RAF Waddington?



  • Stompydebs
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    I started reading this thread from the link in Martins email,, the suspense almost made me faint lol! When i read that Owen is going home i must admit i had a few joyous tears...:o

    Great news :T
  • digitalia
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    Ive been getting the MSE newsletters for a while now, but never thought of registering.

    I clicked on the link to read this thread (which i normally do.) I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't stop reading until I found out the outcome.:eek: Therefore I had to register just to say:

    Its nice to see one child and a teddybear can bring communities together in such a way.:beer: Lovely to see a happy ending. :rotfl:
    Out of a breakdown...
    comes a breakthrough! :A
  • boiler_man
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    You never know who reads the MSE forums...had the teddy been lost a few years ago I could have phoned my sister - whose garden at that time backed onto this very park.

    Glad teddy found it's way home
  • Chef1980uk
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    I've just typed RAF Waddington in to google (to find out what was flying around earlier today) and this thread is like 10th out of 39,000 lol Amazing, this site is taking over the net :)
  • Kaos_2
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    Awwww, I'm thrilled to bits that Owen was found! That is wonderful!
    I lost my "Ted The Red" (actually he resembled a dog) about 23 years ago at Braunton Burrows, Devon. I was about 8 and made myself really ill mourning for him (we had literally not been apart in 8 years!) My Mum was in floods of tears about it too, and both of us still get sad to this day thinking about him! I'll always hope that someone found him and recognised how old (much much older than me) and loved he was and gave him a good home (rather than the unthinkable alternative of thinking he was old, torn, dirty and fit only for the bin).
    It took me till I was 21 to let myself have another special teddy... I think I might take the advice of a previous poster and sew my mobile number onto him... even at my age I don't want to go through that trauma again!
    Never underestimate the love for a teddy ;)
    If a post is helpful to you, please take a second to click "thanks", it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)
  • yeah! glad he got home safely
    it costs nothing to smile:D
    TREVORCOLMAN Posts: 1,001 Forumite
    We are nice people at Waddo.

    I am NOT a mortgage & insurance adviser - or anything to do with finance, that was put on by the new system I dont know why?!
  • What a Lovely Story, It gave me goose pimples lol

  • dasy2k1
    dasy2k1 Posts: 2 Newbie
    We are nice people at Waddo.


    even if you do fly king airs over my head all day (or are they from cranwell?)
    Im fairly sure that our 2 abseil towers (with high ropes round them) are used as reference points all the time
    Nice to see the Lancaster go over on Sunday, with the spit and hurricane (I was at the top of the nothernmost tower at the time) Made all the kids look up!
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    Having just mistakenly clicked on "threads started by Kaz2904" rather than subscribed threads, I happily say the new answer.
    I am happy to report that DS is now almost 10 (December) and Owen still sleeps on his bed. Owen went on his (and DS's) first cub camp early last year and he loved it. He has since been on more and has acquired new smells and stains to vouch for that.
    Owen is very much a part of our family and I think DH would move heaven and earth to find him should he ever go walkies again (probably more to shut me up than anyone else!).

    Our friends are still at Waddington and now have a lovely little fella of their own. If he ever loses his teddy, I think he's in safe hands with Waddington :D.

    Thanks so much for the rewind in time and the smile :D
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