Great ‘What to Buy at Costco & Makro’ Hunt

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The premise of warehouse clubs, such as Costco and Makro, is simple: they draw you in by stacking high ‘n’ selling cheap, yet make profits by flogging own brand products and charging membership fees (Costco). Therefore I want to tap MoneySavers’ knowledge to find the best value deals.

What should and shouldn’t you grab? Is it worth paying to be a member? You can only join Makro if you run a business, but are there any ways to (legally) get through the door if you don’t?

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  • Sui_Generis
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    Not a member of either but I recall a post stating that its possible to obtain a day's trial membership of Makro?
  • tiff
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    I like Costco but I dont find the food to be cheap. The best deal I've found so far is 10 tins of John West tuna for £4.49.

    They have some good stuff like air conditioning units, clothes, tools etc.
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  • josey1964
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    It is best to know your prices before you go, and dont get tempted by things you dont need. This means marching my other half past the LCD / Plasma TV's.
    The meat in Costco is fantastic quality and I always stock up on toilet rolls and litchen towels when they are on offer. My card easily pays for its self, but then I do only live 10 minutes away.
  • tiff
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    Also, make use of the vouchers that they hand you as you walk through the door.
    “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” - Dave Ramsey
  • System
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    Don't go that often - but think they do alot of bed linen, towels etc, house and garden things aswell as food/drink etc..

    Really enjoy my membership, and have kept it now for several years. Can recommend :-
    • Tray of 12 bakewell tarts
    • Lemon drizzle cake
    • Applie Pie
    • Tiramisu (from freezer)
    • Part baked bread rolls and ciabatta
    • Pasta dishes from fridge section
    • Muffins
    • Tray of 12 crossaints
    • Meat - lamb and beef mince, chicken
    • Cooked chickens, spare ribs, chicken wings
    • Cheeses
    • Big bags of walnuts and peanuts
    • Crisps, dips and sauces
    • Tinned products
    • Selection of cards (birthday, new baby, wedding, etc)
    • Kirland washing powder
    • Selection of wines, beers, etc
    I've also purchased clothes, shoes and so many other things from here. Don't think I'd be without my membership now.. I would not say it's cheap but I like the quality and for this you are paying really reasonable prices.

    Before I joined I really didn't think it would be worth paying the membership fee but I was proved wrong and I joined to see how it went but am converted.

    There are a few threads on here about Costco already, I would recommend reading them to get some tips on the sorts of things people buy..
  • Re. Costco.
    The savings my wife makes on Daily Disposable Contact Lenses pays for the membership and then some.

    We regularly buy their packs of chicken fillets (they are massive too!) which work out far cheaper than any supermarket. As already stated, the meat is excellent quality. Their part baked products are excellent value/quality (£1.99 for 8 baguettes). Tools are good value and quality. They do some items rediculously cheap too. Also their customer service is second to none. We have taken things back (without receipt-they look up on system) which were just out of warranty that have broken and received full refunds. Thoroughly recommend them if you have one nearby.
  • lindsaygalaxy
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    Tuna pack 10, washing powder (persil non-bio for about £13 100 washes), dishwasher tablets, Haribo:)

    Depends what offers they have on really. Recently got 18 packs johnsons babywipes for £15ish inc vat, and had £5 off the washing powder so was about £8.

    Its good to go when you are doing your big shop, they have offers on you want, and you do a price comparison online first so yu kow if it will be cheaper. I find the fruit and veg expensive.
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  • Techno
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    Things like the tropicana orange juice (£4 for 2 x 2l) and the Covent Garden soups (1l was about £1.50 which is twice the size of the supermarket ones)We also buy stuff that isn't cheap but we love like the coated king prawns and I agree the meat is excellent quality but again no cheaper than the supermarkets (but you gets what you pay for in this case) Also agree that fruit and veg seems dear
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  • Saint_Nick
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    Makro was the place to be 20 years ago but now unless things are on offer in the Makro Mail (toilet roll, kitchen roll etc) it is a waste of time. You must know the price of things if you are going there or you could get stung.

    The sweets are still good value though
  • clrat25
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    for the past two years we have made the 60 mile round trip to costco to get my little girl's birthday cake - absolutely brilliant at £11.99 - never yet managed to get out with just the cake though, sister also thinks that the catsan cat litter is a real bargain, much cheaper than makro
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