How to look rich while actually being skint!



  • dudleyboy
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    skintchick wrote:
    That's so true - many rich people are as tight with money as we are - they just have more of it! It's about making your money work for you.
    Quite so... in fact the first time I introduced my girlf to Aldi she couldn't believe all the expensive cars in the car park...

    "You don't get to save up for one of those paying Sainsbury's prices", I replied.
  • blu-k
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    This is giving away a secret, and since I'm in Australia they may not be so easy to find in the UK.
    If you have a wedding/function to attend and can't afford a new dress, you can look stunning in a silk 'chongsam' top or dress. They are available in any chinatown clothes shop, are usually very cheap ($25-$30 so around 10-15 pounds) and look amazing - I have received so many compliments and I just smile and say nothing about where I bought it!
    The only thing to keep in mind are the small asian sizes. My hips are too big for the full dress, so I usually wear just the top with a nice black skirt.
    Has saved me $$$ when having to go to yet another wedding/function etc where I needed a posh outfit and everything I had was either too old, too tight or had been worn a thousand times.
    ps. they are even cheaper if bought in Hong Kong or China (but of course you have to pay to get there!!!)
  • I look so scruffy all the time that surely I must look well off! The 'ya's' (Those who say, "Mummy" while in their 20s and 30s) in Edinburgh are immediately identifiable in that they seem to pay less attention to their appearance than most other people. For young guys that means Canterbury rugby bottoms (the tattier at the bottom the better), some cashmere jumper with a hole in it (but hey, it is still cashmere) and ruddy cheeks are a must. The girls are more difficult to identify but the female Edinburgh ya tends to be blond, skinny and in groups of clones sneering at the rest of us because we happen to be over a size 8. Still, at least when they turn sideways they practically disappear.
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    :DRound here it seems to be de rigueur to wear a scarf or pashmina knotted around your neck with a sleeveless top to show off your expensively gym toned arms and demonstrate that you can afford to have your heating on all year round.

    Reverse snobbery - moi? :D

    Love Jacks xxx :D

    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Einstein
  • Refer to yoursefl as 'One'..
    'Oh darling aren't those George trousers viiiiile... one would never be seen mingling with anyone dressed in such atrocious attire...'

    Wouldn't work for me though... you don't see many 22 yrs old who are rich with tattoos and piercings pushing a tatty double buggy down the road with 2 screaming kids in it...
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  • Peacocks and Matalan are good for expensive looking clothes on the cheap - I often buy a Glamour magazine and then copy the 'posh' looks in Peacocks. And I'll buy one or two adaptable looks rather than tons of cheap looking dresses.

    I get all my drinks from Aldi/Lidl - so cheap! One expensive looking drink I enjoy is Lidl champagne with Cherry liquer in it. I'll also use Prosecco if I'm feeling really cheap.

    Matalan is brill for kitting out the house. The accessories are so cheap but look stunning and the baby blankets etc are great.

    Clean shoes, short nails, neat hair, simple jewelry (I always just wear a pair of small diamond earrings and matching necklace that I got from OH) and a nice watch.

    Confidence is important!
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  • If you can't afford a mobile you could try muttering constantly to yourself every time you're on the street so that people think you're on the hands-free. If anyone you know passes you shout "Sell! Sell!".

    If you can't afford to do up your house and you live in a tip make sure there's always a ladder and a few pots of paint about when you invite people round...
    "just having a bit of a makeover..."

    ...only invite people round every four years or so.

    Go on holiday...unplug the phone for three weeks and spend the time in bed, living on tesco value tomatoes and fried bread. Explain your unhealthy pallor by explaining that you've been on a cruise to Antarctica. If anyone asks you what it was like just say...."Snow....penguins...above all the vast white icy stillness of the place." You might need to print off some photos of penguins and people in anoraks from the net, but trust me, no-one will want to see more than three.
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    Crisp, clean white blouse with suits, skirts or jeans, understated jewellery (= bling is out) understated makeup (tinted moisturiser rather than orange fake tan) and a natural bag -if you can't afford leather go for canvas, cotton, raffia etc.
    This is a summary of the advice in a magazine I read when I was 18. It still holds good today because it implies self-confidence and does not depends on flashy conspicuous consumption.
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    Oh dear.

    Seems a bit sad to me. Pretending they're got money (or actually thinking it!) is probably where half the DFWs got their crazy debts from.
  • Floss
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    But the whole point of the DFW way of looking good is that we can do it on the cheap - yes, because there are debts to repay (which may or may not have been built up from shopping), but making your pound go further is a DFW characteristic, and can even get a bit addictive!
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