Concord digital camera £19.99 [CLOSED]

The Current State of Play 20 March 2006

Empire says it made a genuine mistake....

The camera in this thread was originally advertised a 3.1 megapixel model. Yet many MoneySavers have reported that they’ve received a lower spec 2mp camera.

Empire says that it made a mistake on its website; the camera on offer was actually a 2mp version. We are currently discussing the issue with Trading Standards and will report back.

However Empire does say that if you want you can return the camera for a full refund. Empire has issued the following statement:

“We have made a genuine mistake in describing this product as a 3 mega pixel camera on our website. The product on offer for just £19.99 was always a 2 mega pixel camera.

“If any customers are unhappy with their purchase they are welcome to return the product to us, free of charge, and receive a full refund in accordance with our returns policy.”


A warning from Martin
  • It may sell out. This really is a cracking bargain spot. It's going in the weekly email which is sent to 500,000 people, so the likliehood is it'll sell out. If its sold out when you get here, that's because the email takes 15 hours to send to everyone, we try to change the order each week to make it fair - so sorry about that. It's worth noting some MoneySavers have suggested Empire Stores doesn't have an automated stock system so it may've sold out - even though it says in stock. It shouldn't stop you ordering as you should get a refund if it doesn't happen.... but don't count your chickens.
  • Please don't eBay this. One more thought, I know some people like to eBay bargains like this. Do remember you got this from a Consumer Revenge site, please don't profit out of the info at the expense of MoneySavers who then can't get hold of the bargain
  • Is the camera any good? Reviews are mixed, some say yes, others no. Its certainly not going to be top of the range at this price. However it should take a pic and be some fun
  • Watch for memory costs. With any camera like this a lot of the profit is on the memory cards, places like often have much cheaper memory than buying through the company selling the camera. Though I wouldn't invest too much in a big memory card until you've tested whether the camera quality is good for you
Back to the original post which includes the full details of the camera and how to get it


16 March 2006! IMPORTANT UPDATE.
The camera on offer is no longer the camers shown below - originally it was a 3Megapixel camera now its 2 Megapixel, no where near as good a bargain. Martin .


Product Features

Store images on 7MB internal memory, with SD/MMC card slot
Powered by 2 AA batteries
3.1-megapixel sensor captures for 2048 x 1536 resolution images
4x digital zoom
Records video clips in 15 frame per second AVI format

Well I Love Tv And I Love T. Rex, I Can See Through Your Skirt I've Got X-Ray Spex


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