Great ‘What to Buy at Costco & Makro’ Hunt

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  • I've been a member of Costco for a few years now. I always buy in bulk washing powder & fabric conditioner and I used to buy nappies when my two were small. The toys are almost always cheaper prior to Christmas than the high street stores (the only comparison was Woolworths when they had their 2 for 1 offers on and occasionally Argos). Other best buys have been official Disney dresses for £10 and Birkenstocks for around £15 which included the VAT.

    I always dread my bill when I go to the till!
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    Does membership for macro and costco vary per area you live in or are they the same? (and what is the membership fee!!) TIA!
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    jenniewb wrote: »
    Does membership for macro and costco vary per area you live in or are they the same? (and what is the membership fee!!) TIA!
    Makro is free to join but you must be either vat registered or get someone at your work to fill it in and Costco is somewhere around £20 a year. If you are joining Costco you need wage slips, and bills as proof of ID.
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    Costco electrical items tend to be well known brands whereas Makro sell a lot of brands that are not household names. I also get bored quickly in Makro it's too big and the checkout process is very slow.
    My favourite Costco purchases are:
    Apple pie
    Carrot cake
    Special occasion cakes
    Fresh pizza
    Minced Steak
    Chicken & Bacon bakes
    Cat litter (the large green tubs)
    Jewellery & watches
    Christmas gifts and toys
    What me and my sister like best is looking for 7's ( items ending in 7 ie £9.77. £3.17,
    77p, 17p etc.) a member of staff years ago told us that items that are reduced do not have stickers on, the price always ends in a 7. Don't know why but it has proved to be true.
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    Costco electrical items are not always cheaper, but the tv's come with a 5 year warranty which is probably worth paying a bit more for.
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    I WAS IN COCTCO YESTERDAY AND NOTICED THERE KIRKLAND WASHING POWDER WAS JUST UNDER 15 pound for 400 washes does anybody use it ands is it anygood thanks in advance
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    Hi, I only ever buy the Kirkland washing powder now - it lasts ages
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    I don't know if it's true but a member of Costco staff told me when I went to buy a bulk pack of Duracell batteries that Costco's own brand of batteries (Kirkland) is made by Duracell and are therefore exactly the same. I have used the Kirkland ones and they do seem to last as long as Duracell.
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    Bought the new Nature Valley Soft Granola bars in Costco yeaterday. I have had the crispy bars before so thought I would try them - very nice. Box of 48 was £8 something and I worked it out when I got home as 20 per bar - very good value and low in fat.

    PS If you are a weight watcher these work out at 1.5 points a bar.
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    I've been a member at costco for around 4 years. Private Membership costs £25 plus VAT. A second card holder on your account is free. I'm not sure what the membership fee is for people running businesses.

    I also use the cafe when I am there. Until about a year ago a cup of tea was 25p I think its 50p now but its in a bigger cup.

    The choice of food is not fantastic but my OH likes the chicken pasta bake and the jacket spud for £1.25 is good value. The frozen desserts are lovely but tend to be be too large for one person and its better to share( for your waistline too)

    The cakes are great and as previously stated the meat is real quality.

    What I like is that you can try so many things as they have demonstrations all the time.. Go at the right time and you won't need lunch!!

    The membership is costly but if you make sure you know how much the item you want is elsewhere and factor in the vat, you can still get lots of bargains. As a member you get regular mailings telling you about forthcoming offers.

    Just before Christmas they were offering stamps at below cost. Wish I'd bought more of them now as since then the price has gone up

    As previously advised - customer service is excellent.

    So if you are tempted to become a member, remember to visit often to have a look at the offers and then your savings should pay for the membership.
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