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  • Carpet gripper screwed inside the fence near the top.

    Be wary of doing things like this, if a would-be Burglar were to cut themselves or injure themselves on any barbed wire, glass on ledges or anyting else designed to hurt them, you can be liable! Make sure you put signs warning the danger, otherwise you could get sued. (ridiculous isn't it!!)

    I am a Scenes of Crime Officer with the police and have attended thousands of burglaries, all of the posts so far give very sound advice, this is the general advice I give to victims of crime:-

    Get yourself a Cheap alarm. Basically if a Burglar wants to get into your house, he'll find a way in. Your job is to make it more difficult for him. I know most people ignore house alarms but burglars don't. In my experience less gets taken when an alarm is going, because offenders need to get in and out quick incase they have been seen and the Police are on their way.

    You dont need an expensive system, just 2 PIR sensors and a Box, Yale do a decent wireless alarm for about £150 with 2x PIRs and 2 Door Sensors and it simple to install youself so you cut down on the price there.

    These are a must for anyone with wooden doors, the Yale lock itself, just isn't strong enough, a quick shoulder to it and its open, and if you have glass panels in it even more insecure. Also if you have a cat flap or similar don't leave keys in then door! Get Five Lever Mortice locks - The best.

    Window Locks Believe it or not but those fantastic UPVC windows you were sold aren't as secure as the saleman made you believe. Most windows can be forced open with a screwdriver (even those with locks on the handles-useless) get down to B+Q/Home base and pick up a pack of sturdy window locks that fix to the frame and the opening edge of the window.

    Keys Never hang you keys on a key board in the Hallway or any other room in the house, find a more discreet place. If you have quite a snazy car on the drive, Burglars will not think twice of entering you house whilst you are in and taking away the keys and the car, so keep those doors secure even when you are in.

    Garden Use natural barries around your garden, ie thorny bushes etc the trellis idea is excellent. Get a small alarm in your shed (about £14 from Argos) and fit a sturdy hasp and staple using rounded bolts (not the screws supplied, not secure enough and can be unscrewed) to the door (fit two if you can afford it). Use a sturdy chain and padlock to lock all your moutain bikes, lawnmowers etc together, making it harder move.

    These are all very simple ideas, and as I said before, make entry into your house as difficult as possible, you will never achieve Fort Knox status, but the more barriers you put in place the less likely you will be targeted. Dont be afraid to advertise you security measures either, if you get stickers with you window locks, alarm, door locks then put them in your window. Imagine a burglar walking up your street choosing a house to break into, if he sees one that is overtly secure, he'll pick on someone else.
  • roswell
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    Take the door handles off and fit them upside down :-) this way you have to lift them to open the door not push them down.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
    Mortgage - £2,000
    Updated - November 2012
  • roswell
    roswell Posts: 2,447 Forumite
    Oh and never fit a lock that is harder to break then the chain its attached to :-)
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
    Mortgage - £2,000
    Updated - November 2012
  • Volcano
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    Just an addition to chumfatty's post:

    For upvc windows you will need specific upvc window locks which aren't as cheap as wooden window locks. Last time I looked B&Q didn't sell these at all.

    Cheapest I can find online is: [URL=http://][/URL]
  • cownet
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    I used to fit Alarms many years ago.

    Alot of the time I was fitting an alarm after they had been broken into.

    Some things they said!!!!!!!

    'We are the only house in this street with out an alarm'

    'I was only poping down the shop, so did not think to lock the door'

    'I did not think they would get in that window is so small'

    'We were in bed, so did not think we needed to set the alarm'

    I say lock yourself out of your hour (not really) and then see if you can get in or ask a 10yr old boy if he can!

    There was a spate of them once that they were taking everything. I mean the lot.

    I was in one house and they had even taken the sofa :eek:

    Only the other week I was asked to put a metal hood on a chimney for a freind. I walked upto his empty house, put ladders upto roof walked over roof and spent 1hr fitting kit out of view from neigbours.
    Two days later one of his neigbours said he had seen us NEW HE WAS OUT. and did nothing.

    Tell your neigbours that if a big VAN is outside your house and they seem to be loading stuff into it CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The Police will not mind and they people doing the job (legit) on the house should not mind
  • cownet
    cownet Posts: 23 Forumite
    If you are really concerned about your house old toys or just feel the need to have a look at your house while you are away

    I use a few of thease cameras
    From axis

    They have a built in web interface, and they allow password controll so no odd ball can look at your house (only you)

    Depending on the type you have you can set them to record video on picking up movment or take snapshots and upload to a server.

    Another good home automation and securty system is X10 stuff

    quick google and

    If you want a demo and are genuinely interested PM me and I will give you a temp username/password for one of my cameras (no crap please)
  • Moonbeam
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    This one may seem obvious, and it touches on something else someone has added to the thread. As soon as you come into the house lock the door behind you. It's also a good idea to make sure handbags are kept out of sight of the front door.

    One of the cheapest security devices we've fitted is a simple blind over the front door - that comes down below the letterbox too. It cost us about £2.50 and simply screwed into the top of the door. Now if we're out (or in) no-one can see into the front of the house that way.
  • tin
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    Shed security: Speaking as someone who recently had a shed break in and thought it was pretty secure (it was, to be honest, they could only get half a panel off the door :rolleyes: )

    - Fit different types of locks to the door. Use hasp and staple AND barrel bolts, and don't get cheapo padlocks. B&Q do a respectable pack of 4 for £13 (their branded ones have security ratings). Use lockable barrel bolts on the hinged edge of the door if it's easy to remove the hinges ;)

    Fit extra peices of wood to the inside of the shed where screws and bolts for the various locks will screw into/through. Generally the wood sheds are made out of is thin enough to be ripped out, long before the screws/bolts themselves will give. This means whatever hardware you fit is a waste of time. Fit extra peices of wood to the back of the door accross the slats to strengthen it. A pack of floorboards from B&Q aren't bad for these jobs and have the bonus of being pretty cheap. Board the window up with these while you're at it!

    Alternatively ,if you need storage too, stick shelves like these down the one side of the shed which will act as storage and handily block the window and will provide some of the extra strength for the locks to screw into :D (yeah that's what's in my shed :D) - still strengthen the door though.

    Ensure the barrel bolts and hasps are bolted right through the door/frame (and any extra wood) using rounded bolts with decent large washers on the inside. Bolts/washers are cheaply available from Wilco who also do a Hasp and staple set that has the holes for, and come with appropriate bolts.

    Finally those shed alarms are pretty good, and will act as a decent deterrent. My local aldi still has one with a remote control I think for about £12, and these are available in Wilco all the time.

    Happy shed securing :money:
  • cownet
    cownet Posts: 23 Forumite
    Adding the shed post (some very good tips there)

    Do not think that the lock that is on your shed gives you any protection at all.

    All the locks on standard wooden sheds ARE THE SAME :mad: :eek:

    One key fits all!!!!!!!
  • I realised after I'd bought a new lock for my new shed it could easily be unscrewed.........................from the outside :rotfl:
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