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Healthy snacks for kids

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  • minimoochminimooch Forumite
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    I make a couple of spicy fruit bread loaves in the BM, then pre-slice and freeze. You can easily take out a couple of slices at a time and toast.

    I also do a variation on the pizza wheels, same idea, but make bread doagh in the BM rather than a scone base. Freeze beautifully.
  • Zed42Zed42 Forumite
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    My DD starts school next Tuesday, and I've been trying to think what type of snacks to give her, which aren't sugar laden, salt laden etc., something which will take the edge off her hunger without ruining her appetite.

    Also, looking for advice on what time you give them dinner and therefore what time they go to bed etc.,

    One of the reasons for asking, is that she is such a slow, slow eater ... and I don't want her ending up either hungry or to bed too late.

    Currently we do dinner for about 5 - 5.30, with bed at 7.

    So, I'm thinking a snack of say cut up apple slices at 3 - 3.30 with dinner at 5 - 5.30 should work, but I'd like to have variety in her snacks and be pre-prepared.

    Or do people do it the other way around with dinner earlier and a "supper" before bed?

    Oh help please!! Cooking isn't the issue, lack of experience with school-age children is!!

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  • Pink.Pink. Forumite
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    Hi zed,

    I normally give my youngest (8) a snack as soon as he gets home from school at 3.00 O'clock. Usually something like scones, yoghurt, pancakes, muffins or sandwiches if he's very hungry. Later if he asks for something else he's only allowed fruit as that doesn't usually spoil his dinner. We normally eat around 6.00pm. If he eats his meal then he has a treat afterwards but still snacks on fruit (thankfully he loves fruit) in the evening.

    These threads might give you some snack ideas:

    cheap/ healthy snacks

    After School but before Dinner

    Healthy snacks for kids

  • SarahsaverSarahsaver Forumite
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    My kids have 'snack time' about 3.30 and tea between 5.30 and 6, getting a bit later now cos they are 7, 8 and 10. We all eat together as a family.
    The snack is something like biscuits (digestives or crackers) cheese, or nuts, dried fruit, or sometimes a fruit and a slice of bread with something on it. There are plenty of snacks which aren't unhealthy.
    i would not have just fruit because fruit digests quickly and gets the digestive system 'fired up' IYKWIM so have something starchy as well, flapjacks are good too.
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  • A yoghurt, a small banana, a piece of toast spread with low fat cheese spread, or marmite, a small mug of homemade soup and a slice of buttered bread, a piece of ham and a few cherry tomatoes or slices of cucumber, a toasted crumpet, a smoothie, an egg mayonaise sandwich, a homemade flapjack, a small bowl of fruit salad etc.

    ;) Felines are my favourite ;)
  • Zed42Zed42 Forumite
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    Many thanks for these replies.

    It consolidates what I'd been thinking.

    The whole doing "school dinners" and her being starving at the end of the day is terrifying me, but then again doing the whole "lunch box" thing and providing good variety also is, she's so slow with a sandwich but quicker with hot dinners.

    Day 1 will be school dinners .. and go from there ;)

    Any other suggestions will be most welcomed!

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  • nell2nell2 Forumite
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    My daughters like home made bread and jam or honey when they come in from school with a glass of milk - easy, cheap and old style. We don't eat supper til about 7 so they need something to keep them going til then!
  • I can only echo the suggestions made above, but you might find it handy to take something with you when you collect her from school, my four were always "starving" when they came out of school during their first few years! I used to take a small snack and a drink, also helps if they come out tired and grouchy - they are too busy munching to moan! My youngest is 7 and I keep food ready for her when she comes in if I'm not collecting her or take something with me if I am, even a biscuit does the trick, it stops the evening getting off to a grotty start with a grumpy child, though perhaps that's just mine lol!
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  • Lyndsay_21Lyndsay_21 Forumite
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    We always have 'tea at 3' in our house.
    Before i go to get DD (5yo) from school i get the table ready with a small plate, cup and spoon for everyone.
    I get the teapot out and put the teabags (decaf) in ready to just pour the hot water in once i get home and put the sugar and milk jug out on the table.
    I normally have either some cakes (shop bought or homemade) out in a plate on the table ready for when we get in, then we all sit down with a cuppa and a cake and have a chat about the day etc they and i both really enjoy it

    i normally buy either value scotch pancakes or tea cakes or sometimes we have 'posh' fondant fancies or i make banana bread or a choc loaf cake, just something to keep there energy levels up.

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  • mineallminemineallmine Forumite
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    Warbourtons do a fruit loaf that you can either spread with butter or toast. Yum.

    Thirst can also feel the same as hunger. I sometimes freeze those orange drinks (come in foil containers with a straw - can't remember the name - important to remove straw before freezing as it can crumble in the freezer). As it defrosts they can be refreshing to drink.
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