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Healthy snacks for kids

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  • suzybloosuzybloo Forumite
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    I used to give my girls toast anda cup of hot chocolate if it was a cold afternoon or a choc crispie and milk if it was quite nice- that was about half three, then have tea at the back of five so we could get into a routine. Between snack time and tea time was homework time, as by after tea homework would have been a nightmare!!! I think routine is the key and that way there is no crabby kids or parents - also a good way of them starting to tell the time!! Hope your kddie gets on well at school.
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  • leielaleiela Forumite
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    Ok so here's the situation, my kids eat dinner at school at 12am-1pm but then they are left without food essentially till i get home from work.

    However new job.. etc etc means im not getting home till 6-6:30pm and by the time i get in get dinner started they aren't eating till 7-7:30pm which i personally think is abit late / long bettween meals.

    My husband is home with them from 3pm but her doens't/wont cook (yah yah i know it's bad) and the best he seems to be able to manage is to point them towards the sweetie bowl UGH!!! which i don't approve of in the slightest, as i concider sweets "treats" that should be used sparingly.

    Now i figure if i can pre-make some thing, keep it in a sealed tub, fridge or what ever as long as it wasn't to complex for the husbands poor brain i think i'd stand a better chance.

    Can anyone think of any good idea's / recipes for good healthy snacks that the kids can help themselves to??(they are 7 and 9) that won't spoil their appitite for there main meal at 7pm but will fill the void with something yummy and good for them, baring in mind that as im not there, if the said "food" isn't appealing to the tastes of kids, they'll ask dad for sweets and the dozy git will give it to them.

    The kids as a rule will eat most things and are good eaters, i know i could fall back on the good olde peice of fruit, but im really looking for something more substantial as 6-7 hours is a long time bettween meals for growing lads.
  • HawthornHawthorn Forumite
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    Popcorn? Buy a bag and pop it yourself. High in fibre, kids generally love it, and more nutritious than crisps or the like. Ideal 'grazing' food to me :).

    Plus side? Cheap as chips. Well, cheaper actually LOL.
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  • NanuqNanuq Forumite
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    Cheese and crackers? Not madly healthy but my 2 love cream crackers--they could help themselves to it, especially if cheese was pre-cut.

    I also used to freeze h/m cheese straws (using a cheese scone mixture), and rock buns, in self-seal bags--they defrost in seconds.

    Hummus or yoghurt dips and vegetable sticks, or bread sticks, might go down well.

    Otherwise plain old sandwiches with fillings they like (and 'forget' to re-stock the sweet tin).

    Though at age 7, most kids are well able to make a simple snack, make sure they don't follow dads example!
  • jacandjacand Forumite
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    HM Scones suppose they could always add a bit of jam if they want something sweet. Banana and peanut butter on toast is nice too.
  • i_wanna_save_money!i_wanna_save_money! Forumite
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    Could you buy a slow cooker so your meal is waiting for you when you get home? You can cook allsorts in them - it makes life a little easier :) there is a great slowcooker recipe thread on here somewhere...
  • MyrtleMyrtle Forumite
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    To be honest, if my dh refused to feed my kids when they were hungry I'd be divorcing him and using his maintainence money to pay for a child-minder who would feed em! :mad: :eek:

    Failing that I'd hide the sweets and point them in the direction of the fruit bowl and the cracker box. :confused:
  • A bowl of cereal should tide them over. Popcorn is s good one. Flapjack if they want something sweet
  • Hi

    Ceareal, popcorn, ready chopped up carrots and hoummus, some cubed cheese ham and ritz crackers (cheaper and healthier than stuff in boxes) -

    Toast - do you allow your children to make toast? My two are just slightly older than yours and happily make toast with marmite or into a ham sandwich with little help. This may also encourage OH to get involved if he just has to supervise ;)

  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    Could they be encouraged to make toasted sandwiches (maybe with OH's help ;) ).

    I'll add this to the existing thread on after school snacks to give you more ideas.

    Penny. x
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