Great ‘What to Buy at Costco & Makro’ Hunt

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  • Just thought I'd post my very first trip to Costco. It has been a learning experience:

    • 6kg of Purina One cat food - £19.79 (£3.29/kg) - compared to £27.49 from Pets at Home :eek: I just need to work on keeping it fresh
    • 1L Nandos sauce - £5.99 (27p saving compared to Asda) I know it's not a very moneysaving purchase, but I couldn't resist.
    • 1.5kg spicy couscous - £3.79 (25.2p/100, vs. 74p/100g at most supermarkets) We eat a lot of this stuff.
    • 3L Alpro - £3 (usually £1/L when on offer at supermarkets, however, we get by with own brand soya milk which is usually much cheaper but not on sale at Costco)
    • Cat flea treatment - 4 for £7.20, wildly cheaper than [EMAIL="P@H"][email protected][/EMAIL].
    • 12 pack toothpaste - £9.60 - I usually purchase toothpaste for £1 at a pound shop.
    • £7.99/kg for stewing steak, paid about £20.
    • 24 Branston beans - £6.99 (29p/can vs. 24p/can for Aldi essentials baked beans)
    • 800g & 750g Hovis bread - 69p
    • 500g Florette salad - £2.79 (55.8p/100g) - excellent purchase for our 2 guinea pigs and rabbit.
    • 6 pack Pringles - £5.39 (90p each, and each cylinder is labelled with £1.99:rotfl:)
    I can't wait to go again and will be more discerning next time. I'm going to take a friend with me next time!:beer:
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    Does anybody know if Costco sell organic meat? I've seen a few pictures online of Kirkland organic chicken/mince but unsure if these are just old ones.
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    They had some organic mince for a while (not seen it recently), but never anything else
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    Not sure if this is available at all Costco but at the Reading store last night their very large cooked gammon on the bone joints have a reduction of £15 per joint at the till ,so now reduced from £25 to £10 each (until 6/1/15.

    I took the meat off the bone and ended up with 2.4kg of lovely cooked gammon after discarding the bone and fat.

    Put it through my food slicer and have frozen it in usable sized packs, should last us a fair while .
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    Sorry, resurrecting an old thread!

    Anyone has any idea how much is Tonic water at Costco?
    I am having a party and need to know if I should stock up on Tesco deal of Schweppes 1l tonic for £1 or if I can get it cheaper at Costco.

    My OH doesn't like own brand for the party, so it would need to be Schweppes or better.

    Thank you!
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