A Payment a Day Part 3

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Emily Hallett started a fantastic thread called 'a payment a day' which you can find here:

Thread 1

:T The thread was a huge success and was continued in 'A Payment a Day Part 2'. That thread can be found here:

Thread 2

:T The thread is extremely supportive and friendly, with lots of madness and smileys to boot! It is ever increasing, which is why part 3 has now been started.

The principle of the idea is that you pay any extra money you have against a debt to clear it a little bit quicker. Not everyone makes a daily payment, but instead they save money to make a lump sum at the end of the month. You can do it anyway you want to, but join the thread and let us know how you are getting on.

Some PaD-ers have cleared their debts and are now focusing on saving following the same principal, so they still post on the thread.

Anyone is welcome to join in at anytime.

Best wishes to everyone :beer:

To show how well we all do, the collective amount paid to each debt, per month, will be logged here. Look how amazing the totals are sHa_clap5.gif

January £31,633.52
February £27,954.19
March £38,976.80
April £34,235.12
May £35,660.62
One step at a time ;)


  • Hi everyone

    £3 to black horse begone fund
    £3 DIY fund

    Total £6.

    Mortgage: £59709.77 (26/08/17) Now £58683.93 MFD Nov 2033
    Current OP Savings £3952.68.
    Milestone no 1 reached 07 Dec 17. Working towards milestone no 2 net debt £50000.
  • Hopeful1
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    Hi everyone

    £3 to black horse begone fund
    £3 DIY fund

    Total £6.


    Hey Dc - great stuff, you got here ok ;)
    One step at a time ;)
  • oooh thanks for the new thread Hopeful !

    Already made my PaD for today but just checkin in :D
    03/12/2010 [STRIKE]£9,736.56[/STRIKE] :(
    15/2/2011 9878.75

  • lemma1968
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    No 3!!!!!


    Im gone for just a day and look what you lot get up to.:rolleyes:

    I have been sooo busy working on the East Coast and I am sooo tired. Did not manage to get on the computer yesterday. So todays PaD is £100 for yesterday and £100 for today to the usual.....

    Total PaD= £200

    Have a lovely evening, i hope tomorrow is as lovely as today!xxx
    2013 TARGET £30k
    2012 £26500 paid off.
    2011 £22750 paid off
    2010 £19800 paid off
    2009 MBNA Cleared 25.09.09 £34391.33 PAID OFF
    DFW Nerd 612 Proud to be dealing with my debts
  • mooomin
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    Hey all!

    I'm only posting so part three shows up on my subscribed list :D It's too hard to think at 6am when I get up :rotfl:
  • Greenbynature
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    Hey all!

    I'm only posting so part three shows up on my subscribed list :D

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: me too!!
    Debt @ LBM - £25,722 Debt now - £11,811 DFD - April 2012 :eek: :eek:
    Payment a day challenge - 8/8/08 - £8669.73:jISA - £127.07
    Sealed Pot Challenge #283 £489.50 for 2009//£353 for 2010
    Stopped smoking 1/11/2010 - money saved so far:£515:D
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    Hiya everyone, Thanks for all those well dones :o was a bit embarrassing lol! I'll pass on the speech LondonAndy but will compliment you on your excellent choice of avatar!
    FF, glad to hear you've got a nice big bonus, spend it wisely (i.e on chocolate, cakes, and glasses :D ) and enjoy your trip! I'm sure you deserve it!
    Well done to everyone else on their PAD's - feel ignorant now as I can't remember anything else that I read on the last thread sorry :-(

    Can't get onto internet banking for some reason so have chucked a £1 in the Take That Concert Fund instead.

    Bye all
    Ths signature is out of date because I'm too lazy to update it... :o
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    Evening all!

    Been a mad busy day out in the garden as the sun was shining down on us today

    Anyway pads for me and bf are.

    £3.00 to Hsbc Miserycard
    £3.04 to HellItFarts con card
    £4.00 To crapital Uno Con Card
    £30.00 Bt debt

    Total payments today are....£40.04

    Have a nice evening xxx
    ~~Gonna Buy Me A Shrimp Farm Bubba~~
  • Woah...another new home...£1.00 to the Christmas 2009 fund
    LBM 10/08 £12510.74/
  • Flower08
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    Another new thread!! Must be all the talking on the sunday night soiree!!

    Twinkles - you are exactly right, when we originally applied for housing benefit we gave them all the forms, documents etc they asked for, it took them nearly three months to come to a decision!! Now they have written to us giving us three weeks to return the overpaid money!!! In their dreams
    Biggest Loser Weight Loss: 13 / 20 lb
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