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If things get tougher?



  • HOLsale
    HOLsale Posts: 1,231 Forumite
    moggins wrote:
    Not much more I can cut down on really so I'd probably get an allotment.

    we're on a massive waiting list been on for nearly a year and it will likely be another 3-4 years before we get one :eek:

    however, if things get really bad with energy and fuel supplies they may start making more allotments like they did during WWII and i would definately be grabbing one then

    i long to get my hands in the dirt again, i really miss it so it wouldn't be a hardship to me
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  • Spendless
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    Using childcare vouchers and funding for daughter being 3 I'd be able to find a job without my wages all going in childcare. If I wasn't going to work consider getting rid of my car, or maybe taking off road for few months.

    I'm also on a losing battle to keep lights off, unless we're actually sat in the room, ditto heating. Everywhere else should be turned down low. I could just keep 2 bedrooms warm instead of 3 by putting kids in same room. You could do same thing if you had 2 downstairs reception rooms making one 'out of action'. The kids still have a bath together and youngest doesn't like showers so no savings there yet.

    Some of these things I'm a bit hit and miss with but if we were cutting back drastically I'd do all the time. Use oven once and cook as many things as poss in it. Use microwave, steamer, sc as much as possible. Buy cheaper fruit and veg and use it for more than one meal eg carrots and white cabbage had for Sunday lunch then made HM coleslaw with left over ones. Only serve water with meals.

    Use the phone less. I found when our cordless died and we went to a traditional phone in the hallway our phone bill dropped dramatically. Hubby has a works mobile I have a PAYG got so nursery/school can contact me at college in an emergency but I barely use it.

    I get a lot of hand me downs for the kids and relatives also buy, so not much to save there. Some of my clothes are waiting for buttons on, better start doing this:o , and I'll increase my wardrobe for very little or no cost.

    If we cancelled sky I wouldn't miss it but DH and DS would:rolleyes: .

    The child benefit money and tax credit money has always gone in a seperate account and not included in household income. At the minute it is saved for big things like a family holiday but if things were so tough this wasn't possible. I think I'd try to use this money to pay for the kids to continue at stuff like swimming lessons etc.
  • I will use the heating less and make the kids put jumpers on! Our heating broke last weekend when it was cold and my two daughters acted like it was the end of the world. I told them I grew up in a house with no central heating and a fire in one room only and they were horrified!! I also aim to try and walk more (both for fitness and for moneysaving), cook and bake everything from scratch and learn to do more jobs around the house for which I always seem to have to pay a handyman) I would also really like to grow some veg but the last two times I have tried it has been a disaster. I have also just bought these bags in which you put your fruit and veg and it stops them going off because it absorbs the ethylene gas and it has meant that my wastage on fruit and veg has gone down from about 20% to almost nil.

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  • Mrs_A.
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    please tell me more about these bags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    total debt jan 06= £15441.97 dfw nerd no 112 proud to be dealing with my debts.
  • i did think about starting a new thread on this but it seams relevent to this post.
    cutting your own /kids hair.
    if im a a bit tight and cant find money for the boys hair cuts then the older 2 pay for them selfs,as i have 4 sons it soon mounts up. and i cut the others in the family.(with clippers from argos)
    from sarah
    p.s do any os wear aprons or am i the only person i know who still make her own?
    Loving Life,Family,Work
    and my greats love is the Grandchildren xx :)
  • mrs A I use them too especially when I get a lot of greens in my veg box!1932_1094_1092

    I bought a vacuum device ages ago and it takes the air out of bags and canisters and that works too but I must admit it was (another) impulse buy
  • squeaky
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    I was really tempted by these until I realised that they have a limited life...

    Many of our products save you time, but here's something to save you money - by storing fruit and vegetables in these special bags, they'll stay lovely and fresh for weeks on end.

    A unique formula slows down the natural ageing process and helps stop moisture and bacteria forming. They really are quite incredible and remain effective for several weeks, so can be re-used.

    That last sentence suggests to me that they run down after some period of time and so have to be replaced. :(
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  • Chipps
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    vastsarah wrote:
    p.s do any os wear aprons or am i the only person i know who still make her own?

    I usually wear an apron when cooking or doing anything else messy. I haven't made my own, though. The newest one I have I got in an Ikea sale for £2.
  • Spendless
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    I've found putting some kitchen towel at the bottom of my salad drawer helps make any veg I put in there last longer.

    Haircuts. Mum is a hairdresser, so don't have to pay. Very thankful for that.
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