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    leiela wrote: »
    Sorry to be a total pain im SOOOOooo new to all this, but im getting better :)

    Aquick forum search brings up this thread - Help! soup mix ;) I'll merge this thread later.

    Penny. x
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    Other than just boiling it with stock? :D

    I picked up a packet of this for 60p at Tesco today, with the intention of cooking some nutritious and cheap food for me my partner and my 2 year old. However I am sat now wondering what to do with it, and don't want it to linger at the back of the cupboard for the next year!!

    I KNOW you will all have lots of great ideas and recipes!!


    Leah xx

    PS mix includes pearl barley, yellow split peas, green split peas, marrowfat peas, and red split lentils.
  • Mix it with some leftover meat and add some herbs or spices eg rosemary corriander, cumin. A little garlic and a small amount of chillie. it will make a kice thick nutritious soup which you can tell the onld man is your mothers special aphrodisiac recipe from another country. He will be impressed and make love to you all night long
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    I add my lentils to stews etc to bulk them out.
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    add a pinch of chilli powder to it

    boil some potatoes till semi cooked then saute in a frying pan mix with a little butter and some water you get lovely potatoe curry
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    Hi Thank you they sound lovely, I'll try one this weekend, though I don't think I have enough energy to risk the recipe Bounder has suggested!!

    Leah x
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    Gonna make a Scotch Broth today. Now I soaked the packeted dry mix over night. Do I need to boil it up before making the soup, or shall I just rinse it and use it as it as in the soup. It says on the packet to boil it in stock for 30 mins but surely it will be boiled up and simmered when I am making the soup?

    Many thanks!

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    Hi Dave,

    I never soak soup mix. I just throw it into the soup and leave it to simmer when I'm cooking the broth. The lentils will take about an half an hour to cook, the barley will take a little longer and if it contains split peas they will take about an hour to be tender.

    There's an earlier thread with advice on using soup mix so I'll add your post to it to keep the suggestions together.

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    Hi Dave

    I normally soak mine overnight too - just give them a rinse, chuck them in the pot with all your veg, stock/cubes, seasoning etc and hey presto.....

    Leave it to simmer away for an hour or so and job done. Serve with some lovely bread.....

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    noynoy wrote: »
    add a pinch of chilli powder to it

    boil some potatoes till semi cooked then saute in a frying pan mix with a little butter and some water you get lovely potatoe curry

    Found an old bag of stew mix in the cupboard and had a go at making a curry with it today. Soaked the mix and put the pressure cooker for a while to soften the peas then used it to make a curry with potatoes, onions, mushrooms and peppers and some curry paste. It was delicious!
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