How to look rich while actually being skint!



  • vixxen
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    Thanks for making me smile!
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    If passers-by can see into your house...

    Get some Cristal bottles from the local footballers pub/club and fill with Lucozade.
    Borrow a tenner and print it, then roll it up and sniff your Bi-carb.
    Print a March 2006 license plate (or personal plate) and blu-tack onto the car (only do this on your drive...). Tip - reverse into the drive, saves on yellow ink...
    Can't afford a plasma TV - get a large thin fish-tank and stick a Sony label on it (tell all your 'friends' you only ever watch nature documentaries).
  • zincoxide
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    ManAtHome wrote:
    Tip - reverse into the drive, saves on yellow ink...

    Always saving money!!

    Treat others as you would like to be treated :A
  • rkh001
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    When I was in my 20's, had very little money (no change there since then!), my aunt gave me a very good piece of advice. "Always look smart by washing and ironing your clothes, like you had put them through the drycleaners, make sure you are clean (showered etc), keep your nails tidy (if you can't afford any nail varnish) and keep your hair tied back (loosely or tight, whatever you prefer) if you can't afford to go to the hairdressers regularly. Put on a little bit of lipstick, a touch of blusher. Walk with an air of carefree nature, smile and be polite to even those you don't like. That way my girl, you will look and feel very special" So I did that for years but have somehow lost it now that I am 20+ yrs older and not at all wise. Ho hum.
    But it is nice to see what other people have to say. I will be watching this thread for ideas.
  • roswell
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    maybe the wellie people are rich because they dont care for gucci etc ...... just a thought for you all to ponder. surely the best money savers are "loaded people" after all the less expendature you have to the amount of income you get = more savings to you
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  • skintchick
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    That's so true - many rich people are as tight with money as we are - they just have more of it! It's about making your money work for you.
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  • roswell
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    One of the friends my parents had rarely bought cloths he owned his own house many years before he got married he never bought a new car and his "Pocket money" was spent restoring vintage cars as a hobby with his dad, he owned his own business painting white lines on roads, he had tax bills in excess of £100 000 that he always paid happily ... the last time i saw him was 9 years ago he had over 60 restored vintage cars and over 100 motorbikes, if you walked passed him in the street you wouldnt look twice at him or possibly even feel sorry for him in his oily jeans and worn out trainers ...... I have heard He has since got married moved house and bought a new land rover for the Mrs`s ....... how things change.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
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  • Badger_Lady
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    I think I do pretty well - people always assume I'm loaded...

    The main reason is just because I've collected a few different smart jackets from charity shops (and a few from eBay) over the years. Girls are lucky because we can wear a jacket with anything - trousers, skirts, dresses... and it instantly gives the impression that you're wearing a whole suit.

    I wear a different coloured jacket each day at work (I've got black, grey, purple, red...), matched up with various items, and people notice it. They don't notice that I always wear the same pair of boots (which were £15 two years ago) or the same top etc. Or that the jackets were 50p-£3 each!

    I think it helps at work as well (particularly because I'm still one of the youngest) to look professional and a bit powerful - I think people respect me at work more, and they subconsciously assume that I'm about 8 years older. Can't hurt the pay-rises!

    Hats are also excellent for giving the impression - and again, you find decent hats in all the charity shops. I've got two faves for the hat thing:

    1) Simple black velvet / furry hat with a bit of a rim (keeps you warm outside as well!) - goes with most coats;

    2) A plain, thin woolly hat (beanie style) - funk it up with a couple of beads, a brooch or a fabric flower on one side (I took a flower off an old hairband), and it looks like you've walked straight off the catwalk. And it can look different every time - people may think you've got loads of them!

    One 'DON'T DO' tip I can recommend - if you can't afford to get your hair done regularly, don't dye it. Nothing looks cheaper than roots! I've got very long hair, so the cut doesn't matter too much, and I've learned now to keep my natural colour (even though it's a bit boring).

    As someone else said - stand up straight and think of a Hollywood celeb (mine's Catherine Zeta-Jones). You'll subconsciously start to walk a bit like them a give an air of confidence.

    If you drive a car, it's amazing how much more expensive it looks just after it's been cleaned - so I try to give mine a quick sponge every week and people are always impressed, even though it was just £600 on eBay.

    I do also re-use the same expensive bottles when I'm at home - I splashed out once on a glass bottle of "Aqua Panna" mineral water (the one you get at Italian restaurants), and I keep it in the fridge filled with tap water. It comes out whenever I have guests over, and makes me look really extravagant.

    My little flat gives the impression too - when people walk in, the first thing they see is a huge triptage piece of art... I found 3 identically sized canvasses ridiculously cheap in an art sale once, so I bought them, dug out my old acrylics and painted an "abstract" all in shades of blue. This fills up the whole wall above my sofa, so it looks like the room is expensively decorated. In fact, the room's just the magnolia it came in, with some plain Ikea throws over the furniture and some recycled cushions.

    Phew! I'll let you know if I think of any more... and interested in reading what other people do!
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    Hehe... some entertaining reading here. On a realistic front, I'm not bothered whether people think i'm loaded or not (i'm not BTW ;) ) ... it's a shame we live in such a shallow, superficial society but there you go...

    Nevertheless, only my crppy old car gives away the fact that i'm not loaded... or, more to the point, not taken out a loan to get a newer one or have a job that provides a company car. Fact is, most people you see with bling are up to their eye balls in debt and i don't envy them that at all... those who are ACTUALLY rich have it invested so they can make more, not hanging around their neck, on their wrist or parked on the drive for the birds to poop on.

    But if we're talking about looking wealthier than you are then I can say just one thing - TK MAXX ... designer clothes at Matalan prices... oh, and hang your clothes up when you take them off rather than dump on the floor (as i tend to do :D ) because they'll last longer. (i'm still training myself on that one)
  • upferret
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    I must look loaded, I walk around covered in mud and straw and smelling of horses. I wish!
    November £10 a day challenge. Im starting early- 66p so far!
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