RAF Waddington?



  • Aesop
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    so pleased teddy being returned x
  • CAE
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    That just goes to show the power of MSE. I knew it was wonderful!
  • Pooky23
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    What a wonderful story!

    My DS who is almost 10 has a special teddy who has been his companion since he was born. He has been lost on more than one occasion but luckily has always been found. I am so happy that this was a happy ending for you and your son too.
  • tiamai_d
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    Awwww!!!!! How lovely that Owen is comiong home :D
  • katthehat
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    A Happy Ending, your DS will sleep soundly at night now!

    My twin daughters (adults now!) used to have a 'sniffy cush each' (normal sofa cushions) i had to prise them from under thier heads whilest sleeping and wash n dry the covers and put them back for when they awoke, but they always knew they'd been laundered, they prefered them when they smelt of 'home!'
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  • So very pleased to learn of the safe return from Ops of Grp/Capt Owen (well he did capture a lot of interest from a group of arctophiles didn't he?) and it was heartening to learn that today's children do care for some of their teddies. Lady Hardup, my wife, and I call at the local recycling centre once a month to purchase some 25 -35 thrown away bears. We take them home and her ladyship washes them in the machine even though the labels say surface washable only (on a low temp. delicates wash - and she has never lost one yet) repair with ribbon and buttons and take them to charity shop and events where they are returned to children who do care at the same time as enhancing the funds of the charity concerned. It would be nice to think that they are rehomed to such caring folk as Owen's. Her ladyship's oldest bear will be 70 years young this Christmas, in his younger days he was known as Teddy but as he matured Edward seemed more apt.
  • nunnygirl
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    Absolutely fab that Owen's coming home!

    I remember reading this thread when it was first started and feeling a little sad that a little boy had lost a teddy he'd had for so long, but to hear he's coming back........wow!!
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  • alliboy03
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    Kaz2904 wrote: »
    I've sent a message to the big man himself. I always tell the kids that this site is really important and they'll be thankfull for it one day. Now they are!

    Can I just say me and my son found a very bedraggled looking bear in the Red cross shop in Grantham Lincolnshire last year, the lady out the counter didnt know who he belonged to, so we took him home. My 5year old loves him but it would be nice if he was reunited with its owner! As he look's very loved!! He's blue and has marks on him that wont come off! I know this is a long shot, Thanks for reading:A

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  • janeymates
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    What a lovely heart warming story, especially with the happy ending!

    Takes me back to the day when we were travelling back from Cornwall or somewhere and my brother threw my Hollie Hobby doll (anyone remember them?!) in the car, it flew passed my Dads head and out the drivers window onto the motorway!! I have to say at this point that my brother was nearly as distressed as me, as he didn't mean it to go out the window!! .. I was so upset, my Dad said 'we'll get you another one' and I was crying 'it's not the same' , in the end poor Dad had to double back, pull up on the hard shoulder and RUN (!) across the motorway and pick it up! I must stress at this point that I am 37 now and the motorways were a lot quieter in those days!! .. she had a black tyre mark on her face where someone had ran over her! but fortunately it came out when Mum washed it!

    I still have the doll, and it is a favourite tale of my Nephews 'do you remember when my Dad threw your doll out the window' he's always saying!! lol.

    So these things are important (i have mental scars!)
    Best read i've had in ages! Welcome Home Owen
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  • Great story and such a happy ending!

    My son (4) has a lamb that is more grey than white now, with very chewed ears. He once left it at our friends house in France on the day we were flying home. We had gone through all the security checks and were waiting for our flight at the departure gate. Thankfully our friends brought it to the airport and French customs allowed it to come through and he was reunited with his beloved lamb just before we boarded!
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