Great Cheap Ways To Make Your House Safer Hunt



  • phead
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    I haven't read every post, so this may already be on here but...

    Never give your keys to anyone else, eg when getting the car serviced, REMOVE THE HOUSE KEYS FIRST.

    A friend was "broken" into a while back, when the police saw that the door had been opened with a key the first thing they asked was if his car had been serviced recently, and it had.
  • Don't always think a dog is foolproof, my daughter was burgled and they let the dog out along with the tv , ps3, etc, etc They and their 2 children were asleep. quote=lapat;1538809]get a dog £7 a week to feed[/quote]
  • rcb7
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    angel-smiley-002.gifThe Best thing that i was told by a policeman once was to :


    AND IF YOU DON'T/CAN'T, WELL DONE ! :easter_os

    Do you find this Useful ?
  • dalsude
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    If you have louvre windows, glue the glass blades into the blade holders so that they can't be removed without breaking them. Otherwise it's really easy to slide them out, as my landlady found out to both our costs.

    A cheap 'alarm' is to hang wind chimes from window (or door) handles - it makes a real racket when they're opened.
  • pixwix
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    razzer wrote: »
    One neat idea to persuade the burglar that next doors house is easier to break putting down a gravel driveway....if you cant afford about gravel around the house especially near windows and doors.

    the effect is mucho thing any potential thief dislikes.......Gravel won't need replacing and cant go wrong in anyway so theres no maintenance.....also it is fairly cheap from your local garden centre so it makes good money saving sense.

    I'll second that - but you need a dog too. A good dog and a gravel path beats all the electronics in the world - and I speak from bitter experience. Since I implemented this, I've had few problems, none of them serious (touch wood).

    For years I relied on a cheap DIY-store burglar alarm - but it didn't keep the villains out - they apparently compromised it in about 30 seconds.

    So - get a dog and a gravel path (and an alarm too if it makes you happy) - doesn't have to be a big dog, just one that will sound the alarm whenever anyone gets onto the property - and, boy, does my wee border terrier earn her keep!

    Think too about a CCTV camera (and a security light or you'll see nowt at night) - they're amazingly cheap these days, though you really need a good old fashioned VCR as well. I fitted mine, not just for security, but because I'm disabled and hate trekking to the front door just to find Jehovas Witnesses or the like. I now have the best security system in the world - a gravel path, a dog and a security camera. A bonus is that the terrier is happy to spend all day watching that screen (OK she's watching for cats, but what the hell...).
  • dalsude
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    As a repeated renter, my best advice is to insist that the locks are changed when you move in. It's very easy for a previous tenant to keep a copy of the house keys for a return visit.
    Also, make sure that you return to sender any mail for previous tenants (or get the letting agent to handle it), as you could get hassle for their debts etc.
  • Sledge_2
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    I just got huge geese to live in the garden, I put up a warning sign, and now I never have many unauthorized visitors. Geese are so much better than dogs, ok I know they can't quite rip peoples throats out like a snarling dog; but they don't run away, they are very territorial, they are considerably noisier than a dog, and they are really nasty and strong.

    They also have many other advantages over dogs.......

    they keep your lawns trimmed, their poo is good fertilizer, for a few months they give you the most delicious eggs, and when you get bored of them, you can shoot them and eat them for christmas (most people frown upon eating dogs).

    I love animals; I've eaten lots of them :rotfl:

  • How about fitting one of these in a strategic location, such as near a shed door or in a passage way. It will make more noise, briefly, than any burglar alarm and should frighten the burglar. :eek:
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