!
    Get a banana and a cadbury flake. Slice open the banana with the skin still on - cut it along so you get a big slit from one end to the other and stuff in the flake. Heat it up (works best on a BBQ but wrap in tinfoil if you do!) when it's warm and the choc has melted, eat! Yum yum!

    Other things I like to take are sachets of hot chocolate that you add water to and not milk, sachets of coffee with milk already in, biscuits and other eat to rwach nibbly things for at night. If you have a BBQ, you MUST take marshmallows and skewers and toast them!

    If you drink lots of hot drinks, I'd recomend buying a small kettle for on top of your stove. They're much quicker at heating up the water than a normal pan.
    Oh and the disposable BBQs don't always light first time - take some paper with you to get it started.

    I think I've waffled on massively but hope you have lots of fun camping!

    Emma. x
  • I just thought of something else - to save LOTS of time on cooking meals (and therefore on gas) make sure you cover pans with something heatproof. Another pan will do the trick nicely. You'll be surprised at how much difference this makes.
  • maryb
    maryb Posts: 4,660 Forumite
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    It really is worth paying the extra for Cravendale milk for something like this - it stays fresh for ever! You can often find it on special offer. I buy it when we go to France because I hate the taste of French milk and this way I can have a decent cup of tea for about 10 days. I usually take one to use straightaway and freeze one before we go away. It takes about three days to defrost fully during which time it keeps the cool box cold and it will stay fresh for several days after that.
    It doesn't matter if you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person. Keep it topped up! Cheers!
  • spud214
    spud214 Posts: 6 Forumite
    Our family favourite is quick curry - tin of stewed steak, jar of curry paste and tin of tomatoes - mix all together and heat thoroughly - on other ring cook rice as usual.
    Tastes great!
    Have fun
  • i love campingwith my girls too. i always use electric hook-up and take a fan heater/toaster and kettle!
  • aloiseb
    aloiseb Posts: 701 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Spaghetti Carbonara: boil up the spaghetti as usual, then drain off the water (under the hedge?) and add a couple of eggs into the hot spag. Bits of ham torn up if you have them. Salt and pepper.
    (and put COLD water in the pan afterwards or it will never clean)

    At guide camp we once made lovely little sausage patties with sausage meat, sliced and layered with a slice of cheese and a slice of tomato. These were then double wrapped in foil and cooked for about 1/2 hour in the barbecue. Made a change from burgers and hot dogs.
    HTH - have a wonderful time! i can't go camping, half the family won't allow it,a and I just know my DD would get the wonderful tan she so desires if we could.......
  • phizzimum
    phizzimum Posts: 1,712 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    what a great thread! lots of fab ideas.

    I'm going camping tomorrow :eek: went last summer and it was a bit of a disaster, ended up coming home early. Friends have talked me into giving it another go (but only for a weekend this time!)

    So cue thunderous rain storms over the New Forest all weekend!
    weaving through the chaos...
  • jess1974
    jess1974 Posts: 1,019 Forumite
    hottchoc wrote: »
    i love campingwith my girls too. i always use electric hook-up and take a fan heater/toaster and kettle!

    We do the same aswell.

    Another tip is to warm up cold sleeping bags with a hairdryer before bedtime...
  • eselt
    eselt Posts: 604 Forumite
    Thank you everyone- you've given me loads of ideas, especially for desserts, I hadn't thought of doing desserts at all!

    Will definately post my meal plan when its done, thanks guys.
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