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If things get tougher?



  • SueRob wrote:
    I'd walk to work, but not get rid of the car as need it to get hubby to work. Get rid of stepson, lol! Also would get rid of internet access, though I'd miss it a lot. Don't think I could cut down on much more, when hubby is out of work, we live on £10k a year & find it a struggle.

    Pensioners like me live on around £7k a year. :D As yet I haven't had to choose between heating and eating .As my joints seize up in the cold and damp I guess I would choose heating as a priority. Though what it will be like to have the gas bill rising like that God knows. :eek:
    I shall be digging out the hot water bottles and putting an extra layer of clothes on next winter.still with eating less food I suppose I shan't die of obesity just bl***y frostbite.
    Good old Tone, thats the way to sort the over-population of old fok out .:rolleyes:
  • Gosh with the rise in gas prices and the knock on effect with electric prices plus the huge rises again with council tax I bet it will add up to more than a £150.00 per year for me – good grief! :rolleyes: I’ve been reading this thread with a lot of interest, as it is so pertinent to the budgeting for this coming year.

    The bills have to be paid and I will die in a ditch before owing anyone so much as a single penny….. Woe…woe and thrice woe…. :p I guess my immediate thoughts are…...

    1. I will be growing more veggies this year
    2. Put in more energy saving light bulbs
    3. Reduce the occasional takeaway to a very occasional takeaway eg yummy KFC
    4. Be a little more stricter on the grocery shopping – no more nice Pork Pies
    5. Fewer trips to the garden centres – that will hurt…sob
    6. Find ways to reduce my already very low motoring costs
    7. Make do with the clothes I have now – most are still quite good
    8. Be absolutely sure I Need the something rather than Want the something
    9. Be more careful with the cooking…I always, without fail prepare to much
    10. Repair properly my garden shed rather than get a new one this year
    11. Possibly cancel the house security system - £17.50 per month
    12. Check all the doors and windows insulation is good – some needs replacing

    I shall print this post off. Well done Kittie for bringing this topic to our attention. :D
    :)The £2 Coin Savers Club = £346.00 (£300.00 transferred to Savings a/c)

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  • john.xs
    john.xs Posts: 494 Forumite
    im going to ask joey barton for a handout. im sure he wouldnt miss a few quid from his £30k a week!
  • moggins
    moggins Posts: 5,190 Forumite
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    Not much more I can cut down on really so I'd probably get an allotment.
    Organised people are just too lazy to look for things

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  • kiwichick
    kiwichick Posts: 1,857 Forumite
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    astep70uk wrote:
    Would get rid of Sky - currently £46pm.
    GOOD GRIEF - I cant believe I forgot this! That would be the first thing to go in our place. Sod dh's footie obsession. I suspect SKY will be having lots of genuine cancellations in the comming weeks/months as these fuel hikes hit us financially.
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  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    We've cancelled our Sky,it goes off on Wednesday.

    I won't miss it but OH has become addicted to A Car Is Born.He keeps buying classic car mags and looking at MGs on ebay.So, no Sky will hopefully put a stop to that and save us even more money. ;)
  • scuzz
    scuzz Posts: 1,995 Forumite
    I'm still living at home, but should be getting a place soon hopefully, so that will save Mum and Nan some cash!!:D

    Me though, I'll have a mortgage as well as bills. I don't eat that much, so that won't cost too much. I go for a long walk every weekend for exercise. I'm very good at switching things off that aren't in use. Love wrapping up in big clothes to keep warm.

    I have to keep my car for work, same has to be said of my mobile. Don't buy clothes that often, but I can get carried away when I do
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  • System
    System Posts: 178,089 Community Admin
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    Ive decided that the household security lighting will have to go too. The house is lit up like a christmas tree when a cat comes into our garden.:rolleyes:
  • suki1964
    suki1964 Posts: 14,313 Forumite
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    A bit extreme but we have sold our small house, mum and step dad have sold theirs and we have bought a bigger house together.

    This way no mortgage payements, only one set of rates and water rates. No tv licience (sd is over 75) one lot of oil and electricity bills and internet costs. Plus only one house to insure and only one car to run

    Personally our outgoings will be cut by over £1k a month and mum and dad have help on hand in their later years and also wont have to be worrying about what to pay.
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post I've been Money Tipped!
    What a good idea suki, my parents have a huge 5 bedroomed house + big garden-there's plenty of room for us all!

    A good money-saving solution for you all though ;)
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