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Stardrops..I have seen the light!



  • pawpurrs
    pawpurrs Posts: 3,910 Forumite
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    Yes i was wondering if it was, or not?
    Pawpurrs x ;)
  • pawpurrs
    pawpurrs Posts: 3,910 Forumite
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    It's pretty good stuff but I would advise you to wear rubber gloves, however as IIRC it is not kind to skin.


    Thats why I was wondering. :confused:
    Pawpurrs x ;)
  • Ali-OK
    Ali-OK Posts: 4,073 Forumite
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    I don't know to be honest! The bottle is recyclable as plastic, but it doesn't have a full list of ingredients...just says contains amongst other things less than 5%, preservative: 2-bromo 2 nitropropane 1 3-diolm 5-15% Anionic surfactant.

    From reading the boards here, a little goes a very long way and does a very good job.

    Maybe someone in the know can fill us in?
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  • Lillibet_2
    Lillibet_2 Posts: 3,364 Forumite
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    Never heard of it before now but will look out for it!

    Post Natal Depression is the worst part of giving birth:p

    In England we have Mothering Sunday & Father Christmas, Mothers day & Santa Clause are American merchandising tricks:mad: Demonstrate pride in your heirtage by getting it right please people!
  • Ticklemouse
    Ticklemouse Posts: 5,030 Forumite
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    Aww - my grandma always used to use Stardrops ...... memories :)

    I have bought it before but it was in my pre-OS days so can't remember what it was like. My next door neighbour uses it too - she's the same age as me and I remember thinking it was a strange product for her to buy. I'll bet her mum used to use it :D

    However, I noticed a while back that my big Tesco's have discontinued it :confused:
  • shammyjack
    shammyjack Posts: 2,685 Forumite
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    If you like Stardrops you will love its big brother STARCLEN !

    It is a white coloured liquid with the added cleaning power of ammonia and shifts anything .

    I put some in a spray bottle and use it for heavy jobs like oven cleaning etc, works a dream and no nasty burns like with most oven cleaners !

  • Stardrops is fab! My mum introduced me to it years ago when I still lived at home. In fact, I just washed the bathroom floor with it about 10 minutes ago (see what an exciting Saturday night I have!) and washed down all the kitchen worktops with it earlier. Asda still sell it, last time I bought it there it cost about 60p. Can't say I have ever found it hard on the hands and I never wear rubber gloves, maybe I'm just a tough old boot! I will look out for Starclen too.
  • FunkyFairy
    FunkyFairy Posts: 866 Forumite
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    I saw Starclen in morrisons next to the stardrops in morrisons i wondered if it was any good.
  • mcoletta
    mcoletta Posts: 102 Forumite
    Go to Wilkinsons for Stardrops its so much cheaper its only 56p!
  • Used to buy this years ago but had forgotten all about it, will have to invest in a bottle now, especially if it's good for washing as well.
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