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Your Cheapest Evening Meal.

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  • sloppychopssloppychops Forumite
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    Whitefiver wrote:
    I've always been rather partial to egg, beans and chips (HM). Fairly cheap too.


    Oh your making me hungry.You cant beat egg and chips and maybe a sausage or 2.
    Yolks have got to be runny and lashing of tomato ketchup on it all.
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  • aimeelisteraimeelister Forumite
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    As a student I would often have some of the value noodles (8p) made up with a packet of cup-a-soup, value of course, for extra flavour (7p). The chicken with a chicken soup were often very good and all for under 15p. Infact i still do it when we have the add water ration packs whilst out training with the TA, makes the food slightly more appetising (give me the boil in the bags any day!)
  • My cheapest is chilli non carne. I say non carne as this is a veggie version.
    soya-about a cup full of the dried variety(mince)20p
    1 tin of tinned tomatoes 16p
    chilli powder to taste 5p
    1 tin of red kidney beans or baked beans 18p
    2 beef stock cubes 10p(tesco value)
    tomatoe paste(3 tsps)(lidl)5p
    1 large chopped onion10p
    Half a baf of value rice 28p
    I think thats the lot! Total cost approx £1.12 feeds 4
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • Now that's Cheap :laugh:
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  • Scouse

    Any beef, lamb or mince (traditionally ppl used the the leftover meat from sunday roast)

    2 medium potatoes
    1 onion
    2 carrotts
    2 oxo cubes (beef)

    Peel and cut into chunks, put in a large pan, pour over the water with oxo cubes in, add salt n pepper, bring to the boil, then slowly slowly simmer for about 1 hr 30 mins, the potatoes break up and make the liquid lovely and thick, serve with HM bread.

    If you chuck an extra potatoe in and an extra carrott, leave some aside, to use in a pie for the next day.

    Basically you can adjust the qtys to suit your familt, the above will feed about 4 ppl, I have even made it without the meat and its been lovely, chuckier the veg the better.
    February Grocery Challenge £250.00

    Spend so far £230!! (Ohhh my days HELP) still got almost 2 weeks left!!
  • I sometimes slum it with fois gras, oysters, caviar lobster and chateaubriand washed down with a couple of bottles of champagne.

    Beans on toast tastes sooooo good the next day.

  • Mine cost £1.89 tonight for 4 of us. Lidls chicken and veg pies, boiled potatoes and Iceland mixed veg.
    Annual Grocery budget 2018 is £1500 pa £125 calendar month £28.84 pw for 3 adults
  • alikat_3alikat_3 Forumite
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    The cheapest meal I often make, which I found in a book on garlic & which I add a side salad too, is spaghetti once drained & cooked, smothered in olive oil & crushed garlic. Apparently popular with Italians & very tasty, depending on what else I have available I add things like chopped olives or a home made ratatoe? (SORRY SPELLING).

    Although an adult dish my children love this meal.
  • buffersbuffers Forumite
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    Bought a 99p turkey leg and spent £1.50 on root vegetables and a cabbage and made a stew with added lentils, garlic, red kidney beans and tin of crushed tomatoes. Added various herbs (including turmeric) and cooked for three hours. the meat (and sinews) fell off the bone. This made 2 meals for Sunday for the two of us, 2 meals for Monday, served with Quinoa and the rest of the cabbage and the rest liquidised (with cabbage water) and Lee and Perrins into a soup making 6 portions to freeze.

    You can feed a family cheaply with a little imagination!:D
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  • alikat_3alikat_3 Forumite
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    I cook for 4 my meat is always bought from local butchers because I prefer to buy local produce etc, from a £5 chicken I get 3 meals X4, I roast or pot roast (an old fashioned method which keeps in moisture, easily found on Google) cut chicken in half but keep all bones & skin to the side, use half of chicken for a roast use alot of veg & make a great bread sauce using half an onion thinly sliced, 4 or 5 slices of bread, mixed herbs half milk half water season & liquidize with a little gravy, gorgous.

    MEAL 2 or 3 - other half of chicken added to a curry sauce that can taste like a take away, a couple of onions, garlic, Curry paste/powder plus any vegtables with a sweet taste such as carrots, parsnips or peppers. Lightly fry onions in olive oil then add any other sweet thinly chopped veg add water, simmer then keep an eye on, the onions & veg will reduce over an hour & make a wonderful curry sauce if needed liquidise

    Meal3; Very easy, fry course onion & green pepper with garlic (ginger, honey etc if required) add a sauce made of half kethup & half vinigar - add to cooked chicken

    Chicken soup or stew is lovely & easy to make add veg of all sorts, remove bones, season, lovely..
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