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    Good for you! There are lots of foods made in Norfolk but it seems mos of them don't have a factory shop or if they do its for staff only. :'(
    Still I'm gonna keep trying and see if I can supplement my diet on more than chocs!
    Im sure theres a place near Diss that processes dried fruits etc - a tad more healthy! I'll ask my sis, Im from Suffolk JUST over the border !;) she still lives there.
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    I have done reading too!
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    Check out the Good Deal Directory on which you have to buy, but I know from my copy has info on loads of factory shops.
  • Ooh - dried fruit - that'll come in handy for cakes etc - and on my cereals! I do occasionally pop over the border into suffolk ;D.
    I'll have a look for the book - one was recommended that sells on amazon but it was £45, probably well worth the money but not something I can afford just at the moment :'(
  • Well I had a look on that good deal directory and it gave me a list for Norfolk so I will check them out - Thanks!
  • carly
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    Looks like the book I mentioned is out of print at the moment, Halloween Queen, as the one on Amazon ships from America. ( Weird, considering it only refers to UK shops )

    They usually retail at £4.99 which is good value, but £45 is madness. Sorry I misled you. I hadnt checked the price before I posted. Hopefully an up to date edition will become available.
  • Galtizz
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    There is a guide to factory shops and many dealing with specific areas only.  I used to have an older edition, and it was very useful.  Found this one on Amazon but there are probably others too.

    Just did a search and there are loads, some localised ones too (not found a Norfolk one yet though). All are second hand and also old (newest one is 1994) so they might be a bit out of date but they start at 49p!!

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    thanks for that galtiz, will have a look.
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    We never seem to get many factory shops down South, go a couple of outlets, but they're not fantastically cheap! >:( :(:(
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  • Thanks for all the help! I'm glad you said the book didn't normally cost that mush I felt a bit mean saying how much it was at £45 when you were trying to help!
    Will keep lookin' ;D
  • How far south are we talking? Best one in Poole/Bournemouth area must be Poole Lighting. I never pay full price for my lights now, as they have loads at hugely discounted prices, they manufacture DIY store lights, Next and M&S. Bought a ceiling light fixing for £35, couldn't believe it when I spotted it in M&S for £130! Also an uplighter for £85, in M&S for nearly £200. They also have shades and table lights. Another is Pilkington Tiles, they sell seconds at a fraction of their full prices, although I have a sneaky feeling the factory may have closed. And don't forget Mostyns Curtains factory shop in Christchurch, have just bought half price curtains from there, full price was £175. There's also Gunwharf Quays factory outlet in Portsmouth, but can't say I've made great savings from factory outlet centres. I believe you can buy a book of factory shops for different areas in the country, I've seen them in Smiths. I think it's called something like 'The Great Deal Directory', don't know how much, but think it's under £10. Hope this helps.
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