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Great ‘What to Buy at Costco & Makro’ Hunt

edited 28 April 2009 at 6:54PM in Shop but don't drop
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  • dianasnandianasnan Forumite
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    I found the Kirkland Laundry tablets (gel) clean really well but the gel outer did not dissolve properly and I keep finding the slimy gelatinous remains of it in the seal of my washing machine.
  • BlueMooBlueMoo Forumite
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    Thanks again for the responses. A much better way to do coupons in my opinion!


    So I did my first shop and wanted to report back on a couple of items that I have bought and tried

    Royal Gala Apples - these were much larger than in the shops, a very good price, and they were delicious. Nice and curnchy with good flavour

    Scotch Lean Steak Mince - Whilst these come in very large packs, mince is fine to freeze (but may not be good if you have limited freezer space). Good price too, as mince is varely rarely reduced in the SM. Nice flavour, and very lean - hardly any fat which was lovely.

    Choc chip brioche rolls - Def not ideal, nice that they are all individually packaged which makes them great to take to work. Bad on flavour - the brioche was a rather pale colour and lack of flavour showed through. Choc OK but nothing to write home about. Sainsburys choc chip brioche rolls much nicer and better buttery flavour.

    Toffee filled crepes - Horrible! Very fake tasty toffee. You could tell it was for long life. Crepe itself bland.
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  • richjrichj Forumite
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    we generally get most of our fruit and veg from there, meat is slightly more expensive but a better quality.
  • superflygalsuperflygal Users Awaiting Email Confirmation
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    Things we buy regularly are:

    Milk 2 pack £1.49
    Southern fried chicken (frozen section, in breadcrumbs, amazing, restaurant quality, bit spicy and deliciously succulent) 10.49 for 12 portions
    Lemon Sole (my parents joined Costco purely to buy this fish!) 7.99 for 10 portions
    Birthday cakes £13.99 for a MASSIVE personalised cake
    Marmite 4.99 for big 500g tub
    Also love the Danish pastried from bakery 3.99 for 12
    Cheesecake 9.99 but AMAZING!!

    Aslo took back broken hoover after 2 years, no questions asked, cash refund given!


    SFG x
  • JockscrapJockscrap Forumite
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    Things we buy regularly and that are cheaper than elsewhere:

    Raw chicken breasts, cartons of orange juice, bacon, pate, milk, eggs.

    Frozen salmon, prawns, scampi, fish goujons, strawberries and chicken goujons.

    Kirkland toilet roll (on much longer rolls than branded TP, so I've always found this cheaper even when branded is on offer), Fairy big box soap powder, 2L vinegar (I use it for cleaning and laundry), napkins, bin bags (maybe not cheaper but brilliant quality), kitchen roll when on offer, boxed tissues.

    Dairy milk bars packs of 16, Ragu, coconut milk, basmati rice, huge tub of couscous and flavoured rice.

    I also buy the fresh pork loin joints, usually sold in packs of two or three, and the pork fillets. I've no idea if these are cheaper than elsewhere but the quality is amazing, so I wouldn't buy from elsewhere.

    At Christmas, I buy my fresh turkey crown, sticky toffee puddings and a heap of other things.

    I also pick up lots of other non-food items, and yes, some of those purchases are probably impulse items that I don't really need until I see them, but I have been delighted with everything I've bought.

    I also watched a Vitamix demo there. I didn't buy at the time, but did my research and ended up buying an offer from Ideal World. Probably my best household purchase ever.

    The only time I have ever had reason to fault Costco was after buying a laptop online. The delivery times given on their website were not met, my item wasn't delivered, the delivery time was readjusted a couple of times etc and the customer service I received on the phone from a couple of the call handlers was some of the worst I have ever experienced. They constantly talked right over me, wouldn't listen to me, rude and unhelpful. Really appalling and definitely not what I expect from Costco and what I have received in store.
  • happy35happy35 Forumite
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    Hi, I am going to Costco next weekend as my DS has a card, and am intending to buy some meat but wondered if anyone knew the prices of:
    minced beef
    boneless and skinless chicken thigh but would buy breast if no longer stock this

    I havent been for a while but used to always buy these as thought the quality was excellent
  • mum26mum26 Forumite
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    Has anyone else found that their Costco has stopped stocking British pork loin joints? MK has USA pork and it's cheaper but not as nice. They still stock British pork leg, shoulder, belly etc.
  • KyresaKyresa Forumite
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    mum26 wrote: »
    Has anyone else found that their Costco has stopped stocking British pork loin joints? MK has USA pork and it's cheaper but not as nice. They still stock British pork leg, shoulder, belly etc.

    Ours has the USA pork loin joints and we look for them as we think they're nicer!

    (by "ours" I mean Farnborough :) )
  • MoneyTapMoneyTap Forumite
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    jamie07971 wrote: »
    Has anyone used the Kirkland Signature shampoo & conditioner? Would you recommend it?

    Yes been using them for years, the bottles seem to go on for months!:j
  • MoneyTapMoneyTap Forumite
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    Even as a employee of Costco, I have been eagerly anticipating the fuel station opening in the Liverpool warehouse. £1.29 for premium Diesel and it is top quality fuel at that as good as the premium fuel at the likes of Shell (£1.46 last time I filled!)
    Can't wait for our warehouse to get a station.
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