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Stardrops..I have seen the light!



  • chirpychick
    chirpychick Posts: 1,024 Forumite
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    You'll need Sugar Soap and a pair of rubber gloves for that.

    where would i find sugar soap?
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  • lilibet1
    lilibet1 Posts: 820 Forumite
    hi everyone,

    I went out and bought a bottle of stardrops (asda 1.88) and started using it last weekend. Well i have had a stain on my lounge carpet for about 2 years now (puppy accident) that i just couldnt shift and i have used all the branded products. Used a bowl of hot (as hot as i could stand) and a good dollop of stardrops and a scrubbing brush and after 2 attempts the stain has gone!! I am very impressed. Will try it for other jobs around the house now,

  • Stephen_Leak
    Stephen_Leak Posts: 8,762 Forumite
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    edited 22 July 2011 at 9:12AM
    where would i find sugar soap?

    It's usually used for cleaning prior to decorating, so B&Q, Wickes, etc.? Or, if there is still one left in the UK, a hardware shop.
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  • sparrer
    sparrer Posts: 7,547 Forumite
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    mum2many wrote: »
    would stardrops work on grass stains, on cricket whites before you snigger:D

    should i put a drop in the machine?

    also, i found a bottle of white ammonia star drops in the cupboard that seems to have seperated will it still be ok to use?

    It works fine on grass stains, I usually scrub a little bit on the stain with an old toothbrush first as as pre-wash treatment then wash as usual. You can put it in the machine but with caution! A desertspoonful max otherwise you'll be mopping up bubbles from your floor for the next 24 hours!

    Give the ammonia one a good shake, it should be okay for sinks, loo etc., but I wouldn't recommend you try anything that's been stored for a long time on fabric.
  • Rainy-Days
    Rainy-Days Posts: 1,454 Forumite
    I am sure there must be a single thread on this but I haven't found it yet and it seems scattered about in various different discussions.

    Found a bottle of Stardrops last week in Wilkinsons and test drove it out today and it performed really well. Got the fly poo off my white conservatory without much effort and it cleaned to a brilliant shine my kitchen floor. The bathroom has ceramic tiles that are matt sealed and they had some marks on them towards the edges near the wall. Tried bleach and what not but failed to get it off - yet Stardrops lifted it no problem.

    Ace little product for not a big outlay. This one is a keeper!
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  • Pink.
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    Hi Rainy-Days,

    I've added your post to the main thread on stardrops. This thread may interest you too:

    Stardrops: A Users Guide

  • mrsw
    mrsw Posts: 1,425 Forumite
    What has happened to the original Stardrops? I went to Sainsburys last night only to discover they have stopped selling it :(

    I've not bought for ages - no need as a single bottle lasted me so long! Is there anywhere else still selling it?
  • Rainy-Days
    Rainy-Days Posts: 1,454 Forumite
    Wilkinsons - it was there for me to buy two weeks ago when I was in Northampton. :)
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  • wen3
    wen3 Posts: 158 Forumite
    Is it in the cleaning aisle?
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  • Rainy-Days
    Rainy-Days Posts: 1,454 Forumite
    Yes it around the flash and things like that! Definitely in Wilkinsons because thats where I bought mine from and it was 99p :)
    Cat, Dogs and the Horses are our fag and beer money :D :beer:
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