RAF Waddington?



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    What a lovely heartwarming story, it shows what can be acheived when we pull together. I lost my 'Little Manda' panda bear in Ibiza about 30 odd years ago & when we went back there for the first time since, 3 years ago, there was still the child in me wondering if she'd be sat waiting somewhere for me!
    Bears are people too!! :o
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    What a lovely story.
    Gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling :)
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  • How touched I was to hear your story, my heart was in my mouth when I was frantically reading the posts, to see if there was to be a happy ending!
    So pleased they are to be reunited.
    Please let us know when you receive him back so we are all put out of suspense. Its funny how a story like that can make you feel so involved (lol)
  • sandi7
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    I fully understand this. My daughter had a "quilty" which started off as a pillow case that she took a liking to and when i changed her bed would not go to bed without it. So it had to go to bed every day with her and she was upset if i tried to wash it, when she was around 7 we went on holiday and took "quilty" with us but mistakenly left in folded in her bed and when the maids cleaned the room and chaged the sheets they took "quilty" with them!!! She was inconsolible. We managed to placate her with a napkin, material type, from the restaurant and havent looked back since. She is now 19 and still has her "quilty" i think she will be taking it down the aisle with her!!!
  • YAY for happy endings... this was better than eastenders... can only imagine what my DD would be like if she lost her beloved Scruffy! (which's ALSO from Mothercare and they no longer make them!)
  • Aw lovely!

    Warms the cockles of your heart!
    new challenge?
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    Hello all and what a touching tale.
    I am a 49 male , I have spent 25 years working on oil rigs all over the world, even to the extent as being a hostage replacement in places like nigeria. I am retired now but my teddy Boppy travelled with me everywhere and still does. i would be devastated if i lost him .
    I am really pleasedd that you teddy turned up safe and well.
    i hope none of the lads ever get to read this !!!!!!!
    They call me Mr Pig!
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    :T Awww...so glad he's been found.

    My littlest has 'piggy' who she drags around everywhere. He's been lost on more than one occasion and my heart has been in my mouth each time. He now has a school uniform type label with my mobile number stitched into he neck!!! I can't cope with the stress of losing him again!
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    Very glad your DS got reunited with Owen! Just like some of the other posters, I remember losing Froggy on holidays and skriking til he was returned! I've still not quite forgiven my sister for pulling his leg off (even though mum repaired him, he still has a scar) or my mum for losing his eye in the wash! :rolleyes:

    Hope Owen has now made it home to DS safe and sound. :)
    "I am indelibly stained by hope and longing" - Nuts in May
  • Fantastic...with a world of not much good news, this looks to have given everyone a boost! Nice One
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